STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 3 – 4

STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 3 – 4

PREV: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 2


(Do you believe?)

– Bella –
I moved away from the balcony door, adjusting the curtains to cover the glass door, so wherever that strange but good looking boy came from, they should just get lost.
I quickly changed Into my comfortable clothes dried my hair gently, took my time, well I was giving Jojo and his owner enough time to leave.
When I was done I gently walked over to the curtains, opened it a little and peeped from the small opening to see Jojo and his owner sitting at top of my balcony railings…
What they haven’t left yet…!?

They were having a conversation, a conversation where only the boy’s talking and jojo just barks. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about since I shut the doors of the balcony and the balcony door is made of glass and soundproof,


But still what are they doing here…

I slowly moved the curtains and opened the door to the balcony and immediately the boy jumped down standing inside my balcony making me move back a bit… well he looks harmless but still I can’t judge a book by its cover, serial killers can look cute too.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked folding my hands. Cause he was still looking at me weirdly, grinning like a clown, I was wearing clothes and my face isn’t something you consider pretty, so what exactly is he looking at? That lustfully?

“He doesn’t want to leave, and we both like it here.!” The boy said .
“You mean Jojo doesn’t want to leave?” I asked. “And you both like it here, what do you mean you both like it here don’t you have a home or something?”

The boy smiled and he looks like one of those boy dolls. “I do have a home”
“Okay well… Go back!” I yelled.
“Do you hate me?” He asked with a frown…
“No.. I don’t know you so what makes you think I hate you, but I hate the fact that you’re standing on my balcony and don’t want to leave.!” I said and he gasped.
“I’ll leave…” He smiled.
“Good, take your… Jojo with you!” I said pointing at Jojo who suddenly barked
“No… Jojo is staying” he said.
“What are you crazy… if you want to leave your dog here then you’re making a big mistake!”.
“I will come back for him I promise!” He said and jumped on the balcony railings and before I knew it he was walking on one of the branches to walk to the tree.
“Where are you going, come take your dog!” I yelled and realised I shouldn’t shout too much. But whatever aunt isn’t home yet. It’s just Jane and Jennifer. But still I shouldn’t.

“Hey… dude… I don’t even know what to call him. What’s he’s name?.
“Your dog, I’m not taking him!” I said.
The boy smiled “I don’t want you to take him, I just want you to take him for now, but I will be back later, I’ll come back tonight”

“What… No… You.. What the hell is your name? And please don’t leave your dog with me.!” I was now begging. Cause I am going to be so dead if I’m caught with a dog in this goddamned house.

“I’ll be back I promise… And my name?.. My name is…” He paused and looked around, he glanced at Jojo then turned to me. “My name is Jojo.” he said before jumping down from the tree, I gasped and looked down to see if he landed on the floor carefully, cause this is a three storey building and I’m at the third floor and how could he just jump down, does he think he’s peterpan or something? Is he crazy, and how can his name be the same as his dog?. I looked at where he landed but I saw no one, I turned to Jojo and he was barking happily.
Have I been played, did this boy steal this dog and decided to leave it here not to get caught.

Many thoughts ran through my head and I sighed and walked in front of Jojo who stood on my balcony railing wagging his tail happily.

“Look. I don’t know if you understand this or not… But I am not taking you in. Better run back to your owner!” I said slowly and the dog started to bark happily.
He barked continously looking at me like he was talking to me.

“Sorry. Wish I can understand you but I can’t!” I said angrily to Jojo and he stopped barking. Thank God he understood me.

“Good, now get lost!” I said. Wanting to walk inside but,

Jojo started to bark again, I sighed and turned to him.

“No please don’t go. He will be back, he promised to come back, just take me in!”
I paused and gawked at Jojo… Did my head just said all that, or… I gasped covering my mouth.
Did i just understood what that dog said?? No… This is impossible.

“Oh MY GOD!” I yelled.
I was about to freak out. “Jojo… Did.. Did..”
I was speechless. But Jojo was barking just like a Dog, but how come how I heard that voice. It must have been my head.

Suddenly I started to laugh, I’m going crazy.
Jojo watched me speechless well bark-less, and I smiled at him…. “For a second Jojo I thought I was starting to understand you, but that was just my head. That’s impossible!” I laughed hitting my head.

Jojo barked again.
“it’s not impossible, of course you can understand me. I made you understand me.”

This time my mouth was open and I was frozen… I understood the dog.
I am going crazy.!

I quichly rushed inside and closed the balcony glass doors. Locking the doors and closing the curtains.

I did not just understood a dog, Is this a dream or what?
I sat on my bed and stared at the wall blankly… i am going crazy.

