Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 10


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 10


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s Pov;
What’s he doing here?
I stared at him, surprised.
“You” he muttered and found his way pass the door and I made path for him.
“Who’re you huh? What do you want here?” He asked.
“I’ve….I’ve explained everything to your mum already” I replied.
“Well, I’m not my mom and need my own explanation”
“I’m sorry, but…. it’s a long story and I don’t think I can explain it now to you”
“What?” He scoffed and folded his hands.
‘Anyway, listen to me and listen pretty good. If I get to know you’re lying to me and my mum; if I get to know you’re actually a spy, trust me, you’d regret it. So, now you still have the chance, I’d suggest you leave. Just leave”.
I stared at him silently as he spoke with so much anger. Why’s he mad at me?
There’s no way I’m leaving. I mean, I can’t. Where would I go, huh?
He scoffed again and left.
Xavier’s Pov:
Seriously, I don’t understand mums reasons for wanting to keep this lady here. What exactly are her plans? Is she gonna stay here forever?
I may be a player, but I hate it when a particular lady’s stuck around me. I hate seeing a repeated female face.
Chelsea’s the only female friend I have and I don’t think I’d be able to cope with someone else b
Somehow, I think I’d have to send this lady away.
Delaney’s Pov:
After a while, a maid showed up and told me I was being called by the woman who wanted us to go out.
Hmm. Where does she plan on taking me?
I followed the maid to what she’d referred to as a *sitting room* and I sat on one of the good looking chairs.
I couldn’t find the woman and the maid asked me to sit and wait for her. Probably, she was on her way.
I tapped my legs as I sat all alone in the big beautiful room. I guess the people on earth were so lucky because life seemed soo easy here compared to Marazona.
I smiled and stood up to feed my eyes. Yes….just to view…I wasn’t going to touch anything.
I folded my hands behind my back and looked around.
Wow!! So many interesting things. Incredible.
I smiled as I walked around and my eyes caught something more interesting.
I gasped and looked at it more intently.
It was a mirror!!! My own reflection!!
I giggled and touched it and seeing my face made me so happy.
Wow!! I was so beautiful, wasn’t i?
Although, the mirror looked different. It was dark and flat.
In Marazona, we only had one mirror and that was the sacred mirror found only in the Queen’s room.
I’d only had the opportunity to use it twice when Hera had snuck me in.
I smiled and touched it. It felt so good seeing my own reflection.
But I saw something like buttons on it and wondered what they were. Hm. Well, I guess everything about earth was different.
Mistakenly, my hands touched one of the buttons and I flinched when I saw a light from the mirror.
I moved back to observe and to my greatest surprise, I saw people In it.
My head spun in confusion and anxiety.
What’s happening? Where are these people coming from?? Who’re they???
I watched in fear as they did things I couldn’t understand. What sort of mirror is this??
I ran to the back to see if there was a door or something. But there wasn’t.
What’s happening????
It was so scary that I didn’t realize when I screamed.
And I pushed the mirror hard to the floor, making it crash.
Hera’s Pov:
I walked into mother’s room and found her sitting on the bed, drinking from the wooden cup.
“You sent for me, mother” I said with a bow and she sighed and placed the cup beside her.
“Sit” she instructed and I nervously sat beside her.
For a while, she was silent.
“Why did you let her go?” She asked and I felt my heart skip again.
Oh! Saviors….are we still on this?
I bit my lower lip and stared down at my fingers, unable to give a reply.
“You just risked a lot of things, Hera. A lot of things” she sighed and gulped down the liquid from the cup.
“We the Marazons” she began
“We actually came from men. A long long ago, we were living in a peaceful place where the gender was mixed. We had men and women”.
What’s she talking about? What’s men?
“I’d fallen in love with someone, but a witch took him from me. She made him hate me and that was how I lost him.
She actually became pregnant for him, while I became pregnant for someone else – a man who never cared about me. A man who made me suffer so much.
A war had broken out which led to the deaths of many – including the man I was pregnant for, your father.
Then, the females formed a union and decided to run to another planet – Marazona.
Only females made it and at that time, I was yet to give birth.
Unfortunately, the witch who betrayed me was made queen over us because coming to Marazona was actually her idea. So, the rest of the fools made her queen.
Few weeks later, she put to bed and I also did same. She gave birth to a daughter, while I gave birth to you. And when luck shun on me, she got missing after a few days.
She actually dumped her daughter and left for earth”.
She paused and sighed.
“She’s Delaney’s mother – the first Queen of Marazona.
“The truth is…..I was the reason she left, Hera. And…I believe she’s on earth. If she’s still alive and she gets to see Delaney, I’m afraid something bad might happen. I’m afraid she might recognize her somehow and do something evil with the treasure. My reign would be over, Hera. I’d be gone”.
I could see so much pains in her eyes as she spoke and my heart tore into pieces at the sight of that.
Oh! What have I done?
“You risked a lot of things, Hera” she winced.
“You’re trying to destroy everything I’ve worked so hard for”.
I sniffed and placed my palm on hers.
“I’m so sorry, mother”.I said.
“I’m sorry for helping her. I just….I just didn’t want her dead because….I really committed the crime she was being punished for. I committed the crime and put the blame on her”.
She looked at me in surprise and guilt gripped me.
“But I promise you….” I continued.
“I’ll go to earth, I’ll find Delaney and I’ll bring the treasure back”
Now, y’all know how Marazona came to be???
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