STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 7

JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 7

(Do you believe?)

PREV: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 6

|| Bella ||

I closed the door to my room and moved to my bed. The sigh I breathed out was the loudest I have ever sighed. I’ve just helped Jane with dying Jennifer’s clothes brown those girl will never stop with getting back at each other.
I remembered dinner today and the thought of having a new phone excited me.
Today is my lucky day.

I snuggled up in my bed and thinking about today, I fell asleep.

My alarm woke me up the next morning and before I knew it, I was done with my morning routine and was inside the car with Jane and her father.

“Where the hell is Jennifer!” Her Dad asked impatiently.
“I don’t know, dad we can just leave without her.” Jane said.
“Bella..!” Jane’s dad voice was thick as he called me.

“Go call Jennifer now” He sighed and I walked out of the car, but luckily Jennifer was already walking towards us.
I sighed, a sigh of relief and got back into the car.
Jennifer joined us in the car and her impatient father drove us to school.

We all parted ways immediately we were in school and I made my way to class.
Seated in my seat I glanced at Fynn empty seat.
I turned back to my desk and brought out all my books we need for today.
I started to read on my own when noise started to rise at the door.
I looked up to see Fynn walking in and the whole cheerleader team behind him and they both walked up to Fynn seat trailing behind Fynn.
Now this is what I get for being seat mates with an extremely handsome and popular guy in school.

“Hey” Fynn said when he got to me and sat down on his seat, I didn’t seem to reply cause both our chairs were surrounded by cheerleaders…

“Hey bella” Fynn called again, this time tapping me.
“HI!” I forced a smiled as I said to him and turned back to my book.

“Fynn… Who’s this?” A girl asked.
“Oh she’s Bella, my seat mate.” Fynn said proudly.
“Oh she’s so…. old fashioned” one of the girls said and they all giggled.
I closed my text book angrily frightening the girls and Fynn cause it was loud.

I grabbed my book and stood up.
“Excuse me!” I said to the cheerleader in front of my desk whose skirt was extremely short.
She rolled her eyes before walking away and I walked out of my seat.

“Where are you going?” Fynn asked and I glanced at the girls before turning to him.
“Giving you all some privacy!” I said before walking away.

They all laughed as I walked away and I shut my eyes tight and walked up to grace.
Grace welcomed and after bad mouthing the cheerleaders to make me alright, we both started to study together.

Soon a Teacher walked in the class, making the girls leave and me going back to my seat.

We had three more subjects before it was time for lunch break.

As usual Sophie and I found ourselves in our usual spot and as we ate, we said few things until I broke the news.

“No way!” sophie smiled.
“Yes way!” I shaked my head happily.
“So after all these weeks she finally made her mind to get you a phone.” Sophie rolled her eyes.
“Well I just can’t wait to go home and see what’s in store for me.”
“Yeah me too, good thing I’m going home with you!” sophie said and I grinned.

We both remained quiet and ate quietly until Sophie said.
“Look at poor Fynn cornered by those girls, I know he can’t breathe!”.
I shrugged and also nodded at her, thinking about this morning.
We both ate lunch together until it was break over and we both went back to class.
It was Friday so school didn’t take long before it ended, and Sophie and I found ourselves giggling and heading to the bus stop.
Waiting at the bus stop for the bus, the sun was burning out and Sophie and I could feel our skin going dry and burning and we were getting impatient.
“I can’t take this anymore.” Sophie said placing her hand over her forehead.
“Let’s be patient, the bus will be here any minute” I said looking at the direction where the bus is supposed to come from.

“Hey girls!” we both heard a familiar voice and of course it was Fynn. He was alone this time.
“Hey Fynn” sophie called..
“HI” I said lowly.
“Looks like we’re the only ones waiting for the bus!” he said.
“Tell me about it, and it’s embarrassing too!” sophie sighed.
“And it’s burning hot too!” I added.
“When the hell will the bus get her–
“the bus is here.” Fynn interrupted pointing to the bus coming towards us.
“Finally” sophie and I Said in unison.

The three of us got in the bus and we all took a sit at the back.

