STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 10


JUST US (Do you believe?) Episode 10

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(Do you believe?)

?Bella ?
I looked down at my feet and it suddenly felt the whole world under my feet again.
But who the hell is Fynn??
How are we able to get this high, this is a dream right?
Cause we can’t possibly be on mid air. No human can, So how the hell did Fynn get the both of us up here.


“How are we flying?” I asked circling my hand tightly around his neck afraid that if I look down I’ll fall.
“Flying, we’re not flying were just standing on air.” He said looking around…
“Its the same thing…Just get me down. Now!” fear had already taken my voice and it sounded so low.
But he heard me.
“Why don’t you like the view from up here, if you want we can both go higher.” he said, his hand on my waist tightened.
“What?” I screamed. “Get me down now!”.

“Oh okay sorry,” his voice was low. “Hold on tight then.” he said, he didn’t need to tell me that, I don’t want to fall.
With full speed I didn’t know what to call that motion, cause he moved in full speed making me shut my eyes because of the strong wind and my hair almost came out.
My legs suddenly felt the earth again and I gasped and opened my eyes.
I’m on my balcony again.
Oh Good.

I quickly let go of Fynn and moved back.
“What the…
I couldn’t even speak. I didn’t even know what to say I was speechless.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he looked at my befuddled face.
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? You’re really asking me what’s wrong?” my voice was low and shaky.
“Yeah. You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!” Fynn said calmly like nothing happened.
“This is far more worse than a ghost, How in the world did we get up there.” I said pointing to the sky.
“Oh, I took you up there.!” he smiled.
Okay Fynn is crazy.
“I know, you took me up there, but how in the world did we get up there and stood on air without falling that is impossible, no human being can ever do that even the smartest man on earth can never scheme a device to make humans fly without actually using anything like plane, or a parachute so how in the world did we get up there. ” My voice was getting loud.

Fynn eyes never left mine as he said. “See when I first came here you were the first person I saw. The first person I talked to and the first person I want to share my secret with!” Fynn smiled.
“What?” My face told him I was really confused.

“Okay I don’t mean to confuse you but you see. The reason I was able to get the both of us up there was because I can.” Fynn said.
“And how?” I moved back a bit.
He’s getting pretty weird.

“Bella… Do You believe… In Magic?” Fynn smiled.
“Magic?” I scoffed. “Who the hell believes in magic?” I rolled my eyes
“Then what other way can I explain how I we got up there!” he smirked.

I looked at him and breathed a heavy sigh, I’m trying to comprehend what’s happening but still another thing weighed my mind.
“And also we’ve met before.” Fynn spilled.
“Give me your hand!” He ordered.
“What? why…” I folded my hands. I’m already scared of him why would I give him my hand.
“Just trust me!” He said with a breath.
“You’re not going to fly again are you?” my voice sounded scared.
“Do you want me to?” he laughed.
I rolled my hand and gave out my hand.
“I’m warning you. Don’t do anything stupid” My voice shook.
I’m a stupid weakling.
“I’m not” he said and slowly placed his hand on top mine and clasp our hands together.

And like a flash, the image of the boy coming out of the tree, his dog, Jojo, How I could understand his dog, how he came into my room without using any doors. All those images swarm up my head and I gasp and let go of his hand.

“You…” I gasp.
“You’re that boy.” I continued.
“Nice to meet you again Bella.” he smiled.

“Wh… bu… I.. I..” I was speechless.

I can’t believe any this. Did he make me lose my memory and now he just retrieved it.
Who is he?
What is he?

Finally I spoke. “I’m feeling a little drowsy, I have to go rest.” I said about to walk inside, slam the doors cover the curtains, but immediately he caught my hand.

“please don’t run away again from this.” he said.
Run away?
“I’m not running away I’m going to sleep.” I scoffed.
“No you’re running away, but at least your reaction is way more better than the first time. This time you don’t have loathe in your eyes.” he said still Holding my hand. “Please.” he said.
“Just hear me out.”

“Hear what out.?” I breathed out. This should be a dream.

“I know you don’t have anything to do now, other than to sleep, so please just hear what I have to say and it’ll help you understand better what kind of person I am” Fynn said.
I looked him in the eyes, I wanted to go inside and rest my confused head but still I won’t be able to find out why. Or how we flew or how I understood his dog, or how he came into my room at that time with the balcony door being closed seriously what is he?.

“Okay fine.” I sighed.
“Thank you.” he said. Let’s go of my arm and I walked to the front of the balcony and rested my hand on the top railing bar,
He walked beside me and sighed heavily.

