Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 3


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 3


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Xavier’s Pov:
Since Chelsea had come with her car to pick me up, we had to go to the “fun place” with it. And when we were done, she drove me back home.
“It was fun, right?” She asked happily as she followed me out of the car and stopped in front of the house.
“Yeah…it was” I replied with a shrug.
“You’ll be coming over to school tomorrow, right?”
“Of course” she smiled and hugged me.
“Goodnight” she hushed.
Hm. Now, I know mum’s absolutely right. She really has feelings for me.
Well, I wouldn’t blame her. All ladies crush on me and being my first best friend, she should feel really honored.
But….I think she’s been showing her feelings more clearly now.
“Goodnight” I replied her and she turned to leave but suddenly stopped and gave me a peck.
“That isn’t allowed, Chelsea” I said with an eye roll and she laughed and scurried off to her car.
Hmph. Better don’t fall in love with me, Chelsea. To avoid heartbreaks.
Then, I proceeded to the house.
I got in and met mum in the sitting room,
staring through the window.
“Mum…? Good evening” I greeted with a little surprise
Why’s she just standing and staring through the window?
“Was that Chelsea?” She asked with a smile, still staring.
“Y….es” i drew my reply, feeling a bit surprised.
“She’s such a pretty lady, don’t you think?” She smiled.
“She’ll make a fine girlfriend, Xavier”.
Gosh! Are you kidding me?
I shook my head and started walking away.
“Having a girlfriend is better than being a flirt, Xavier” she called back my attention and I sighed and turned back to her, going to get a wine from the wine bar.
“Chelsea and I are just friends, mum. We’re best friends and there’s absolutely nothing going on between us” I said casually as i popped the wine open and drank directly from the bottle.
“But she’s fit to be your girlfriend, don’t you think? Come on, Xavier”.
I didn’t say a word but just focused on the drink. I ain’t ready for love.
“You know…I’ve always wish I had a daughter” she continued wistfully now.
“A pretty girl to take care of and cuddle. It’d have been nice having one around.
‘Hold on; are you trying to say you wish I was a boy or what?” I asked and she widened her eyes in shock.
“Of course, not Xavier! I’m just saying it’d have been better if you had a sister, you know? Or better still….a girlfriend”.
Geez! I guess we’re back at it again.
“Goodnight mum” I said as I started walking away with the bottle of wine.
“Xavier! Hey…where are you…”
I didn’t listen to her as I completely walked away. When will she change?
I still have a long way to go and I’m definitely not ready for love.
Give me a lady and I’ll spoil her with my d*ck.
But don’t expect me to love her
Delaney’s Pov:
I panicked as the female guards took me to the throne room to face the Queen.
We got to the entrance and walked pass the leaves which were used as coverage and finally got to the room.
The Queen was seated on her throne, Hera standing beside her together with some of the subjects.
I was made to kneel in front of the Queen who’s leaves sparkled.
Well, over here, we make use of leaves as clothes. I didn’t even know dresses existed.
Our long hair also served as coverage for our chests.
“Delaney!” The Queen called thunderously, her eyes glinting.
Good saviors.
I bowed my head and shivered in fear.
“How dare you??? How dare you break one of the sacred rules by sneaking into the Holy Chambers in an attempt to steal and thereby, almost resulting in the loss of one of my subjects??” She asked but I couldn’t say a word.
Oh! Hera. What has she done to me?
“Have you lost your tongue???” She roared and I lifted my head a little but made sure I didn’t look into her eyes.
“I’m sorry my queen” I managed to say.
I could clearly hear the anger in her voice. Why does she hate me so much, huh?
“For being disrespectful,” she said.
“This will be your penalty – you’ll be locked up for seven days with no food, but water. And you’ll be whipped for as long as it lasts”.
For the first time, I looked into her eyes.
What’s she talking about? What sort of punishment is that??
I noticed the rest of the subjects looked surprised.
“Wh….What?” I muttered.
“I…I didn’t do it” I stuttered.
“I didn’t do it, my Queen. Princess Hera was behind it and she’s trying to frame me for it”.
Oh! Good saviors!
I had to admit it. I couldn’t just take the consequences.
Hera’s eyes dimmed and for a moment, there was silence.
“How dare you???” She suddenly snapped
“How dare you point an accusing finger at my daughter? Have you lost your mind???”
Her voice was so loud and angry that I feared the creaky walls would collapse.
I looked at Hera.
“Tell her the truth – please” I said with pleading eyes but she ignored my gaze.
She looked scared.
“Shut it, Delaney!!” The Queen roared again.
“How dare you plan such an act against the royal family??
“For this, I hereby sentence you to death at Dawn!” She proclaimed and a wild gasp ran across the room.
A stunned silence crowded me as I couldn’t say a word.
What did she just say??
“Guards!!” She called.
“Take her away!”
No, no. This isn’t happening.
What is my offence that’d require death? What have I Have I done?
“No. I…I didn’t do anything. I didn’t” I begged as I looked into her face but only saw an evil smile.
The guards came upto me and lifted me up.
“Why do you just hate me??? What have I done to you???? Whaaaaaat????” I cried out as the guards dragged me away and all I saw on her face was a grin.
I sat on the floor in the very dark cell, weeping profusely.
I still couldn’t believe it.
My life was shattered. I was going to be killed tomorrow morning. What have I done to deserve this?
Even if I were to accept the offense, the penalty doesn’t involve death. No way.
Why’s the Queen being so heartless towards me? What have I done to her?
Why does she hate me so much that she’d kill me without a second thought?
I wept for a long time, having no one to console me. This has always been my life – lonely and rejected.
No family, no loved ones – just Hera who’s betrayed me. I can’t believe she stood by and watched her sentence me to death.
Why do I have to be so unfortunate to be here alone? Why don’t I have a mum like the rest? What happened to mine?
Suddenly, I heard a strange sound from outside and sprang on my feet.
What’s happening?
I watched with keen interest, wondering what was happening to the guards outside my cell.
Suddenly, the leaves opened and someone showed up – someone who’s face was covered.
I panicked and moved back in fear.
Who’s she? And how did she get in? What happened to the guards?
“I’ve taken care of the guards for you” she said in a muffled voice.
“You need to leave while you still can. Run far away from here – to a place you can never be seen”.
I watched in amusement as she turned around and scurried off.
What’s happening?

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