I opened the door to my room and walked out…
I quietly head downstairs so not to be head, cause I’m not allowed down here until it’s time I do the dishes.
I walked into the kitchen and helped myself with a glass of water.
The water cooled down my body and I breathed in heavily.
I did not just understood a dog, I told myself.
I shook my head negatively and dropped the cup back in its position.
I was almost walking out of the kitchen when I bumped into Jane.

“Ah.. Oh.. I’m sorry!” I apologized right away.
“You know you’re not supposed to be down here, mom is going to flip if she founds out!” Jane said walking into the kitchen.
“I know, I just came to get a glass of water and… I Am going back to my room anyway!” I said about walking away when she called me..


“Yeah?” I turned to her surprised by the way she suddenly called me. She had always called me harshly but today it’s soft.

“Okay… So Can I talk to you about something, you’re older and maybe you have more experience!” Jane said and I nodded. My heart was racing fast and I didn’t understand… Or maybe its the fact that Jane is actually having or normal conversation with me instead of pretending I’m not there or giving me horrible glares.

“Okay what is it?” my voice was low and happy.
“Uhm… Okay so you must have dated someone before or you’re dating now right?” Jane asked.

“Yeah.. Of course” I lied with a nod.
I haven’t before and still not planning too.

“Okay good. So I’ve been dating this guy from our school and well you won’t believe Jennifer actually kissed him last week but Jennifer and my boyfriend were both quiet about it, until my stupid boyfriend finally spilled the beans to me yesterday after school and that’s why Jennifer and I have been arguing cause she said she doesn’t care about who I date, she kisses whoever she wants to, can you believe that psycho, she is so full of herself and I hate her!… And now I don’t know what to do with Sean, I mean he’s been the best boyfriend ever, but I don’t know, I don’t want to break up with him but still yet I’m mad about the kiss, what should I do?” Jane asked with a frown.
Oh my I can’t believe she asking for my advise, this like little sister asking for help from her older sis,this is like a dream come true. Okay Bella don’t ruin this moment and give Jane the best advise ever.

I took a big breath in and started “Jane… Honestly what Sean did was bad and for keeping it from you too, it’s horrible, but the fact that he told you about the kiss himself means he really likes you, and maybe that’s also the reason he kept it from you in the first place, he didn’t want to break you heart. ”

“So what are you implying!” Jane interrupted sharply.
I’m one year older but sometimes I feel five years younger, they’re bigger than sixteen and more taller and intimidating.
“I’m saying… You should give Sean another chance let this kiss slide just this once because he became clean about it but, if he does this again, dump his ass for good!” I advised…
Jane paused for a bit before turning to me.
She sighed and nodded sternly. “Thank you I thought I’d never say this but it was nice talking to you. Let’s do that more often!” Jane said before walking away and I found myself smiling.

Finally I have a cousin who likes me…
I walked back to my room still smiling but immediately I closed the doors I remembered Jojo and I flinched.
I moved to the balcony doors and slid one of the curtain open to see Jojo still standing on my balcony wagging his tail.
Great. I rolled my eyes and closed the curtains again…
I went straight to my bed, laid on top of it and stared at the ceiling.

Many thoughts ran through my mind, but jojo’s was first. It was creepy, thinking about it all and I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

I woke up to a familiar comforting sound, I snuggled up to my Blanket even more, but then I opened my eyes,
My room has become dark and the light bulb shone even more brighter.
My eyes widen when I realised it was raining.
But it’s almost the beginning of summer.
How can it rain?

I got down from my bed and suddenly my chest starts to feel heavy.
I felt like I was forgetting something.

What was I forgetting? I thought.
I glanced at my balcony curtains and gasped when I prayed Jojo shouldn’t be still standing there on my balcony he might get drenched by the rain.

I moved the curtains and through the glass doors I saw Jojo looking sad and getting drenched by the rain and it made me gasp.
I am such a bad person…
I opened the doors to my balcony and the strong wind almost pushed me down, but I made my way out of the balcony, grabbed Jojo and walked inside my room, I closed the doors again and quickly brought out one of my old towels from my hamper.
I wrapped the towel around jojo’s little freezing body.
I can’t believe I left the poor dog outside just because I thought I understood what he’s saying, I should arrested.

I almost cried as I looked at Jojo shivering body. He looked to cute too suffer like this.
I opened my drawer and grabbed my hair drier, plugged it, turned it on and starts to dry the wet puppy in front of my eyes.
He seemed relieved enjoying the hot breeze coming out from the drier. And before I knew it he was warm and he barked.
“Thank you”

See…. I understood what he said again… or am I crazy.?

The rain had stopped falling and Jojo majestically walked out of my towel. I watched as he walked towards the balcony doors and wagged his tail happily.
He turned to me and started to bark loudly.
“Open the doors he will be here soon!”
Nope no… No way I am not crazy I am understanding what this dog is saying to me.

“Jojo I can understand you how is that possible?” I yelled freaking out.
He barked again.
“I told you before, I made you understand me cause you wished for it!”.

