Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 18

Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 18


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Alicia’s Pov:
Granny came into the house immediately as i kept screaming.
“Hey, Alicia; what’s going on? Why’re you screaming down the house?” She asked and I stopped to look at her, panting heavily.
“I made it, Granny. I passed the scholarship exams! I’ll be going to XCHS!!” I exclaimed happily and jumped on her, embracing her tight.
“Oh! My darling….you’ve made me really proud. Come here” she cupped my cheeks and kissed me
“And guess what, granny? I wouldn’t have to worry about my books, uniforms or anything because they’ll all be taken care of by the school. Yes! All I have to do is dress up, go to school tomorrow and resume lectures!! I’ll be close to Xavier, granny!” I said happily and she paused.
“Xavier?” She repeated.
“Isn’t that the owner of the school? That arrogant boy I’ve heard about who’s also a flirt?”
Huh? How did she know so much about him?
“Um….well, he is. But he’s super cute, granny. And rich as well. He….”
“Don’t tell me you’re excited about going to school because of him. I heard he uses and dump ladies. Alicia don’t…..”
“Don’t worry, mother. I’ve got everything covered, okay?” I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs to my room.
Gosh! My joy knew no bounds.
Delaney’s Pov:
“Who’s she?” The pretty lady asked with a glare.
Huh? Why was she giving me that look?
“It’s a look story, Chelsea. Long story” the son replied.
Oh! So, her name is Chelsea?
His mother came in immediately.
“Chelsea!” She called.
“You’re here?”
“Good morning, aunt” the Chelsea replied with a wide smile, making me wonder where the grumpy look she had a while ago had gone to.
“Oh, dearie. How was your night?” The woman asked.
“well….boring, actually”.
“Hm. You’re just in time for breakfast. Come on” the woman urged and she took a seat next to Xavier.
I noticed she shot me a suspicious stare again.
Well, she was probably who I was and why I was actually eating with the family.
“So, how’re your parents, Chelsea? Hope everything’s cool?” The woman asked and she rolled her eyes.
“They’re fine – in their own way” she said under her breath, making me surprised.
They continued talking about other things and after a while, we were done eating.
“Get ready,,Delaney. We’ll be going out for shopping this morning” the woman said before leaving the dining.
I looked at the Chelsea and noticed she was now looking more confused.
“What’s going on, Xavier? Who’s she?” She asked, giving me a cranky look
“Don’t worry, Chelsea. I’ll explain everything to you in the car. Come on, let’s go” the son replied as he picked up his bag and stood up.
He started walking out before the Chelsea did. Funny enough,,she just remained sitting and glared at me.
“Um….Chelsea” I called her back when she was about leaving.
She turned to look at me.
“I…..I like you” I said a little shyly and she scoffed.
“Yeah, thanks”, she rolled her eyes and walked away.
Hold on; is she naturally rude?
The woman helped me bath again and gave me something else to wear.
Although, she kept complaining it wasn’t good enough, but to me,,I didn’t see a problem with it.
Strange leaves.
“Your son doesn’t like me” I told her as we sat together in the moving car.
It was kinda bothering me.
“Yeah…don’t pay attention to him, okay? That’s just how he is – always rude and bossy” she replied.
“But you know what? You can actually make him like you” she suddenly said and I picked interest.
“I can?” I asked curiously and watched her smile.
“Of course, dear. But first, I must warn you – never, and I mean, never, allow him have s*x with you” she said and I arched my brows in confusion.
“What is s*x?” I asked curiously and she stared at me in shock, like I was being ridiculous or something.
“You….You don’t know what s*x is?” She stuttered and I shook my head negatively.
I’ve never heard the word
“Holy Mother Of God!” She exclaimed.
“Seriously??? You don’t know what it means for couples to make love?” She asked, confusing me the more .
“Love? You mean people produce love? They….they make it?” I asked and she chuckled.
“You’re one hell of a girl, Delaney”, she shook her head.
“Anyway, its a good thing you don’t know the meaning of s*x. I mean…that’s totally great – even though it’s awkward.
“Well….a little hint – don’t allow him touch your legs” she instructed.
“My….my legs?”
“Gosh! Delaney! I mean here!” She exclaimed and touched my private area.
“Really?” I asked.
“It shouldn’t be touched by anyone, right?”
“Of course. No one at all. I mean…not yet” she rolled her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ear.
“So…” She continued.
“Make sure he doesn’t touch your legs, your waist, your lips. Just be careful with him, okay? Because my son is a…. tiger” she said the last part with a sigh.
“So, if you follow my instructions, I’ll help you in getting him to like you.
“First plan, I’ll make you look so pretty before he comes home from school today. As soon as I sense he’s on his way, I’ll dress you up perfectly, and you’ll get a glass of juice and await him. As soon as he steps into the house, you’ll go to him with the glass of juice and welcome him. What do you think?” She asked and I placed my hand on my chin in thought.
“Hmm. Sounds nice” I nodded repeatedly.
“Then, its a deal” she smiled and increased the speed of the car.
Xavier’s Mum:
I know you might think I’m crazy but, seriously? Who else is seeing this opportunity with me?
This lady doesn’t even know the meaning of s*x and that’s going to make it a whole lot easier. At least, I can be sure she isn’t one of the ladies that can throw their bodies cheaply at my son.
And now, I’m going to use her to change him.
Yes, she seems really humble and will work with me.
With her help, I’ll stop Xavier from being a s*x freak.
Delaney and Xavier’s mum have become partners oo???
I like this woman jor
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