Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 22


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 22


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Chelsea’s pov:
My jaw dropped in shock as I stared at the position in which Xavier and the strange girl were.
Xavier quickly pushed her off his body and stood up from the bed.
I came all the way from house to see Xavier and let’s enjoy each other’s company and now all I get is this?
It’s so heartbreaking.
“Oh Chels, you are here.” He muttered and scratched the back of his head awkwardly.
I gave the strange girl a death glare and stomped out of the room.
“Chelsea!” I heard Xavier call out to me but I didn’t even stop walking or even spare him a side glance.
Delaney’s pov:
I sighed and rubbed my forehead.
Xavier turned and gave me a long and angry stare before finally running after Chelsea.
Oh my! Did I do something wrong?
Why did that lady have to come in at the wrong time, huh?
As I got out of his room and closed the door, the woman suddenly walked up to me with a smile.
She looked around carefully and held me by the wrist.
She dragged me along with her.
We got to her room and we both went inside.
She made me seat on the bed and we sat facing each other.
“So, how did it go?” She grinned and held my hand.
How about a little prank?
Yeah, that’ll do.
She looked so hopeful and I could tell she really needed a positive reply.
“C’mon Delaney, how was it?” She urged me and stared intently at me.
“Well… Erm ma’am. I’m sorry.
It didn’t work out well.” I said forlornly and bent my head.
“Huh?” She asked and I could sense a hint of disappointment in her voice.
I took my gaze to look at her and her smile had faded. Her face dropped in disappointment.
“It worked!” I suddenly yelled happily. The woman stared at me surprisingly.
“I was just trying to pull your legs. It worked!” I giggled and I was expecting a hug or something, instead I got a smack on the head.
“Ouch!” I winced though it wasn’t painful.
“Jeez Delaney, you almost gave me an heart attack. I was really sure that it was gonna work out well.” She said and smiled broadly.
She pulled my cheeks playfully and hugged me.
“So, tell me the full details.” She said eagerly.
“Well, I acted according to plan. He was grumpy and all at first but eventually, he helped me.
He took me to his room and brought out what he called a first aid kit and started doing some strange things to my finger.
He decided to blow air in my finger before he’ll finally put what he called a plaster around my finger.
And when it hurt a little, I screamed and jumped on him.
And boom! Chelsea opened the door and saw us in that position and she looked clearly pissed.” I explained and breathed out.
“Chelsea?” She asked and I nodded.
“Hm” she mumbled and placed her hand on her chin like she was thinking or something.
“Ma’am….Is there a problem?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Of Course, not. Come on” she replied and stood up with me.
Chelsea’s pov:
“Chelsea?” Xavier called calmly and held my arm.
“What!” I snapped at him and yanked his hand away from mine.
“Why are you suddenly pissed Chels? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?” He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“Really? You were in close proximity with that strange girl you know nothing about!
You’re already flirty with someone you barely even know?” I huffed and ran my hand through my hair.
“And the last time I checked, it was none of your business!” He snapped, shocking the hell out of me.
“Xavier?” I called, more like a whisper as I stared at him.
“Look Chels, you’re taking this too far. You shouldn’t be thinking about something irrelevant because of how close you saw us.
I don’t even owe you an explanation.” He said and walked back into the house.
That girl!
She’s gonna be a threat to me!
From the very first day I saw her, I never liked her and I knew she’s of no good.
I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind!
She better stop whatever it us that she’s planning to take Xavier away from me.
He’s mine and mine alone!
If I have to make her leave this house, then I will. As long as she’s far away from Xavier.
“Hey you! I want to have a word with you.” I snapped at the girl as she made to go to the kitchen.
She bent her head lowly and walked sluggishly towards me; more like she’s counting her every steps.
She got to where I stood beside the couch and I closed the remaining space in between us.
“What’s your name?” I asked and ran my eyes irritably at her.
Wait! Why didn’t I notice this soon enough?
She’s looking different in a better way.
And I swear, I felt jealous.
She’s so pretty with her long hair.
She’s really a threat to me in winning Xavier but I won’t allow it.
“Delaney.” She smiled sweetly.
“Now Delaney or whatever your name is, listen and listen very good. I don’t know where you came from and what your plans are all about, but I want to warn you to leave Xavier alone.
Don’t try to even get closer to him.
If I have to make you leave this house, then I will!
My eyes are on you!”
Hera’s Pov:
I felt myself lying on something cold and dirty.
I coughed and opened my eyes and discovered i was on dry land – covered with sand.
Was I there already? Could this be earth?
I coughed and stood up, then looked around.
I was stark na*ked!
Where were my leaves??
And where exactly was I?
And Delaney….
How do I find her??
It was getting so dark.
I looked around and spotted a group of strange people coming towards me.
Why’re they looking so different?
I mean….their hair was short, and…they didn’t seem to have bo*bs as well.
They just looked straight and different.
“Woahhh! Who the f**k do we have here??” One of them exclaimed and chuckled with the rest.
Maybe I should ask them about Delaney? Could it be possible they’ve seen her?
“Young lady, are you lost or something?” Another asked and I looked around.
“Um…..I’m looking for someone – Delaney. Have you seen her?” I asked and they looked at each other and laughed.
“Who’s Delaney?’ Another asked.
“She….She was my friend. But she stole from us and ran away. So, I’m looking for her” I answered and they stared at me like I was insane or something.
Suddenly, they whispered something amongst themselves and turned back to look at me.
“Well….we know where you can find her. Come with us” one of them said with a smile.
It seems Hera has fallen into the wrong hands oo

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