“What?” I was speechless as I stared at Jojo he kept Barking but which also sounded like “Open the door!”.
I couldn’t contain all this. No way I’m dreaming. Yes all this is a dream!.


– Bella –

Okay so today is almost over and here I am in my room locked up with Jojo, a dog who a mysterious boy left for me and also a dog who barks to me and I actually understands them.
This must be a Dream, it can’t be real, I’m human and human beings don’t understand dogs, but I understood this dog and it said he made me understood what he was saying cause I wished for it.
When did I ever wish to understand animals.

My mind was flooded and so was the barking of Jojo saying I should open the goddamned door.
If this is a dream, Hell I want to wake up. And if this is not.! I don’t know if I want to be alive anymore. Cause this sure is creepy.

I stood up and slowly opened the door to the balcony. The day had turned dark and the rain that fell made everywhere cold.
I stood three feet away from Jojo and anytime he walked closer I moved away cause this dog ain’t ordinary.

I sat on my bed and watched as jojo’s black eyes watched me from where he stood on the ground…
I felt someone standing on the balcony and when I turned someone was standing there, I could see a silhouette, but you could still tell it was a boy…
I looked harder and it was “The boy?”

“Are you jojo’s owner?” I asked as he slowly walked in my room.
“Yes…!” He nodded as the room light took his face.
He doesn’t look human.
Nope he’s not.
His skin was too smooth, his black ebony hair was freaking me out too, and his face features looked like the ones from dolls.
His eyes colour had changed from how it was during the day.
“Okay, Good, please you can take your dog and you can both leave I’ve had enough today!” I said moving back a bit so the boy could walk in and take Jojo.
He walked in even more and grabbed Jojo from the ground.

He stood straight and with a smile he said.
“i hope Jojo didn’t cause you any trouble, he’s a really good—
“He did cause me trouble… That dog, that dog isn’t ordinary is it?” I asked.
“What are you talking about Jojo is just an ordinary dog!” the boy shrugged. And did I forget to mention his accent was extraordinarily sweet.

“He’s not, cause when he barks I understand them… i understand his barks”. I said and realised I was sounding pretty crazy.
“Well maybe that’s because you want to!” The boy grinned.
“Huh?” I was confused.
“If you don’t want to understand Jojo, just wish for it and you won’t!” the boy smiled.

Is Jojo a wish dog or something.

“Are you joking with me, is this even real or am I dreaming?” I huffed.
The boy laughed. “It’s not a dream, Jojo Is real, we’re both real!”

“Then do you have any explanation…
“Explanation for what?” The boy smiled. Why does he keep smiling.
“How come I can understand your stupid dog?” I was mad.

The dog barked but I heard “I am not stupid”

“He’s right, he’s not stupid!” The boy added and I stared at him blankly “you can understand him too?” I asked, bewilderedly.
“of course, he’s mine!” the boy replied happily.

“Okay… Okay look, you’ve gotten your dog, now please leave!” I ordered.
“Why? You don’t want us here?” The boy asked looking sad.
What is wrong with him?

“Why would I want you here? You and your dog are both strangers and weird, and now you dog has left me confuse and please if you can leave and let me settle my mind i will be glad!” I sighed.

“Okay we’re both sorry for making you Confuse, we will leave, but we will come back again tomorrow!” The boy smiled about to go when I stopped him.

“Tomorrow?” I asked and he nodded. “I’m sorry, do you know me? I mean from anywhere, like have you seen or met me before?”
I was going crazy I literally wanted to scream, like who is this dude. And where did he come from.
“Nope I just met you today, and I’d like to be friends.!” he replied.

I scoffed. “Friends?”
And I rolled my eyes “Do you think, just by crawling out from a tree giving me your dog to me and saying weird things to me is how to make friends. I’m sorry but please can you leave.!!”.
I don’t even understand what’s going on here any more,.

“Okay fine, I’ll leave!” he frowned.
“And don’t ever come back!” I quickly said.
“Fine…!” The boy said and immediately he walked back into the dark balcony with Jojo in his arms, they both disappeared into the darkness, leaving me to breathe in heavily. “Finally”
I breathed out, walked to the balcony doors looked at the thick dark night before closing the doors, locking it and placing my curtains over it.

That night I couldn’t sleep well mostly because it hasn’t been too long since I woke up and again because of Jojo and his owner who said his name is also Jojo.
What a weirdo right?

I closed my eyes and and sighed heavily. I hope whatever happened today, I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Before I knew it I started to feel sleepy and,
I was fast asleep again.
The next day, my alarm woke me up and as usual after my morning routine, I joined my cousins in their father’s car and he drove us all to school.

We all got to school and went our separate ways.
I got to class and as usual I walked up to my seat, stayed quiet until a teacher walked in the class.

