STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 6

JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 6

(Do you believe?)

PREV: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 5

|| Bella ||
Lunch break was over and we all head back to class.
I sat down on my seat and nodded my head when I remembered I’ve gotten a new seat mate now, Fynn. The new guy.

Sophie seems to like him, well since they’ve both bet on getting highest grade on your test next week. Two competitive people. After having three extremely long classes, school was was finally over and everyone grabbed their backpacks and head to the door.
Sophie met me at the entrance of the school and we both head to the bus stop to catch the bus. Like we always do.

The bus wasn’t that full, it’s not always full cause almost half of all the student there owns a car, really cool cars you’d want to get in sometimes.
Sophie and I sat at the back of the bus, that’s like where we always stay cause it has less people and its beside the window where there’s more view.
The bus starts to drive but then suddenly stopped.
“What’s going on.” Sophie sighed.
“Maybe some one is getting on” I suggested.
And I was right someone was getting in , cause the door opened and closed again.
The bus started to drive again and Sophie breathed out a sigh of relief.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I have to be home on time. My parents are having visitors and apparently, my brothers and I have to be home on time, to look responsible and proper” she replied.


“Can I have a sit here?” we heard a familiar voice say and both looked up to see Fynn.
“Fynn.” Sophie called.
“Can I sit?” Fynn asked again., smiling at me.
“Sure… why not.” I said as he took the empty sit beside Sophie.

“So I guess you don’t have a car like the rest of us in this bus!” sophie started.
“I don’t” Fynn laughed.
“Well looking forward to riding after school with you” sophie laughed.
“Yeah me too!” Fynn replied.
The three of us became quiet, I was mad, I wanted to start a conversation but I didn’t know what to say and Sophie beat me to it. I am such a boring person.

“So tell us more about yourself Fynn” sophie said.
“Really… what would you like to know about me?” He asked.

“Anything?” I shrugged and Sophie nodded. Well at least I said something.

Fynn smiled… at me “Anything like what?”
“Your family, age. Likes and dislikes anything at all” sophie shrugs.
“Oh well yeah sure okay, I… I just moved to this town newly and I live with my older brother.”
Fynn was nervous, and you could tell. Why would he be, or hasn’t been around girls before? But the whole cheerleader team where around him during break, so why is he nervous now.

“Wow, an older brother, so you don’t live with your parents?” sophie asked and Fynn shook his head negatively.
“Wow. Your house must be rules free.” Sophie said making Fynn laugh.

“So how old are you.?” I tried to say something and my voice sounded like shit.

“Well I’m… I think… I’m eighteen.” He said.
He thinks???
“You think?” sophie said my thoughts out loud.
“No… I mean I am.” Fynn laughed nervously.

Sophie glanced at me awkwardly before turning back to him.
“Now tells us what you like,” sophie said.
“What I like?. Well I like a lot of things.” Fynn starts to smile. “Pretty things”.

“Okay… what’s your favorite colour?” I asked.
Why did I ask that?.

Fynn answered anyways “I like pink.”

Sophie glanced at me trying to hold in her laugh.
“You know that’s such a weird colour for a boy, as cool as you!” sophie narrowed her eyes at him.

I chimed In. “I don’t think it’s weird, colours are just colours.” I shrugged.
“I know right?” sophie scoffed. “But we’re in year two thousand and twenty and he’s a boy, he really shouldn’t be saying that out loud.”.
Well she does have a point.

“Why shouldn’t I say that out loud, it’s my favourite colour” Fynn said.
“If you don’t want to loose your entourage, don’t say that out loud.” Sophie assured him, he turned to me and I nodded in agreement.
He’s so innocent.

“Maybe you should take something like. You know red, blue, black, that’s what the cool boys take as favourites” I added.

“But I’m not one of the cool boys.” Fynn said doing air quote around ‘cool’
“Then should we lend you a mirror!” sophie rolled her eyes.
“Look I don’t know what hole you came out from, but we’re just helping you out so you won’t say something stupid in front of your thousand cheerleaders girlfriends.”

“Girlfriends?” Fynn repeated looking at Sophie, he was confused.
“What. They’ve been around you all day, some even sneaked on our class just to get a sneak peek at you. Those sneaky little cheerleaders” Sophie laughed.

“Don’t worry, just try not to say you like pink in front of them” I assured Fynn and he nodded but he was still looking confused.**

“Oh thank God we’re almost at the bus stop” sophie tells me, and I remembered her early meeting with her family and guests.
“Yeah, good for you, sometimes I feel like living in this bus.” I laughed to myself.
Well I mean it.
I’m tired of that house.

