Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 29


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 29


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s pov:
“Hera!” Emily called aloud.
I grumbled angrily and closed my ears with my both hands.
Jeez, that woman can disturb!
Ever since she returned from her work, it’s Hera this, Hera that.
Gosh! I’m tired already.
She wouldn’t even give me a break.
“Hera!” She called again, but this time around, very loud.
“Yes Emily, I’m coming!” I grumbled loudly.
I got down from the bed and slipped in my legs in what Emily called *a fluffy slippers.*
I walked out of the room and went down the stairs, as she had called it too.
She was there, her legs crossed on the center glass table.
“Yes Emily.” I feigned a tight lip smile.
“It’s ma’am Emily. And ma’am when you’re addressing me.” She chastised.
“Okay Emi… I mean, ma’am Emily.” I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“I want you to go to the kitchen and get me an apple from the counter.” She smiled.
“Okay ma’am Emily.” I almost huffed but I decided against it instead, I smiled lightly and walked away to go carry out her order.
Like seriously?
I grumbled all the way to the kitchen, feeling so pissed off and tired.
That woman would kill me before my time, if she doesn’t stop with her unending errands.
I need to continue to leave with her and get to know alot of things about Earth before I’ll finally leave and go in search of Delaney.
I’m gonna learn very fast so I wouldn’t spend years with Emily.
Xavier’s pov:
“Yeah…hum… Yes… Oh god!” The bitch moaned loudly as I screwed her.
Her moans were like music and it gave me an hard on.
I drilled her roughly while she moaned loudly.
“Oh Xavier, I’m gonna come!” She groaned in ecstacy as I plunged deeper into her not–too tight p**sy.
“Fuck!” I cussed when I felt my c*m build up.
In a split second, we both came.
I pulled out of her and spank her butt. She gasped and breathed out loudly.
We breathed deeply, trying to catch our breathe.
“That was one hell of a s*x.” She smiled sweetly.
I don’t even know the bitch name.
“Yeah. We are done!” I replied perfunctorily and zipped up properly.
“Would there be a next time?” She pouted sexily and licked her lips seductively.
Gosh! She’s gonna make me drill her again.
“There’s not gonna be a next time bitch!” I groaned sternly.
Her eyes snapped opened and stared shockingly at me.
“Xavier… I thought…” She trailed off and tried to touch my chest but I swat her hand away.
“What we just had meant nothing to me. You’re just like one of those cheap whores I use in satisfying my sexual urge, get that into your thick skull.” I snapped and rolled my eyes.
Her eyes glistened as unshed tears welled up in her eyes.
“I’m done with you. I don’t f*ck a girl twice.” I smirked and pushed her slightly out of my way.
I got outside and smiled lightly.
These girls should keep dreaming that I’d want to have anything to do with them.
They are so cheap and easy to get.
The bitch glared at me before running out of the girls restroom.
I tucked my hands inside my pair of trousers pocket and made to leave, but then, a girl hastily walked towards me.
I think she got out from one of the rooms.
“Hi Xavier.” She smiled shyly and tucked her hair behind her ear.
I haven’t seen her around before and I guess she’s a new student.
“Yeah. What do you want?” I asked perfunctorily.
“Well, erm…” She stuttered and bent her head.
Gosh! Does this girl know she’s waisting my time?
I noticed her hands were behind her back, like she was hiding something.
“Hurry up with whatever you want to say okay? I’ve got things do.” I replied sharply with an eye roll.
“Okay, I’m sorry. Well, erm… I like you Xavier and I wanted to give you this.” She smiled sweetly. She brought out her hidden hands from her back and stretched out a cardboard paper to me.
I took a surprise glance at her and laughed silently but mockingly.
“Really?” I scoffed and roamed my eyes around her body.
She doesn’t look bad but she’s definitely not my type.
She looks like a nerd and jeez, nerds would be the last set of people I’ll ever have anything to do with.
“I really like you.” She smiled.
I smirked and rolled my eyes.
“I don’t like you and I don’t want to have whatever that’s with you.” I shrugged perfunctorily.
“Please Xavier, please. I’d really appreciate it if you’d accept it.
I spent hours doing it.” She begged with a sad countenance.
I grumbled but I finally took it from her.
I looked at her and then back at the cardboard paper.
“I hope you like it? I drew it myself.” She said proudly.
It was actually a very beautiful drawing of me wearing my uniform and having a lollipop sweet in my mouth.
Wow! I was really impressed.
“Hum!” I cleared my throat and looked at her with a straight face.
She really did draw it perfectly well.
I looked like a demi god and it really looked exactly like me.
“Well, thanks.” I said perfunctorily and walked away.
Alicia’s pov:
I had heard everything that went on in the room closer to mine.
I heard the making out sounds and all, and I felt kind of disgusted.
I kind of, because it was coming from Xavier.
I really do like him and find anything he does disgusted.
If it where someone else, I would have barged in and given them a piece of my mind.
I did that in my alma- mater.
When I had given Xavier the drawing, my heart beat had accelerated greatly with nervousness.
But wait! Did Xavier really commend me?
Did he say thank you?
And my eyes weren’t deceiving me when I saw him smile when staring at the drawing right?
Oh my!
I think I’m gonna explode with joy!
I’m getting Xavier’s attention bit by bit and then boom…
Should we warn Alicia about Chelsea being protective of Xavier? ??
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