Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 26


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 26


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Xavier’s pov:
Jesus! This girl is bad.
Even after all the warning signs I gave her, she still went ahead to tell me.
“Really Xavier?” Mom asked and hastily moved towards me, before I could move away, her hand were already firmly on my ear.
She pulled me by the ear while I winced.
“Mom? It hurts!” I whined.
“What did I tell you about Delaney before going to school?” She asked, with a- stern-like voice.
“That I should take care of her.” I grumbled.
“And did you?” She asked.
I kept shut and tried to freed her grip on my ear but she twisted it painfully.
“Ouch!” I groaned.
“Answer me Xavier!” She ordered.
“I didn’t. Jeez mom, my ear hurts already.” I groaned.
“Seriously? You’re so stubborn.” She said and rolled her eyes.
“Delaney, go up and freshen up. I’ll come meet you shortly.” Mom said, still twisting my ear.
“Okay ma’am.” She giggled lightly.
Mom smiled lightly and pulled me by my ear and walked towards the stairs.
I glared at Delaney while she stared blankly at me.
Alicia’s pov:
I got back from school and I was damn tired.
I went to my room and had a quick shower.
I wore my clothes and went down to the kitchen.
I opened the pots and I was damned when I didn’t even find a leftover.
“Dang it!” I cussed angrily.
Mom and grandma weren’t home and they didn’t even bother to even leave if it’s just a leftover for me.
They’re cruel.
My stomach grumbled noisily, reminding me that I’ve got to feed it.
Having no other option, I drank a lot of water and dragged my tired and hungry self back to my room.
As I laid on the bed, my room door suddenly creaked opened and mom walked in.
“Hey Alicia, you’re back.” She said the obvious.
“Well, as you can see.” I rolled my eyes and turned to another direction.
“Oh! Welcome.
Well, get your butt of the bed and wear something nice. We’re going out.” She said.
I snapped my head to look at her and sat on my bed.
“What’s the occasion mom? What are we celebrating?” I asked with a smile.
“Nothing special. Let’s just say I got a new job with a good pay.” She shrugged.
“Oh mom! That’s good news.” I smiled.
“Alright, so hurry up before I change my mind.” She said and walked out of my room.
“Yes!” I smiled elatedly.
I got down from my bed and hurriedly got to my wardrobe, looking for something nice to wear.
I wonder where we’re going to.
Chelsea’s pov:
I got into the house and as usual, I was expecting to see an empty house apart from the maids, but I was damn so shocked to see my both parent seating on the sofa and watching TV.
“Mom? Dad?” I called surprisingly and walked up to them.
“Hey princess.” Mom beamed and walked to hug me.
I let her hug me but I was still so shocked to find them both at home.
“Welcome princess.” Dad smiled lightly.
“What the… What happened? Why are you guys home? I thought you were supposed to be home by the end of the month.
But you’re home now.” I voiced out, still finding it hard to believe that my parent were both home.
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t unhappy to see my parent but it’s a shocker to see them.
Anytime my parent are about leaving and give me a particular date they’d be home, they’ll never fulfill their promise.
They’ll always have an excuse to extend their stay.
But this time around today, they are home, more earlier than I imagined.
“We just decided to surprise you.” Mom beamed happily.
“Really? Surprise indeed.” I said nonchalantly, like I didn’t care but I do care.
“So, princess, freshen up and get dressed. We’re going out.” Dad smiled.
“What? We’re going out!” I half yelled happily, not believing my ears.
“Yes dear.” Mom said.
“Hope this isn’t a joke?” I asked sternly.
“Of course not.” Dad said and smiled.
I got dressed and my parent and I got into one of the cars; a red Bugatti Veyron.
I smiled and watched the view happily as the chaffeur drove off.
I admired the beautiful tall skyscrapers and other beautiful buildings.
Not as if I fancy them or something but for the fact that I was happy made me gaze admiringly at them.
The chaffeur finally pulled over in front of a classic restaurant and we alighted.
I removed my sunshade glasses and walked elegantly with my parent into the restaurant.
I chatted with my parent as we ate on our meal.
If felt so good to finally seat, eat and talk calmly with them, without me getting angry like I would do when I’m being told about their departure again.
After we were done eating and drinking, I decided we dropped by at the Mall to get some stuffs I needed.
Mum and dad were still in the car and I stepped out before then, headed for the entrance. But unfortunately, a clumsy lady bumped into me.
“Hey! Are you blind??” I snapped at her.
“Seriously?” She scoffed.
Hold on…
That face! She looked really familiar.
Of course!!
“You????” We both exclaimed at the same time.
“What the f**k are you doing here? And why’re you always being so clumsy?!” She snapped at me, making me shocked.
She was the same filthy lady my driver had splashed mud water on.
“Seriously?? I think I should be asking you that damn question. What’re you doing here? We actually don’t need low lives in the mall” I scoffed.
“Listen to me, you little brat” she pointed her finger at me.
“I’m not gonna take any more insults from you, okay?”
“Alicia!” A young woman came calling after her.
“Hey! Alicia; what’s wrong? What’s going on, huh?” She asked and held the lady’s hand.
So, Alicia’s her name?
“I unfortunately bumped into an animal, mum” the Alicia girl replied and my eyes widened in shock.
What the heck???
Did she just call me animal??
Immediately, mum and dad showed up.
“Hey! Chelsea, what’s going on?” Mum asked as she stood beside me with dad.
I kept throwing glares at the puppies in front of me.
But then, I noticed something – the young woman was fixing her eyes on dad.
And dad….he was staring back at her as well.
“Clarissa??” He suddenly called out.
“Jerry?” She called out as well.
Hold on; do they know each other or what???
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