STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 9


JUST US (Do you believe?) Episode 9

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(Do you believe?)

Bella +

“Have we met before?” I asked Fynn and he suddenly paused.
“Why do you think so?” he said after his hesitation.
“You know what. Never mind.” I said standing up.
Fynn smiled at me and then turned away.
“Why are you smiling have you guys met before?”. Sophie asked looking at us weirdly.


I’m not sure, but he looks seriously familiar.
Sophie starts to shove her books inside and her bag and so did Fynn.
“it was nice studying with you guys.” I said standing up and giving a great yawn.

“Whoa you must be really sleepy.!” sophie laughed.
“I sure am, I don’t know why I feel so tired all of a sudden.” I said quietly.

“Okay then we’ll be leaving,” sophie said standing up and grabbing her bag.
“Yeah thanks for coming over, both of you!” I said.

“Oh yeah right, before I leave. You said your aunt will be getting you a new phone right?” sophie asked and I nodded.
I hope she gets it and isn’t just bluffing.

“Well when you receive your phone. Let me be the first person you’ll call!” sophie winked, took out her pen and wrote her phone number on my open textbook.
“Really?” I said sarcastically and she laughed.

“Can I.. Can I write mine too?” Fynn asked.


“Sure why not.” Sophie replied before I could and I gave her a look. Fynn took the pen and wrote down his number too.

I said goodbye to the two of them as they made it out of the door, at least I had a little bit of fun today.

I walked back into the house after closing the door and I head to my room, suddenly I wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore. Wait. What sorcery is this? I know I was very sleepy minutes ago.
Sometimes I don’t understand my body.
I laid on my bed and let out an heavy, sigh.
Well today I was a bit happy. I’m so glad we all had to study together it was fun and I haven’t had fun in days now.
I’ve actually become an introvert ever since my dad passed away, I don’t talk or do much. I mean I want to say and do much but then I don’t.

I stayed like that for a while not being able to fall asleep until a knock was heard.

The door to my room opened and Jane walked in.
“It’s mom.,” Jane said.
“She wants you downstairs.” she added, smiled at me before walking out.

I gently came down from the bed and walked out of my room, I made it downstairs and found my aunt on the couch, she smiled at me and told me to come sit beside her.
Well at least she’s still in a good mood.
I sat beside her and like her expected she gave me a present, a rectangle shaped and wrapped parcel. I already knew it was a phone and I breathed happily and silently when the phone came in view.
“It’s the latest model. I told her to get that kind.” Jane said from nowhere, but I suddenly saw her walking towards us.
“Oh well, that’s your phone, you can save the ‘home number’ to be able to reach any one of us at home,” My aunt said before standing up and walking away.
“Thank you.” I yelled after her

“So turn it on.” Jane said and I turned the phone on.
A phone of my own. If she’d later get me a phone, then why did she destroy the one I first had while coming here.
Some people just don’t understand what they do.

“So… now let me be the first person to be on your contact list.” Jane said as she took the phone from me, saved her contact and saved her name as ‘sweet Jane’.

Well she is sweet Jane.

“Sweet Jane?” I smiled.
“Well yeah, I’m sweet. Or you can save it as, favourite cousin.” she grinned.
“Well I’ll go with sweet Jane, cause it’s true.” I said and she smiled and dramatically placed her hand on her chest and let out a pouty face, to show she was actually melting with what I said.
“Okay… well I should call you, to see if it’s really your number.” I said, called her, her phone rang and she laughed and after the call she saved my name as ‘Bella FC’.
“What’s FC”? I asked.
“I knew you’d ask it means favourite cousin.” she smiled and I nodded.

“Okay well thanks.” I smiled. “I should go save Sophie and fynn’s contact, they gave it to me before they left.” I stood up.
“Oh well sure, I don’t want to be a third wheel between you and your new phone.” Jane said and before I knew it I was inside my room copying the phone numbers to my phone and saving it as “Sophie” with two hearts and saving fynn’s as just “Fynn”.

I called Sophie first and she picked up immediately.
“Hello,” I said.
“No way… you got the phone.” she recognised my voice immediately and I laughed.
“Well I got the phone.” I said and rolled my eyes happily.
“Wow. We’re going to celebrate in school on Monday! And you’re going to buy me lunch.” she said.
“What? Why me?”
“Cause you’re the one with the new phone duh!.” she said sarcastically.
“It’s not really a big deal you know, cause it’s also going to be a big hindrance with me and my books.” I tell her.
“Oh you’re right? Don’t get too carried away, Cause your aunt’s stinking Rich and I know your house wifi internet must be pretty fast” she warned.
“Don’t worry i won’t” I Assured.
“Oh” she suddenly said. “Have you tried calling fynn!??” she asked.
“Fynn, no! Cause I decided to call you first”
Sophie sighed “call him, talk to him, let him know I’ll be creating a group chat right now with just the three of us.” she said and hung up.
I stared at Fynn’s contact for a while before sighing and calling him. He picked up at the first ring and said “Hello” before I could utter a word.
“Hey… Fynn” my voice was suddenly low.
“Bella,” he called and I felt he was smiling.
“HI…” i was nervous “So I got my new phone.”

