Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 32


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 32


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov:
I blinked my eyes rapidly and stared at Xavier.
My hair was dripping wet down to my lips with the juice he had poured on me.
“Why did you do that?” He yelled and glared at me.
“Er… I’m sorry. I just wanted to know what’s there. I didn’t mean any harm.” I gulped down and wiped the juice on my lips.
“Really? That’s none of your business and don’t you dare go around grabbing other person’s own because you’d be in a lot of trouble.” He scoffed.
“Okay. I guess my curiosity got the best of me. I’m sorry actually.” I pouted and blinked my eyes cutely.
“Just leave okay? You’re always annoying. You act like an insane alien sometimes.” He hissed angrily.
“I’m…” Before I could complete my statement, he already shoved me out of his room.
I got outside and sighed loudly.
He slammed the door shut while I placed my hand on my thumping chest.
But what exactly was there?
It felt so thick and huge and it was on the same place I have mine. But why is his different?
It was long too and I haven’t seen such before. Has it been there or it just got there?
Geez! I think I’m going crazy.
I shook my head vigorously but I still couldn’t get that long thick and bulgy thing out of my head. It was as if it was imprinted there.
“So, Delaney, how was it? Did he take it?” Xavier’s mom grinned as she pulled me to seat on the bed.
“Er… Well, it didn’t entirely end well.” I twitched my lips and stared at my fingers.
“What happened?” She asked eagerly and turned me to look at her.
“He actually accepted the juice but just when I was about leaving, I saw something bulgy, long and thick below his waist inside his towel.
Well, so I was curious and I…” I sighed and twitched my lips innocently.
“Go on. And you what?” She asked impatiently.
I gulped down nothing and fondled with with my fingers childishly.
“I, erm… Grabbed the thing and he poured the juice on me.” I exhaled and stared intently at her.
“Oh my Laney! Why would you grab his thing?” She queried.
“I was just curious! I didn’t mean to.” I sighed.
“Okay, but don’t do that again. Okay?” She admonished.
“Okay. But what exactly was that?” I asked.
“You wouldn’t still understand even if I tell you.
Go have your bath. You smell like orange.” She giggled lightly and made me stand up.
“Alright.” I smiled shyly and walked out of her room.
Xavier’s pov:
Geez! That girl doesn’t know what she did by grabbing my d*ck like that!
She’s got some guts huh?
She almost gave me a hard on by just her touch on it.
But damn! Her eyes, she looked so innocent.
She looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly and she didn’t know what exactly she did.
I bet she doesn’t know what she did to me.
What are other strange things do I not know about this alien?
Hasn’t she seen a d*ck in where she’s from?
Doesn’t she know what is for?
Is she that innocent and naive?
I brought out my brief and wore it. I took out a pair of royal blue trousers and a shirt.
I wore them and used my towel to dry my hair.
I brushed down my hair and wore a tiny necklace around my neck and a ring on my smallest finger. I wore a black small earring on my left ear.
I smiled in contentment and climbed onto my bed.
I took my phone from my drawer beside my bed and unlocked my phone.
Even as I tried to busy myself with games on my phone, I still couldn’t get Delaney’s soft touch on my d*ck and the innocent look she had given me.
Oh God!
I think I’m gonna go crazy!
The next day was weekend and there was nothing much to do.
I just had my bath and surf through the internet.
I chatted with Rio and then, with Chelsea.
I posted new pictures, read sweet messages and comments on Instagram and logged out.
I did my weekend project and I was back to boredom.
“Xavier?” I heard mom’s soft knock on my door.
“Open the door.” She said in a tiny voice.
I groaned and got down from my bed.
I slipped my legs into my slippers and started towards the door.
I twisted the knob and I was face-to-face with mom.
“Hey.” She smiled.
“Hi mom.” I smiled lightly and opened the door wider for her to step in.
“There’s no need. I’m not staying for a conversation with you or something.” She told me. I left the door and stared intently at her.
She smiled and I could see a glint of mischievousness in her eyes and that smile of hers.
“What is it mom? I know you’re up to something. Just spill it out already.” I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“You know me too well.” She grinned.
“Well, I want you and Delaney to go over to the grocery store and get some items for me.” She smiled.
“Really mom? I’m busy.” I said sarcastically.
“C’mon Xavier. Delaney’s never been out there since she came in. She’s always indoors after school and I know it’s boring her.
She needs to explore and see places. You could take her to see places too and have fun.
You need to live a little you know.” She said, but she was damn serious.
“But mom…” I tried to disagree.
“Please Xavier, for the sake of me, your mother. Please, do this for me.
You’re gonna benefit from it too. Just loosen up a bit even if it’s only for today.” She pouted and clasped her hands together.
I shook my head negatively and stared at her pleading gaze on me.
“Please?” She whined like a schoolgirl.
“Okay, fine mom. I will.” I surrendered at last.
“Really son? You will?” She asked with a warming smile.
“Yeah mom, I’ll go out with Delaney to the grocery store.”
Let’s see how this outing will go??
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