During lunch time, Sophie and I ate together, We always eat together, though she gets invited to eat with other normal and less boring people but she always declines them and eat with me.
I don’t get why she always chose to hang out with someone boring like me.
While eating, we don’t talk or say anything, we just eat and go back to class. Well I appreciate her being here but still I hate myself for being so lame and not being such a good or ‘normal friend’. And to say I understood a dog yesterday. I am definitely not normal.

We were both eating quietly, Sophie was eating and at the same time studying, we’re like the same, studying every minute, but not when I eat.

“Remember Mr Lawrence test is next week, and also I’ll be at your house on Friday, so we can study together” sophie suddenly said, dropping her pen and taking a bite out of her meal.
“Yeah I remember, I’ve been studying too,” I said.
“Good. You know we have to Ace it, cause that’s what people like us do! We ace every exam or test” Sophie smiled.

It didn’t sound weird but I had to ask.
“People like us?”
I asked.

“Yeah people like us, you know we’re not like the rest of the school, I mean look around!” she said and I looked around the crowded cafeteria with a whole noise coming from every corner.

Sophie continued “Everyone in this room aren’t like us, we’re the determined school type material, we’re the type that doesn’t get B plus or A minus in our exam or test, we’re always at the top of our grade!” sophie laughed.

I laughed too. “Okay so we’re the school type material, then what type are others?”.

“Well apart from us and some couple of other people, I know the rest of the students here are here forced to come here or are here to see friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, you know what I mean, and I don’t hang out with people like that, I hang out with people who puts sckool and studying first, like you!” she smiled.
So that’s why she hangs out with me. Fair enough!.

“You see Ricky over there?” sophie said pointing to the school’s popular boy.
“He’s having a pool party on Friday, and believe me when I say the whole school is going to be there.” Sophie rolled her eyes.
“Well except us, cause we’ll be too busy studying!” I added.
“And that’s why I like you!” sophie sighed with a smile. “I got invited to that stupid party but I said I had plans. I would prefer studying with you than going to a party full of bird brains.!”

Now I see why she hangs out with me, we’re both the same.

After lunch we both went back to class and before we knew it, school was over.
Sophie and I took the bus home and didn’t say much on the way until we had to say our goodbyes at the bus stop.

I got home feeling exhausted, I felt a bit better after taking a shower and I went downstairs to grab my dinner before coming back up to eat.
After eating I decided to read for the upcoming test,
I read till my eyes almost came out and I didn’t know when it also became dark.
I decided to call it a day and I closed the text book, I curled myself in my bed, nothing to do, I started to think about nothing… well that’s how I do since nothing is really going on in my life, and it’s boring, what else should I think of.
Some people say when you feel sad and stressed, think happy thoughts. But I don’t think I have happy thoughts, my happy thoughts are clogged by this lame life I leave.

Just then I heard a knock, but it wasn’t coming from my door, but from the balcony door.
My heart skipped a beat when I turned to see it was Jojo and his owner standing outside the glass door.

What is he doing here? I thought angrily.
I ignored him and laid back on my bed, he’ll leave if he gets tired,. I mean that’s what I thought but he kept knocking and knocking, but I was keeping my cool pretending I couldn’t hear anything thank God the doors are locked., I even covered my face with my pillow.

Soon enough I couldn’t hear any knock.
He must have left!. I thought and breathed out a sigh of relief. It’s 9 o’clock PM doesn’t he have a home?.
I decided to cover the curtains over the balcony doors, I took the pillow off my face and turned to get out of the bed,
I screamed when I saw jojo and the boy sitting on the floor in my room, both smiling at me.

“How… how did you get in here?” I was breathless.
“Oh I just walked in.” He replied.

“But… But the door was locked!” I said slowly moving to the door, so when I get there I can run out of my room cause the boy and his dog are scaring me out.

“Like I said I just walked in!” He smiled.

“Well okay…
I said, I am already at the door, my hands were behind my back grabbing the door knob and was already turning it and slowly opening the door when the boy paused and leaned his head to the right, he saw my hand at the door and then he looked at me.
“Are you trying to go away?” he asked.

“Huh?” I pretended to be dumb.

“Why are you always running away from me or sending me away!” He scratched his head looking at me innocently.

“Because I don’t know you okay… Now please leave.!” I said slowly opening the door, but suddenly the door closed itself and locked itself.


“Well don’t you want to know about me?” He said and I could swore his eyes shone green immediately he said that.

Jojo barked and this time I didn’t understand it and I was glad, I’m not crazy after all.

“We can trust her Jojo!” the boy said to his dog. “And you already showed her a little part of it so..?” The boy shrugged at Jojo and Jojo barked.

Goodness. They’re both having a conversation and, trust me? What do they want to trust me for? I’m super confused.
T. B. C


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