I wanted to hang up like right away cause calling him and talking to him was awkward but he didn’t seem to have a problem with it.
“So have you called Sophie?” he asked cheerfully.
“Well yeah, and she said to let you know that she will be creating a chat group for just the three of us.” I tell him.
“Oh, okay, she does have my phone number. Okay so…” He remained quiet.
Okay so what?

I’m speechless, is he too?
“Bella!” he called.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“Oh good you’re still there?” he laughed nervously.
“should we just hang up.” I asked.
“Why?” he asked.
Why ask why we both have nothing to say.

“To see the group chat Sophie has in store for us.” I said and he replied with an “Oh”.
“Okay then, you hang up” he said and I sighed and wasted no time in hanging up. Wow that was nerve racking.
I suddenly got a text message from Sophie and I wasted no time in clicking that message and reading it.

Hey guys was the message and immediately Fynn message came in too,
Oh so it’s the group chat, we’re already in it.

Is this supposed to be the group chat Fynn had texted.
of course what else would it be Sophie replied.
I looked at the two messages on my phone and contemplated on what to write.
Hello. Bella, it shows you’re seeing this message why aren’t you saying anything? Sophie wrote

What should I say? I quickly replied,
Anything Fynn texted.

I shrugged and sighed, I am a boring person, they shouldn’t expect much from me and being the boring person I am i texted.

Guys it’s almost past my bed time I need to go to sleep

Sophie message immediately came in.
What? You don’t have a particular bed time and duh! Tomorrow is Saturday, so it isn’t school night.
Well she’s right but I don’t know what to text anymore.

still… Goodnight I texted.
But her message was fast it’s just 7:58pm she texted but I quickly shoved the phone under my pillow. I don’t find things like this amusing.

I am not good with text, okay then in reality, I’m worst, what do I really want or need in this stupid world. I am as lame as the tree outside my balcony.

Staring at the ceiling, my head was blank, I wasn’t thinking about anything I just stared at it till I finally got sleepy and went to sleep.
The next morning I woke up early as usual, I went to do the laundry, well my laundry, after that, I freshened up, ate breakfast alone and locked myself in my room.
I took my phone and I gasped when I saw over thirty messages from the group chat, what were Sophie and Fynn talking about, I mean thirty messages.?
Just as I was about reading the messages I heard something hit the doors to my balcony and I stood up and walked to the doors, I opened it and my feet stepped on the small tiny rock that had land against the door.
I picked it up, walked to the balcony railings, looked down, like way down. And I saw Fynn picking up another tiny rock.

He picked up and looked up to see me.
“Oh hey Bella.” he smiled.
“Fynn? What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Oh well I was bored and you live so close. So I just decided to come here.” he shrugged.
“I’m sorry, but if I don’t study I’m not allowed to have visitors” I said.
“Well then let’s study” He said and suddenly went under the balcony and I didn’t see him anymore.
Suddenly the leaves on the huge tree opposite my balcony starts to shake and I titled my head.
Wait. Is he climbing the tree.?

I waited for a while, and suddenly he came out of the leaves and steadily walked on the branches and to my balcony.
“But you’re not supposed to be here” I said and walked back a little as he sat on the top railings of the balcony and his legs on the cemented floor of the balcony.
“I might get scolded.” I tell him.
“We’ll just say we’re studying” He said and I looked at his hair to see a leaf had gotten stuck in his hair.

Suddenly something flashed in my head, but I had no idea what that was.
“You got something on your hair. A leaf” I tell him.
“Oh.” he said, touched it and pull it out.
“Thanks” he shrugged. I nodded and he looked around.
“Wow its such a nice view from up here.” he said, he came down from the balcony railings and stared at the beautiful view for a while. Well I don’t think it’s a beautiful view cause the tree covered most of everything.

“I don’t think it’s a nice view,” I said my mind. “I mean this hideous tree already took most of the view”.
“Yeah well, the tree is the nice view, I really like this tree, it’s easy to climb, it’s big, it grows amazing green leaves, and it leads directly to your room!” Fynn smiled.

“It leads directly to my room?” I repeated that last part.
“Sorry… Just forget I said that” he laughed nervously.

He’s a bit weird.