“Don’t worry, one day I’ll buy a bus for you to live in” Sophia laughed… I laughed too “Thanks in advance”. I said.

The bus stopped and we all came down at the bus stop,
Sophia held her backpack firmly and smiled at Fynn and I.
“Fynn, it was nice to meet and talk to you today, and goodbye Bella. I’ll see you tomorrow in school and after school, remember I’m coming over tomorrow, to study.” Sophie said before walking away, leaving Fynn and I.

“Uhm.. Okay… goodbye,” I said and start to walk away but he seemed to be walking with me.
“Bella..?” he called and I turned.
“You’re going this way right?” Fynn asked pointing to road I’ll be taking home.
I nodded positively and his lips curved into his doll smile.
“I’ll be taking that road too, can we go together?” Fynn asked.

“Hmm sure why not!” I tried to smile.

Why do I feel nervous all of a sudden.
Oh yeah, right, I’ve never walked with a boy before.
Wow. I am so lame.

We both walked quietly in the lonely street, both of us not saying a word and I could feel my face heat up and it was awkward for me, He also happens to be the coolest guy in school, well you don’t get to see that everyday.
Walking with him was one thing, and being so quiet was another thing that made me feel even more awkward.

“So where do you live?” I started a conversation and almost cried when my voice sounded like a mess.

I cleared my throat and looked away.

“I live… I live… Well I live around.” Fynn shrugged.
“Oh okay,” I said.

We both remained quiet and I didn’t know when my legs starts to speed up.
Wow I am such a weirdo.

“Hey Bella… Wait up!” Fynn laughed behind me and walked up to me.
“Oh sorry, I’m just in a hurry I have something to do at home!” I lied with a nervous laugh.

“Well should we walk faster then, we’re almost at your house.!” he said pointing to my house.

Wait. What?

“How do you know my house” I was shocked.
“Oh I… I… there was… A way you kept looking at it so I decided to guess and it was your house… So I was right” Fynn expound.

We both walked quietly without saying a word and I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally appeared in front of my house.
“Well… Goodbye” I said and disappeared inside like someone being chased.

I got to my room and placed my backpack on the floor. The thought of acting weird earlier made me cringe and I shook my head negatively and decided to take a shower.

After taking a shower, I ate dinner by myself and start to study,
I closed my books immediately it was 7:30pm and sighed, that’s it for today, I need some beauty sleep, who am I kidding, beauty sleeps doesn’t work on me.

I stood up from my bed, shoved my books in my backpack and walked out of my room and to my balcony, the evening breeze welcomed me and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
I looked at the tree opposite my balcony and the name ‘Jojo’ suddenly sang in my head…
I mean, I was confused but I didn’t allow that get to me, I decided to go back in when I heard my name.

It echoed and looked around,
Who the hell is calling, that voice doesn’t sound like my aunt, uncle or cousins. Who could it be.

“Bella down here!” I heard again and I looked down from my balcony and I could see a boy standing and waving at me.

I looked closely and saw it was Fynn, the day was getting dark but it was still bright enough for me to see it was Fynn, he had his bright smile and his hand never stopped…
“What are you doing… Here.. Here?” I stuttered. Trying to make my voice audible at the same time quiet.
“Oh I told you, I live around.” He smiled. “My house is like two blocks away from here, I just came to say Hi” He said and I nodded.
“Okay then… Hi” I said with a small wave.
He came to say hi… To Bella
That’s an honour.

“I’ll be off then, goodnight!” He smiled, I smiled back and immediately he walked away I heard a knock on my front door.

I quickly left my balcony and hurried to answer the door.
I opened the door and Jane stood there with her phone.

“Jane…” I called softly.
“Yeah, hey Bella, mom wants you downstairs.” she said.
What did I do?.

“Oh really? Why?” I asked, my heart was pounding.
“I don’t know actually, I think she won something and wants everyone to have dinner together, she’s just happy, so come Downstairs” Jane said before walking away.
I’ve already had dinner without them, but seriously this is an honour, having dinner with my aunt and cousins, it has never happened before.
Is today my lucky day or what?
Are they finally seeing me, have I become Visible.!??

I closed the door to my room and walked out of my room.
As I made it down the stairs my heart made an uneasy rhythm.

