Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 37

Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 37


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Delaney’s pov
“What did you say?” I asked and stared awkwardly at him.

I didn’t quite get what he said.

It sounded like some gibberish.

“I said you should kiss me.” He smirked and pulled me closer to him.

My breath hitched and my heart was thumping loudly as if all the blood in my heart would burst out.

“I don’t understand. Ki…ss you?” I stammered, not knowing exactly what he meant.

“What’s a kiss?” I added.

“What? You seriously don’t know the meaning of kiss or how to kiss?” He shrieked disbelievingly and pushed me away from his body. I almost lost my balance and fell, but he was quick to hold my arm.

When I stood up straight, he let go of my arm.

“No. I seriously don’t know. What is a kiss?” I asked, looking like lost sheep.

“Where on Earth are you from? At this age you don’t know what a kiss is?” He asked and touched his forehead.

“I haven’t heard that word before. What exactly is it?” I asked, utterly so confused.

He suddenly looked pissed and I don’t know why.

“You’re unbelievable!” He scoffed and paced around the room, like he’s thinking.

Is kiss something I should know and I don’t know?

“Is kiss something I should know?” I asked and stared intently at him.

“Just forget about it. You’re just too dumb.” He scoffed.

“Just forget we had this conversation okay?” He huffed and rolled his eyes.

He pushed me–to make me leave, but I stiffened my body.

He noticed it and stopped pushing me.

“You can leave now okay?” I groaned.

“But what about my assignment?” I pouted and licked my lips.

He suddenly looked lost as he stared at my lips.

As if being hit, he jolted back and ruffled his hair.

“Argh Delaney! You’re driving me crazy!” He groaned angrily.

“I’ll leave but tell me what a kiss is.” I insisted.

“Just forget I asked you that okay? You don’t know and I can’t tell you.” He huffed.

“But Xavier…” I was trying to say but his hard glare made me swallow back my words.

“Alright, I’ll leave now. But I’ll be back before night time.” I winked and scurried out of his room.

I heard him grunt as I closed the door.


“So Laney, did he agree to help you?” Xavier’s mom asked, with a huge smile on her face.

“No.” I pouted sadly.

“Why?” She asked as her countenance fell.

“He did say he’d help me, only if I kiss him.” I whispered softly– I don’t even know why I whispered.

“What?” She gasped out– looking so shocked.

“Xavier told you that?” She asked with a huge smile on her face.

“Yeah, he did.” I said and bit my lip.

“And did you do it?” She asked and stared intently at me.

She seemed like she wanted a positive answer but too bad, it’s a negative answer I’m gonna tell her.

I shook my head negatively, “no, I didn’t. I don’t even know what a kiss is.”

“You don’t?” She asked, her eyes almost popping out from it’s socket.

“But what exactly is a kiss and how do I do it?” I added.

“It doesn’t matter dear. When the time is right, I’ll tell you.

But for now, you don’t have to worry about the meaning.” She smiled and stroked my hair tenderly.

“Okay ma’am… I mean, mom.” I gave her a faux smile.


Xavier’s mom pov

Oh my!
Xavier asked Laney to kiss him?

My son is definitely falling for her.

And that is just exactly what I want.

For them to be together.

I need a plan to bring them more closer together– what would make them to be together.

Laney is so pure and innocent and never for once did I regret helping her and bringing her into my house.

I’m sure she’s gonna help me and at the same time, help Xavier.

I really want my son to stop flirting around and settle down with a decent girl.

Now, I think I have a plan!


“I don’t want to eat this! It doesn’t look good to eat.” Laney pouted childishly and pushed the plate of salad in front of her.

“Laney dear, it’s good. Try it out.” I smiled lightly at her. She shook her head negatively and bit her lower lip.

“I don’t want to eat it. I’ll just have only tea and bread.” She insisted, with her face scrunched up as she stared at the salad in disgust.

“Seriously? You don’t want to eat it? Stop being choosy.” Xavier grumbled and rolled his eyes.

“Okay. It’s dinner and you can’t have bread and tea. That’s for breakfast.

But don’t worry, go to the kitchen and have one of the maids serve you spaghetti.” I smiled lightly at her and touched her hair.

“Mom? You’re seriously pampering this strange girl!” Xavier groaned.

Eish! This rude son of mine.

“Just the way I pampered you.” I winked at him.

“I’m your son mom and she’s just a stranger you had pitied on and brought in.” He scoffed and placed some salads in his mouth and chewed slowly.

“Don’t mind him Delaney, just go to the kitchen and ask one of the maids to microwave the remaining spaghetti.

I’m sure, you’ll love it.” I smiled at Delaney, whose head was bowed.

“Okay mom, thank you.” She smiled appreciatively and stood up.

“I never knew you gave birth to another child apart from me.” Xavier muttered but I heard him clearly.

I chuckled softly and used the back of my spoon to hut him lightly on his hand.

“I heard that.” I laughed.

“Ouch mom!” He winced playfully.

We continued eating but suddenly, we heard shattering of plate and a loud, fearful and deafening scream from the kitchen.

I panicked and dropped my cutleries.

“Snakes! Worms!” Delaney cried out.

Delaney would not kill somebody ?
Where did she see snake and worm????

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