Sophie sighed as she exchanged her backpack from her back to her thighs.
“When I get to your house Bella, I’m going to have a big jug of cold orange juice… My Throat is dry and I feel tired, should we just study alone, at our houses.” Sophie sighed.
I shook my head negatively “But I already told my aunt you’re coming over and she gave me the permission to use the house study room, and she said Jane and Jennifer can join us too!”.
“Oh great, those two… I see them at school, but they act like they don’t know me, whatever they can join us!” sophie said…

“May I ask…?” Fynn interrupted.
“Ask what?” I glanced at him.
He looked at Sophie. “What are you joining Bella for at her house?”.
“Oh, you know how our test is next week Monday, So we decided to study together this Friday and maybe also the weekend.” Sophie explained.
“Like a study group. Am I right?” Fynn asked and I nodded.

“Want to join?” sophie invited making me gasp and I shoved her.
“Sure. Why not?” Fynn smiled.
“Seriously?” I rolled my eyes at Sophie.
“What?? Your aunt gave u permission and she’s not home, she’s at work, and come on what’s more better than three or more people studying together!” sophie smiled.
“Whatever.” I sulked, I rested my back on my seat.
I was quiet, the whole time letting sophie and Fynn talk and laugh all the way till the bus finally stopped.

We all came down from the bus and start to head to my house.

Okay so let me calculate everything in my head. My aunt isn’t home and letting Fynn join the study group isn’t that bad cause last night she said I could have anyone come over to the house but never leave the house, but what about the twins.
Aunt said I should let them study with us and Jennifer’s already being crazy with Fynn.
Well I hope everything… I don’t even know what to hope anymore.

“And we’re here, this is Bella’s home. It’s enormous isn’t it?” sophie said and I gave her a look before opening the door and walking in, letting them walk in and then closing the door.

The house was empty, as always, I don’t know where Jane and Jennifer usually go to after school, they’re always fifty minutes late after school…
“The study room is over there… Well just come on, I will show you!” I said and led the both of them to the study room.

It was still the same. It had comfortable looking desk and chairs, a small vending machine for snacks, a huge white board maker stayed on the wall and a small cabinet was placed under the board where pens, crayons, makers and pencils were kept, I’ve only entered this room twice and after twice of entering I haven’t really had a chance of coming In again, cause my aunt wouldn’t let me and just let me use my room instead…

Sophie dropped her backpack and turned to me.
“Oh and about that orange juice Bella, I’ll really need it now!” she said sitting on one of the chairs.
“Uhm okay I’ll go get you one,” I said.
“And get one for Fynn too!” sophie ordered…
“But it’s okay, I didn’t ask for any!” Fynn smiled.
“Yeah he didn’t!” I said glaring at Sophie.
Reminding her that this isn’t my house…

“Oh well you can go get mine, Fynn and I will warm up!” sophie said and I shook my head at her before walking out of the room.

I made it to the fridge in the kitchen, but we were out of orange juice and only had juice boxes, which were orange, I grabbed two and closed the fridge.
My heart jumped when I saw Jennifer in the kitchen.

“When did you get here?” I was startled.
She always appear like a devil.

“Just now! What are you taking those juice boxes for. Those are Jane’s and you know how she gets when she don’t drink anything orange for a day!” Jennifer stated.
“I know, there’s still a lot in the fridge, Sophie and I are just going to have this.” I explained.
“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re having your geek friend over today. And guess what I’m not joining your stupid study group like mom ordered, but when she comes back, you can tell her I did or else…
Or else what?… I really wanted to say that.

“or else what?” Jane said coming into the kitchen.
“if you ditch studying with Bella today, mom’s going to hear that from me, bet me on that one” Jane threatened.

Oh… How I am starting to love Jane.

“Oh don’t bluff Jane, I know you want to ditch the studying too and hang out with Sean” Jennifer smirked…
Making Jane laugh. “I already told Sean about my plans today and guess what, my backpack is in the study room, I just came here to have a drink. Now ditch the study group and get in trouble!”
Jane glared at her sister before moving to the fridge and grabbing one of her orange box juice. She glanced down at my hand and saw the orange juice but said nothing.
Jennifer had start to walk out of the kitchen when Jane took a sip and turned to me.
“How did you ever made the new guy come here… Uhm yeah Fynn, are you guys friends?” Jane asked.

Oh yeah right, she’s been to the study room so she must have seen him.

“Well we’re not friends. As in friends. He’s my seat mate though, he’s kind of getting along with sophie, so they’re friends. And I’m just… someone he knows” I explained.

“Did you just say Fynn!” Jennifer stormed into the kitchen looking at me. “Like Fynn is in this house…” she added and I nodded.

Here we go.

“And why didn’t you say so, looks like I won’t be missing your study group after all.” Jennifer smiled.
T. B. C


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