Story: Legendary Toto (+18)… Episode 2


Story Legendary Toto Episode 2

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Episode 2.


Open this door now before I loose my temper
Na that time I no say my troublesome landlord and his caretaker is back.
I don’t know the reason why I have these kind of dogmatic, Animalistic and Nicompoo people as my tenant.
Caretaker:Oga wait make he come out fess.
*Eeeeeehhh our sure landlord E sure for you
I could hear the other tenants saying.
Will you all shut up!, Birds of the same featherhe barked
But wait oo I just paid my rent naa!
Can you imagine, I spent fortune in building this house from the foundation to the roofing I use all my yout—
Then I opened the door.
Me:Oga landlord good afternoon
Landlord:Save your greetings, where is the monthly Nepa money I told you to pay.
Chaii untop all the rantings.
Me:but Oga landlord I’ve given papa Anderson naw!.
Caretaker:eehn when papa Anderson become caretaker when I never die eeehn!
Sometimes I do wonder say, shey na caretaker own this house nii abi the idiot we call our landlord
Landlord:Call me that pot bellied vagabond.
Papa Anderson:Oga landlord I go pay your money I use the money do something.
he said scratching his neck
Eeeeeehhh no wonder hin kill fowl yesterday kon dey talk say —
Papa Anderson:Chaii mama tope shut up!
I just dey watch the woman dey whine nose,clap hands na just only wrapper dey for the woman body oo imagine!.
Then out of nowhere her second son King came out with no clothes holding a dirty plate that have melon soup all over it body.
Mama tope: King wetin you dey do for here? Oya commot go inside.
Vicky olosho – eeeeeehhh abeg shey na pikin be dis??
Mama tope – no na your ancestors oloshi
I heard she was given Vicky olosho after they caught her with a married man giving her d
ggy from behind before our local newscasters spread am like wide fire..
Oga landlord:will you all shut up idiooo…ts, nuisan…ces Papa Anderson you must pay me my money on Friday unfailingly you hear?? *He said and started walking away.
Caretaker:Abeg papa Anderson when una become the caretaker wey dey collect money?!?
Papa Anderson:I say ago pay am later ahh!
Vicky olosho:Oga landlord my rent go soon expire shey Mai come una house??
Oga landlord: God forbid I’m still young to contact any incurable disease, daughter of Jezebel

Naso people started laughing.
Mama tope:I talk am ashawooo!!, Go find work leave another person husbandshe resumed her marathon clapping again
Vicky olosho:Na you Sabi oo no go take care of that dustbin you call your pikin Then she started walking away.
Papa Anderson:mama tope make your mouth kill you there—-
I walked back to my room when they started their noise again.
I walked to my fridge when Nepa brought light
I heaved a sigh of relief knowing full well that they would all go into their room.
It was evening so I bath and took my wallet I wan go carry game for one bet9ja shop, I was walking slowly almost getting to the shop when I sight Queen, my 7k wey she thief don make her dey shine oo
As I dey see am laidis na my 7k I dey see.
Naso I follow am Queen! Queen!! naso the babe tear race, ehnn! I must catch una today temple run activated naso I pick race follow am.
It’s either I collect my money or I tear that p—y…
7k no be chikini money abeg.


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