“Okay. It’s cold. You can start talking now and save a life you know.” my voice was low and he nodded.
“So where should I start.” Fynn sighed.
“I don’t know, aren’t you the one going on about being a magician” I scoffed…
“i didn’t say I was magician, I asked if you believed in magic”.
“And well I don’t cause magic are just tricks and you know magicians all they do is trick us.” I rolled my eyes.
“I never said I’m a magician and well I magic is a little too… Let’s just say I’m gifted.” He smiled.. “Gifted.” I repeated.
“How?” I continued.

“Gifted as in, special, when a human can perform the impossible what do you call them.?”
“A freak, a weirdo” I replied immediately.
“Well I’d like to think of the term, gifted or special, freak or weirdo hurts.” Fynn laughed.

I sighed “So you’re saying you were able to fly, retrieve and take my memory because you’re gifted.?”
“Exactly” He smiled at him.
“I.. I don’t know what to say.” I said looking at him.
I mean I believe him cause I flew with him, but still yet all this sound absurd and like a child’s fairy tale book.

“You don’t have to say anything you just have to believe” He smiled.
“Okay I believe, I will like to rest my head now.” I said about to walk inside but I paused and turned back to him.

“But why?” I asked. “Why are you telling me all this, why didn’t you just leave me be without my memories and keep your secret to yourself, aren’t ‘gifted’ people like you supposed to keep it to their selves?”
“Well… Sometimes we don’t do some things with our heads, we listen to the voice, I listened and that’s why I told you about me.” He said and my curious eyes never left his.
Voice? What voice,
This is getting too weird…

Finally I sighed. “Okay then Fynn, if that’s your real name” I said and muttered the last sentences very low and buy he heard him.
“That’s not my real name.” He said.
“Huh?” I looked at him. “Then what’s your real na-
“I don’t have a name.” He said plainly.

He’s joking right?
“How can someone not have a name. Everyone and everything has a name. Even your dog, Jojo” I said remembering the dog.
“No we don’t, you gave Jojo that name and how can Jojo have a name when I don’t.”
“But the collar around his neck, Jojo is written on it that’s why I called him Jojo,” I said feeling super confused.
“Well I found the collar and I just placed it around his neck, My familiar can’t have a name when his owner doesn’t have one.” Fynn laughed.

“Fa…Familiar?” I repeated
What did he mean by ‘his familiar’
“Yes. Jojo is my familiar.” He nodded.
“Familiar as in… a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person?” I looked at him. Now believing him even more.
“Well yeah how did you know about what a familiar is?” Fynn smiled.
“Because I’ve heard stories Fynn, stories about witches, wizards and their familiar” I shrugged.
“But I’m neither of those things, I am just a magical being.” He said and his brown eyes starts to glow in the dark.

A real magical being indeed. All this looks too good to be true.

I sighed and looked down at my feet, I wasn’t lost I understood everything he said, believed everywhere he said but still I still find it difficult for it to be real.

“It seems you’re unhappy with my secret” Fybn’s voice suddenly said.
And I looked up.
“I mean I am, but why me, do you have to tell me all this, I mean you could have told any one else. Sophie for example. Why did you tell me.” I said feeling uneasy.
“Because I listened to the voice and told you instead.” he said and I almost glared at him.
What stupid voice.

“Well… I Sighed. I really didn’t know what to say.
“But If you want I can take back this night” Fynn stated.
I looked up at him “Take back this night?”
“You seem frightened with me telling you what I really am. If you want I can erase your memory about tonight” He started.
Erase my memory!??

“Uhm…” I started.
If he erases my memory about tonight, he’ll have to erase everything about being magical to me. And somehow I wanted him to do so, cause all that is happening seems weird but somehow I wanted to know more.
“No… I want my memory to stay intact thanks.” I said moving back a bit.

“But Fynn…” I called. “I don’t understand why you are telling me about all this about you cause, like I don’t get , like what do you want me to do about it. Are you telling me because you want me to do something about it or you need my help with something or…
“No… I Am, just letting you know.” He smiled.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah…” he nodded.

We both stood still not saying anything, until I started to laugh maniacally.
I continued to laugh and when I looked at Fynn he tried to hide his smile.

I stopped laughing and he smiled. “I made you laugh.”.
“What?” I said out my mind.
“You were looking gloomy so I eased up the tension my making you laugh.” Fynn smiled.
He made me do that??

“i.. I think it’s time I go to bed.” I stuttered and hurried inside closing the balcony doors.
Fynn stood outside the door and watched me.
“Goodnight” he mouthed to me with a small wave.
I nodded before closing the curtains and moving away from the doors…
No way, and what did I just experience?.
He controlled me.
Like seriously where the hell is he from.
Somehow I hoped when I sleep and wake up this should all be a dream And somehow I hoped it should not.
Cause he’s strange, different and all but he’s still…
T. B. C

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