Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 28



Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 28


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov:
Chelsea as usual, was so clingy towards Xavier like a magnet as we walked towards the stairs.
She had a huge smile on her face as her arms were around his shoulders while Xavier’s hands were around her waist; she actually made him hold her on her waist.
So pathetic!
Some girls took pictures of them together and probably, it would make Chelsea’s head swell more with pride.
I was beside them and occasionally, she would glare and huff at me.
“Xavier?” She called tenderly with a pout.
We where at what I got to know the previous day as the hallway.
She removed her arms from his shoulders and stopped walking.
Xavier stopped walking too and turned to look at her.
Since I didn’t know the way to the classroom, I had to wait too.
I seriously don’t want to get lost in this big school. I might not even be found.
“Yeah?” Xavier answered.
“Does she really have to continue to walk with us everyday and everywhere?
I seriously don’t like it and I’m not comfortable with it.
She’s like a pest.” She whined and rolled her eyes.
“C’mon Chels, what’s wrong with her walking with us everyday and everywhere?
And beside that Chels, mom made it clear to me that I shouldn’t let her out of my sight and I don’t want to receive another twist of the ear. It hurts you know.” Xavier shrugged.
I chuckled lightly and covered my mouth with my palm from making me burst into wide laughter.
Chelsea glared angrily at me.
“But Xavier, I don’t want her anywhere us.” Chelsea groaned.
“But….I’m not doing anything wrong” I said calmly.
“And who said you had to do anything wrong before staying away from us?” Chelsea snapped.
Gosh! Seriously?
“Don’t worry about it Chelsea. I don’t think there’s a problem with her staying with us. Besides, she’s new here and I wouldn’t want her ruining things all around. Come on, let’s go” Xavier said and started walking away.
Chelsea stood and glared at me and I shrugged and went after Xavier.
Whatever her problem is.
Chelsea’s Pov:
Gosh! This is so not funny.
I’m here – trying to stop Xavier from being a player, yet this dumb lady had to come into the picture. I hate it when he’s around other ladies.
I f**king hate it!
No matter what, I just needed to get him away from her.
Hera’s pov:
The woman whom I got to know that she doesn’t have a husband, took good care of me.
She said her name is Emily and her husband died about three years ago and she doesn’t have a child.
I got to know so many things about her and when she had asked me about myself, I told her briefly about myself.
She had been so shocked and utterly speechless when I told her I wasn’t from Earth. She didn’t quite believe me though but she didn’t question me.
In her house, there are so many strange things.
The previous day, I had broken what she called a television because I saw strange people in it.
I had been so shocked and frightened that I didn’t know when I smashed the tv.
She was pissed at me but after she got to know it was my first time seeing a thing like that, she let it go.
She’s kind but I haven’t fully adapted to the things in her house.
I haven’t been since the two days that I’ve been here.
When I told her I don’t have anywhere to go, she decided to take me in as her daughter.
She leaves for work every morning and come back at night.
She had taught me how to wear the strange leaves she called *clothes.*
She also taught me how to use the bathroom and toilet. It wasn’t easy knowing them but I eventually knew it.
In Marazona, I’m used to people serving me but here in Emily’s house, reverse is the case because I’m serving her and it isn’t easy for me one bit.
I clean the house and do some other minor works but they are really exhausting.
I’m a princess for crying out loud and I ain’t supposed to be working like a slave!
I really want to yell at Emily but I can’t.
She saved me, took me in and fed me and I’m grateful for that.
But seriously, I’m tired of living like a slave when I know that where I came from, I’m a princess and I’m being served.
If I knew life on Earth could be difficult and different, then I wouldn’t have bothered to come.
This one hasn’t seen anything.

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