Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 30


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 30


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov:
In school, I didn’t find it difficult to learn or assimilate, all thanks to Xavier.
He had taught me very well the previous day and though I couldn’t get everything, I still learnt and remembered the very important ones.
When it was lunch break, Xavier, Chelsea and I went to the cafeteria together.
Thank goodness, this time around, Chelsea didn’t make any move to tell me to leave. But I could tell she wasn’t happy with the fact that I’m sitting and eating with them.
Emily’s pov:
Having Hera in my house as lessened some works for me.
At least, she do the dishes, she arranges the house and scrubbed the house neatly.
Sometimes, she even wash my clothes and that as hell reduce a lot of stress for me.
It has also fill the vacuum of me not having a child.
She’s taken away the sadness of not having a child in my life; I don’t even mind keeping her forever.
I finished working and I was asked to go see my manager.
I just hope she has something important to say.
I just pray she wants to increase my salary and that’d really be great.
“Good evening.” I greeted politely to the manager, who’s probably in her late forties.
Her name is Julie and she’s a very quiet woman and she hardly comes out of her office ever since she was employed about four months ago.
“Yeah, evening.” She said and twirled her swivel chair around.
“Well, you might be confused as to why I called you.
The truth is that, the owner of the cafe called…” She sighed and stared sadly at me.
“He asked me to remove every worker that’s ranging from the ages of 40.
So in essence, I’m saying that you’re fired. I’m really sorry ma’am Emily.” She spoke calmly.
My head rang a loud bell as I stared doubtfully at her.
What did I hear I say?
I’m fired?
Oh God!
“Are you really serious? Why?” I huffed disbelievingly and shook my head.
No, it can’t be.
“I don’t know the reason ma’am but I’m following according to what I was told.
There are about four of you that’s leaving.
I’m really sorry.”She exhaled.
“What about my pay?” I asked sadly.
“Oh! I’ll send you the full amount to your bank account.” She said.
So, just like that I was fired?
I’ve been working in this cafe for the past four years and this is how they repay my hardworks and diligence?
This is so unfair.
Where do I start from?
Where do I start looking for a job now huh?
Why now?
I sighed dejectedly and walked out of the cafe premises.
I got home and had my bath. I didn’t even bother to eat dinner because I already lost my appetite.
I still felt pained and bittered about the whole thing.
I was fired even without a tangible reason.
This is not so fair at all!
After my sleepless night, I got ready for job hunting.
Hera already prepared breakfast but I wasn’t hungry.
I took just few amount of money before leaving the house.
After hours of fruitless search, I became tired.
I went to a cafe and cafeteria but I wasn’t employed.
I also checked hotels and I wasn’t given any job too.
I felt tired and exhausted.
My waist and legs hurt and it felt as if I would fall any moment.
I was weary and it was late already too.
I stared at the big mansion in front of me and sighed sadly.
I need to give it a try even if there’s no sign for any job vacancy.
I breathed in and out and walked to the huge gate.
I knocked loudly on the gate and a stern, mean and huge looking man opened the gate.
After some brief interrogations, I was allowed in by a woman I think is the owner of the house.
“You’re fortunate to have dropped bye.
One of my cooks resigned today because she’s leaving the country.
There are two cooks but the work would be too much for me.” The woman who had introduced herself as Jenny Maddox, said with a smile.
“Is it just the space of the cook that’s vacant?” I asked politely.
“For now, yeah.” She smiled.
“Okay. So, you know what? I’d give you a call tomorrow and tell you if you’re hired or not.
You’d send me your number.” She smiled sweetly at me.
She looked really nice.
“Okay, thank you and I’ll be expecting your call.” I enthused.
We exchanged numbers and I stood up to leave.
“Thanks ma’am.” I smiled.
“It’s okay Emily.”
“And by the way, that boy looks handsome.” I smiled and pointed to a very cute boy’s picture on the wall.
“Oh! That’s Xavier my son.” She beamed proudly.
I nodded my head positively and suddenly thought of Hera.
They’d make a great couple.
I slept soundly at night because I felt at rest.
And before I had slept, I prayed that I get the job even if it looks obvious that I’ll definitely get the job.
In the afternoon the next day, I was so restless.
I was waiting for Mrs Jenny to call.
Or wouldn’t she employ me?
“Hello. Yes ma’am. Okay ma’am.” I smiled happily over the phone.
“Yes!” I screamed happily.
“Hera!” I called out to Hera.
She came running down looking confused.
“I finally got a job at the Maddox house and they have a cute son!”
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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