I came face to face with my aunt’s entire family in the dining room and for the first time in three weeks, she smiled at me.
“Why don’t you join us for dinner Bella, or you’ve already had dinner?” she asked.

“Uhm.. No I haven’t” I lied, she smiled and I took a sit beside Jane cause she looks like the only person who likes me after our small Conversation about Sean and Jennifer kissing.

The food on our plates were mouth watering, hot and ready to eat, my aunt and uncle ate, while Jane and Jennifer focused on their phones.

“For once in your lives, keep your phones away and eat!” My aunt yelled at her daughters and they both rolled their eyes and obeyed.
“Why aren’t you eating?” my uncle asked me…
“Oh…i am” I said lowly, before grabbing my fork.

We both ate quietly but my aunt and her husband kept smiling at each other, and goodness my aunt has my dad features too much.

“But seriously” Jennifer started. “Jane did you see the guy at school today?”.
“I did… He Was good looking and he’s a senior too” Jane said uninterested about the sudden conversation.
“Like he’s so hot and I heard he’s name is Fynn” Jennifer giggled.
Here we go.

“So what now. Are you going to make him yours?” Jane asked sarcastically.
“If I have an opportunity to talk to him, he’s all mine, I’ll bet you on that one.” Jennifer boasted.
Jane rolled her eyes. “With your ugly looking nose and teeth who’s going to fall for someone like you!”.
Jennifer was shocked by the insult but she didn’t let Jane win that easily.

“Well I guess Sean fell for my ugly looking nose and teeth when he kissed me!” Jennifer smirked.
Jane stabbed her fork on the table and turned to her twin..
“You bitch” Jane gritted angrily.

“Yeah kissing people’s boyfriend Is what I do, how do you like that?” Jennifer laughed.

“Jennifer……….!” My aunt called angrily.
“What mom..? You heard what she said about me!”
“Why don’t you try to have some manners okay! And don’t ruin my mood!” my aunt yelled.
Jennifer grunt and stood up angrily.
“Yell all you want mom, I’ve given her a taste of her own medicine, i will now have my dinner in my room” Jennifer said before walking away.

Jane sighed and turned to her mom. “Why didn’t you just give birth to me. Why twins, why her? I can choose Bella over that beast’.
“Jane, don’t call your sister a beast”. My aunt sighed.
“But she is!” Jane rolled her eyes.
“Jane…” her father scolded.
“Whatever, you’re both biased anyways”. Jane said eating her food angrily.

I ate mine quietly not saying anything, until my name was called by my aunt.
“Yes…” I replied softly, well this woman give me the chills.

“So one of my daughter ruined my mood, but I’m still happy, something good happened to me today, and you don’t get this everyday, now tell me if there’s anything you’d want me to get for you, anything at all!” my aunt asked.
“Anything?” Jane interrupted.
“She’s not talking to you” her father chimed in.

“It’s okay, I don’t need anything!” I said.
“Are you sure? Tell me now!” My aunt repeated.
Well what do I want.?

“Well I’ll be studying with Sophie tomorrow and I was wondering if I could go to her place to study!” I said, I want that permission, I want to leave this place for once.
“No. You can invite any friend you want. But going over to a friend Is a no, have you seen Jane and Jennifer gone out before?” my aunt asked…
Well she doesn’t know, but they do sneak out a lot

“So tell me anything else?” my aunt continued.
“A phone.” Jane helped…
I glanced at her, thanking her for the idea.
“Oh right, you need one right?” my aunt smiled and I nodded happily.
“A phone it is!” Her husband smiled and she nodded.

“Oh and about your study group you’re having tomorrow, instead of using your tight room, you can use the study room in the house and Jane and Jennifer will be joining you!” My aunt said…
“Oh okay.” I tried to hide my smile.
“What? But I don’t want to study!” Jane groaned.
“You will too” My aunt said before standing up and leaving with her husband.

“This is all your fault” Jane pouted at me.
“I’m sorry” my voice was low.. We were the only ones in the dining room.
“It’s okay, but what’s better than having a new phone?” she smiled and I smiled at the idea.

“Hey,” Jane said quietly, “Don’t worry, she’ll know I did it all, just come help me dye all Jennifer’s white cloth to brown with the washing machine”.

“come on, she’ll have no idea, just help me, she’s in her room now, I’d like to see her kiss that!” Jane said pulling me up and to the laundry room.
Well we’re going to do that, but wait! is today my lucky day or what??
T. B. C


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