“Sure, I’ll forget that” I said with a small smile.
“So…” he started “Would you like it if this tree isn’t here anymore?”.
“Well… Yeah, and then I’ll be able to see the view from here, the view I was supposed to be seeing.” I rolled my eyes.
“But still if this tree is to be taken down, you won’t still be able to the see the greatest view.” Fynn said in the most serious face ever staring at the tree.
And wow. Was all I could think of. Now I see what those cheerleaders were after.

“Greatest view? What do you mean?”.
Okay this is great, we’re having a conversation, way more better than our cliché text messages or phone call.

Fynn began “Imagine seeing the whole view, like not just from this angle of this balcony but from a higher and more exquisite way, wouldn’t that be nice?” He turned to me, his doll eyes boring into mine.

“I don’t understand” I was lost for a while… I really didn’t understand.
“Would you like to see the way I see my view?” He starts to smile.
“Your view?” I was confused.
“This tree doesn’t have to go down for you to see a great view, you can see it, if you just believe!” Fynn said.
Okay I really don’t understand what he’s saying, what view and believe what?.

“So you’re saying I can see a better view from up here, without the tree being taken down? Like from higher ups? How is that possible.?” I asked inquisitively.

“Well you can. Would you like too?” he asked.
“Sure why not” I said, lackadaisical, not knowing he really meant it.

“Okay then. I’ll see you again at night, we can’t do this in broad day light and you mustn’t be afraid,” His accent really kicked in this time and I shrugged.
Whatever he’s saying I don’t understand but at least I have to answer or react.
He left following the tree and all the way down and I walked back inside my room closing the balcony doors.
I spent my Saturday as always not doing much, even with a phone my life was still the same, Jane gave me the password to the house wifi but still I didn’t do anything, cause I really wasn’t in the mood to go to the internet or anything,
Maybe boringness is who I am.
I started studying from three in the afternoon to six in the evening, I had dinner alone and before I knew it I was already washing up to go to sleep.

It was eight o’clock pm, dressed in my pajamas, I packed my hair up and comfortably fall on my bed.
“Bella… Bella.. Bella..” I started to say my name and then I let out an annoying sigh.
At least I should get an award for sighing, it’s the only thing I do best.

I suddenly heard a knock from my balcony door and my heart jumped.
I quickly got down from my bed and was shocked to see who was standing there.

I opened the doors. “Fynn.” I called.
“What are you doing here, I’m about to go to sleep!” I said, the day is already dark. Seriously what is he doing here.
“You’re sleeping by this time? Isn’t that too early?” He asked.
“No it’s when I sleep!” I said.
I actually lied, you see when you live a boring life, seven thirty, you’re asleep.

“So what do you want here.!” I asked and before I know it he’s grabbing my hand and pulling me out of my room and to my balcony.

“What are you doing?” I asked. Suddenly shivering because of the cold night.

“Just relax, didn’t you say you wanted to see the view the way I do?” He smiled, his eyes were sparkling in the dark or it could be the light from my room, I couldn’t tell.
“Well, I did say that but it’s dark now how can–
He interrupted. “And it can only be done in the dark. I really really want you to see this view with me!”
There was something in his voice that made me say “Okay,”

“Okay now trust me, and when I ask you this, all you have to say is yes.” He said and I looked at him weirdly.
“Now. Do you believe?” he asked.
Holding my hands. Oh his soft hands.

Do i believe what? Is this what he’s telling me to say yes for?
“Yeah.. Yes.” I shrugged, whatever he’s up to he should be quick.
He smiled and moved closer to me.
Wait. Is he about to kiss me?
My eyes widen at the thought,

But then he wasn’t, I was glad about it but a little bit disappointed I mean who wouldn’t want to get kissed by Fynn.
Oh Bella you’re already getting smitten by him.

“Okay now close your eyes!” he said.
Oh really?

I sighed and closed my eyes.
I felt his hand on my waist, both his hands and his body on mine. He laid my hand around his neck and said “hold on tight”.

Oh my God, what is happening, I almost screamed.

But suddenly I felt the strongest wind blow, sending chills down my spine. I couldn’t feel my feet touching the ground anymore., I could feel my hair up, my clothes were being blown, but my eyes were still shut.
“You can open your eyes.” Fynn’s voice was close to my ear.

I slowly opened my eyes and I screamed…
It startled Fynn cause he flinched.

My eye was turning, my stomach was churning, my feet were hot, my blood was unstable my head was calculating and my lips were stuttering.
” How… how.. How..” I looked down at my feet, let out a scream again and held Fynn tightly.

We were in mid air. Like not on land but air. I could see the whole of my aunt’s house front and yard and back yard.

“How are we flying?” was what I could utter!.

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