STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 5


JUST US (Do you believe?) Episode 5

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(Do you believe?)



* Bella *

Staring at the strange boy and his dog, I didn’t know what to do,
He’s having a conversation with his dog.
His eyes shone earlier.
He got into my room with the balcony door being locked.

I didn’t even know what do think I just stood there, my back to my door looking at the boy and his dog.

Jojo barked at his owner severally before, his owner turned to me and smiled.
What? How did he know my name.

“What?” now I was scared to death.

“Jojo and I mean no harm, we just want to be friends.!” The boy smiled.
“Okay…” I said,

Friends. Where did this boy come from.

“And we also want to tell you something very important. And now if you listen to us and…

The boy was still talking but I wasn’t listening anymore, I was planning to scream, but still if I scream I might end up being scolded by my aunt and her family and what if I end up screaming and he runs away before any one could get here.
I shook the idea of screaming and sighed.

“Okay fine…” I breathed out.
“You want to be friends?” I asked.
He nodded and his dog barked.
My inner self rolled her eyes before I said.
“Look I have rules when I be-friend someone.”

“Okay what rules?” He smiled.
“When i am friends with someone, I don’t talk to them or stay close to them!” I said, my lie isn’t coming out smooth.

The boy was confused. “What?”

“Yeah that’s how I make friends!”
Okay like seriously he is not going to buy this lie.

“So you mean if I don’t talk to you and if I stay away from you that means we’re friends?” He was sounding like he believed it, so I guess he’s buying it.

“Yeah!” I nodded.

Jojo suddenly starts to bark and the boy turned to him. And somehow he understood what Jojo was barking about, just like I was earlier.

The boy turned to me and he wore the saddest face ever.
“Jojo said that’s not how friends work.” the boy said.

Is his dog more smarter than him or… I don’t understand This situation.

“Okay maybe I don’t want to be your friend! Get it?” I sighed angrily. I’m tired of this stranger and I want him to leave.
“But why?” The boy was sad.

“You’re weird, scary and creepy, please take your dog and leave!” I said.
His dog barked and he remained quiet for a while before looking at me.
He sighed and moved closer to me.
“Okay I’m sorry for coming here like this, I really wanted to be friends, but I guess this was a wrong way to be friends, I’ll leave and I’ll take Jojo with me, I promise I will be friends with you. The normal way and won’t show you all this creepy side of me, I’m sorry… Okay then, until we meet again.” He explained and slowly raised his hand. “A handshake and I’ll be off”.

I looked at his hand, then at his face.
What is he up to?” my subconscious asked. But then it was just an handshake, if I shake him, he’ll be gone forever and then all this strange and weird things would stop.

I raised my hand and slowly took his in mine.
As we both shook hands, I felt something left my body immediately. He smiled and said “Okay till then.”
It was morning, the morning sun shone brightly inside my room and immediately my morning alarm went off.
I turned it off and smiled, I woke up before my alarm. So proud of myself.
I got ready for school that morning and the same routine with me getting in the car with my cousins happened and we were all in school in time.

I got to my class and sat down quietly, since I don’t talk to anyone I am always alone. Well I talk to Sophie, but she sits at the beginning of the class and I sit at the back and we are pretty far from each other.
Everyone got to their seats and we started the day’s work with mathematics.
After going halfway through the topic, a teenage, good looking boy walked inside the class, with our homeroom teacher Mr Jones behind him.
“Uh, sorry excuse me for a little bit,” Mr Jones said to our math teacher and she nodded and let him take over.

“Uh… Good afternoon.” Mr Jones said and the class gave a low reply.
“I know you’re all having a class now, so I’ll make this quick so Let’s all say hello to our new class mate, Fynn Hondas, Be nice to him and yeah that’s all. You can look for any empty seat, make yourself at home son.” Mr Jones said to the boy and he nodded happily before walking towards back of the class.
Towards me…
Oh nope. I was wrong, towards the empty seat beside mine.

Strange. There was never an empty seat beside mine.

The boy sat beside me, he glanced at me with a smile and I smiled at him back, I don’t want to seem rude on his first day.

Well we both turned back to the board and Mr Jones left leaving our math teacher to continue.
We had three more classes before it was time for lunch break.

