Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 24


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 24


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov:
“What?” The teacher gasped loudly in shock as she stared wide eyed at the object on the floor.
The whole class attention were now on me and they were gawking at me.
Did I do anything wrong?
“Delaney?” The teacher called and took her gaze from the object to stare at me.
“Why did you do that? Why did you smash the laptop?” She asked still shocked.
She walked closer to meet me on my seat and picked up the object.
“What did you call it? Lap… What? Or lap tight?” I asked as I tried to pronounce what she had called the object.
The whole class suddenly bursted into amusing laughter.
Did I say anything funny?
The teacher chuckled and looked at me awkwardly.
“A laptop, I said. Now, why did you smash the laptop?” She asked, this time, sternly.
“Well ma’am, I thought it would open that way. I tried opening it the way I saw others doing but I couldn’t and I thought that by smashing it, it will open.” I said and fondled nervously with the tip of my hair.
“Really? Where exactly are you from? You don’t know how to open a laptop?” She asked.
“No ma’am. I’ve never seen an object like this before.” I said innocently.
“What? Jeez! What on Earth are you?” She gasped shockingly.
“I…” My statement was cut short when Xavier suddenly spoke up.
“Ma’am Teresa, I bet you don’t want to use the whole day talking to her? The time is ticking, tick-tock.” He said and did the his tongue in a way I couldn’t really understand.
The teacher sighed and looked me.
She shook her head sadly and walked back to where she stood in front of the class.
I turned to look at Xavier and he gave me me an hard glare.
I gulped down nothing and looked away.
The teacher taught and seriously, my mind wasn’t there.
The students were using the laptop or whatever, while I just stared at them like they’re performing some sort of magic.
Hera’s pov:
I yawned lightly and stretched out my tired body.
The sunlight illuminated the room and flashed through my face.
I groaned and turned to the other side of the bed.
After what seems like forever, I finally squinted my eyes opened.
I opened my eyes fully and rubbed them sleepily.
I yawned lightly and sat on top of the strange mattress. But it was so comfy and I really enjoyed my night.
The previous day, the woman took me to her house which I found rather too strange to be called a house.
It wasn’t very big but it still was big.
The structure and everything looked totally different from the one back there at Marazona.
In fact, everything here looks so strange and different from that of Marazona’s.
The woman whom I haven’t quite gotten familiar with, made me take my bath under something like a rain, but she called it *shower*.
Jeez! I haven’t seen something like that before.
She taught me how to use it since I couldn’t; I don’t even know how to use it.
She also gave me strange leaves she called *clothes* for me to wear.
I had wrapped them around my body like I used to do to leaves but she had gawked at me and looked weirdly at me.
She had taken the clothes and wore it for me in a strange way too.
She had called me strange but I don’t know between I and her who’s more strange.
Nothing looks familiar to me.
I walked out of the room and followed the same place we had followed yesternight.
Finally, I got to the sitting room and a sweet smell waft through my nose.
I sniffed in the air and suddenly, my stomach grumbled noisily.
I held my stomach to shut it up from growling noisily.
I haven’t eaten since the previous day and I’m hungry.
I look around the sitting room and I was really bedazzled by the beautiful decorations and strange looking things.
I saw a wide and dark mirror which was on top of something. But the mirror still looked strange.
I moved closer to it and stared at myself but it wasn’t clear.
I couldn’t see myself properly. Back at Marazona, the mirror in my room is placed to stand upright and it’s long and plain glass white.
But this one here is something different.
“Hey.” I heard. I turned swiftly and saw the woman coming towards me.
In broad daylight, I could see her clearly now.
She’s a middle aged woman and she’s tall and pretty.
She had her hair rolled up in a messy bun and she had beads of sweat on her forehead.
She had a smile on her face.
“Good morning.” I greeted calmly.
“Morning dear. What are you doing standing there?” She asked.
“Uhm, nothing. I was just staring at myself on the mirror.” I shrugged.
“Huh? Mirror?” She asked and furrowed her eyebrows.
“Yes, mirror.” I nodded my head and pointed at the black mirror.
She chuckled in amusement and stared at me.
“That’s a tv.” She giggled lightly.
“A … Tv… What?” I stuttered, not wanting to bite my tongue because of how difficult the name sounded.
“A tv.” She said slowly.
“What’s that? What’s a tv?” I asked as I stared at her.
“You know what? We have a lot of things to discuss. I don’t even know your name yet.
But first, breakfast is ready. Let’s eat and after that, we’ll talk better.” The woman said and held my hands.
Without any further hesitation, I followed her.
Delaney’s pov:
After the teacher had left, the students started stealing glances at me and whisperings amongst themselves and I need not anyone to tell me that they are whisperings are about me.
“Jeez, I can’t believe her! She acted like a girl from the forest or maybe jungle.” I heard one of the students laughed.
“Seriously Jane, I was really so surprised when she smashed the laptop.
She’s pretty but weird.” Another girl said.
I shook my head and ignored them.
They can gossip for all I care.
Alicia’s pov:
I had gotten ready for school feeling so enthusiastic.
I had woken up very early because I was restless and anxious.
I couldn’t even sleep well because I kept on tossing and turning on the bed.
I was just so damn anxious and eager to go to school.
When I had gotten, everywhere looked really beautiful and magnificent. It looked better in real than on tv and magazines.
I had squealed happily and stared around bedazzling.
The principal told me he was gonna tell the students about me and the other students that won the scholarship the following day.
When I got to the classroom, my attention was just centered on Xavier.
Oh my! He looked absolutely breathtaking in his uniform.
Oh God! I can’t believe I’m in the same grade as Xavier and I’ll get to see him everyday.
Who knows, I might have the opportunity to even touch him.
A teacher entered the classroom and I was surprised when a very beautiful and classy girl smashed a laptop saying she couldn’t open it.
I was really so surprised.
But how?
She looked really classy like someone from a very wealthy home.
But I didn’t get to see her face properly because I was seating behind her at the back.
But from her side view, I could tell she was really pretty.
It was lunch break already, I walked out of the classroom alongside some of the students.
With the school map in my phone, I got to find my way to the cafeteria.
As I sat down on my booth eating, the cafeteria suddenly became noisy and happy squeals broke out from most especially the girls lips.
I tilted my head and saw Xavier walking in with two girls.
He looked like a demi god as he took slow and elegant strides inside the cafeteria.
He had a a sweet in his mouth and his hands were tucked inside his trouser pockets.
He looked really mesmerizing.
But then, I had a proper look at the girls and one of them gripped my attention.
I stared intently at the girl and…
How come?
Who did Alicia see? ?
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