As always Sophie came up to me, I didn’t say a word I just shoved my books in my bag and left with her to the cafeteria.
We both sat at our favourite table after ordering our foods and quietly ate together.
Sophie took a drink out of her apple juice and looked at me.
“I won’t be in school tomorrow” she said.
“What.. Why… What’s wrong!” I asked calmly.
She sighed. “Well there’s this event my dad said we all have to attend and even though I really don’t want to go I have no choice,”
“Oh okay,” I nodded.

“But I’m still coming over on Friday, so we can study together. Last night you won’t believe I stayed up all night studying arithmetics.” Sophie smiled happily.
“Oh , I haven’t really start to work on arithmetics but I will soon,” I shrugged.

“Really? Then what were you doing yesterday?” she asked.

“Yesterday?” I repeated trying to remember what I did yesterday.
What in the world did I do yesterday?
Goodness! I have no idea.
What in the world happened yesterday, why is my memory so blank just by remembering yesterday.

“yesterday… I guess I slept early,” I said.
“Oh well… good rest keeps the body healthy, we don’t only have to study, we also have to rest,”

I nodded still worried about the fact that I can’t remember what happened yesterday.!

“Oh… look,” sophie said looking at something behind me. “Our buddy Fynn is already having entourage, and they are all girls!”

I turned to see girls giggling and already escorting the new guy Fynn into the cafeteria.
Lucky him.

I turned back to Sophie and she was still looking at Him.

“Sophie.” the way i called her she understood my tone and rolled her eyes.
“I mean look at those doll eyes!” she laughed.
“I know. He’s good looking,” I added
She laughed. “Yeah sure, I have to admit,”

Sophie and I ignored the guy and turned back to our food. We didn’t say a word but I almost smiled, it was unlike Sophie to stare at a guy for too long, and we’ll maybe she’s just impressed by how amazingly charming Fynn looks. Well people born with good looks, that’s their proven, they get loved everywhere they go. And us, people born with not so good looks, we’re trying our best to be loved.

Sophie and I were quiet until we heard.
“Can i sit here?”
At the same time we both looked up and then glanced at each other and then backl at Fynn.
His entourage had suddenly left him and now he’s alone.

“Why?” sophie asked. “They’re tons of other table you could sit. Why here?” she sounded calm and the boy shrugged. “I don’t know, I just want to” he glanced at me.

“I’m sorry but we’ve both been sitting at this table for lunch together. Just the two of us and with another person it feels li–

“Please!” Fynn sighed.

Sophie glanced at me and then nodded at Fynn. “Why not.” she sighed. Fynn smiled and before I knew it he was sitting beside me allowing me to scoop over a bit.

“So Fynn… Welcome to HAY HIGH!” sophie said.
“Thank you!” The boy smiled with his extraordinary accent.

We glanced at his tray of food and grabbed his can of orange juice, opened it and starts to drink. Girls from the cafeteria kept gawking at our table and well he’s a real charmer alright.

“So Fynn…” sophie called…
“That’s your name right?”
Fynn nodded and asked. “If I may ask then, what is your name!?”
“Oh I’m Sophie!”
Fynn smiled and turned to me and I assumed he wants my name too.
“Well my name’s B–
“Bella!” he flashed a smile.
“How did you know… My Name?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Oh” he laughed nervously. “I saw it.. From your notebook in class!”.

“Okay..” I said, I mean we sit close by how could he not possibly see it.

“Okay, then, Sophie, Bella I hope we remain good friends.!” Fynn smiled.

“You see Fynn I don’t make friends with just any body, I like people who are willing to put important things first… Like school’s work, I like people who study, I love people who ace everything they do. Like Bella and I we are the good graders, we always get good grade in our results!” sophie expound.
“I love studying too. I mean who doesn’t, you don’t know but I ace everything I do too!” Fynn shrugged.
Sophie chuckled. “Okay… Having a pretty face doesn’t say it all, we’ll see what you got in our up coming test this Monday. Get ready!”.
“Race you to the highest grade.!” Fynn smiled.
“You’re competitive. I like you already!” sophie shook her head positively.
“Well thank you!”

Sophie’s competitive, really competitive, since she has found her match. It’s good luck for her.

“You’ll be taking the test too, Bella?” Fynn turned to me.
“Yeah. I will” I replied.
“Well then race you to the highest grade too” he smiled and his eyes…
They looked familiar.

Oh well, maybe they look familiar because they look too good. But whoever this guy is. Well… I don’t even know what to say about him.
T. B. C


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