Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 39

Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 39


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov
I sighed and continued walking towards my direction.

I got to the library and walked in.
Thanks to Xavier, I know my way to to some important places in the school.

I walked towards the shelf and took a book.
I got a seat and sat on it.

The students were all minding their business and the library was quiet as students focused on their books.


Alicia’s pov
I rested my jaw on my palm and stared dreamily at Xavier.

A teacher was in the class but my mind wasn’t there. I was just focused, staring at him.

Why does he have to be this handsome huh?

“Miss Alicia?” I jolted back to reality and sat up properly.

“Huh?” I answered and wiped a drool from the corner of my lips.

I brushed my hair with my fingers and focused on the teacher.

“I asked you a question.” Mrs Theresa, the arithmetic teacher said and stared intently at me.

I gulped down nothing and itched my hair.

The whole class were staring at me and gosh, I was damn so nervous.

I zoned out completely that I didn’t even hear the question.

“Ermm ma’am, please recap your question.” I faked a small smile.

“There’s a question on your laptop and I want you to solve it and tell me the answer.” She said sternly.

“Okay ma’am.” I forced a smile.

I stared at the equation and thank goodness, it wasn’t new to me.

I type the solutions and within few seconds, I got my answer.

I looked up at Mrs Theresa who was waiting patiently for me to produce the answer and the students staring at me.

“The answer is 5 ma’am.” I answered.

She ran her eyes all over my body and her lip suddenly stretched out in a smile.

“That’s impressive Alicia. You’re correct.” She smiled and I felt my stomach do some happy dance.

“Thank you ma’am.”
She walked back to stand in front of the classroom and my gaze suddenly met with Xavier’s.

And I could swear that he smiled at me, but as soon as I saw him, he turned away.

Oh my!
Xavier smiled at me.

Was he impressed with me?
Of course dumb head! I mentally smacked my head.

I squealed elatedly in my psyche and look away shyly.


Xavier’s pov
School was great and Delaney had lunch with Rio.
I didn’t like it but I let them be.

Chelsea seemed to be happy that Delaney didn’t eat lunch with us.

We chatted lightly but sincerely, I wasn’t even interested in whatever she was saying but I just had flow with the conversation.


Chelsea didn’t follow us home and I was more than glad. She’s too clingy but because she’s been my friend for a long time, I don’t want to push her away.

The ride home was awkwardly quiet and the silence was uncomfortable.

Delaney was just staring outside the car window while I just typed away on my phone.

“Xavier?” I heard Delaney’s tiny voice.
I turned and stared at her.
“Huh?” I asked and dropped my phone on the car seat.

She was fondling with her fingers nervously and she couldn’t meet my gaze.

“I’m sorry.” She breathed out and finally looked at me.

“For what exactly?” I huffed.

“I don’t even know. But yesterday, you were mad at me because I had screamed of snakes and worms, but it was just a meal– spaghetti.

You were so vexed and you said mean words to me. I’m sorry.” She explained and sighed.

“Okay.” I replied perfunctorily.

“Just okay?” She asked and bit her lower lip.

Damn it! She looked so cute and innocent.

“What do you want me to say?” I asked.

“Are you still angry with me?” She pouted and tucked in her hair behind her ear.

“I’m not. Just forget about it.” I shrugged.

“Okay, thanks.” She smiled.

We got home and walked into the house together.

We got into the house and met mom seated and reading a magazine– she looked so engrossed reading, with her glasses on.

“Good evening mom.” I greeted and kissed her cheeks.

“Oh! Evening son.” She smiled and dropped the magazine on the glass table.

She stood on her feet and pecked my both cheeks respectively.

“Good evening mom.” Delaney smiled shyly.

Mom embraced her and kissed her hair.

“Evening dear.” Mom smiled and pulled her cheeks playfully.

Geez! I think I’m getting jealous already because of their closeness.
They look just like mother and daughter.

“I know that look son, don’t be jealous.
You’ve enjoyed motherly care ever since you were young.” Mom laughed.

Oh mom! She reads me so well!

“And don’t worry Xavier, I won’t steal your mom from you.” Delaney smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and started for the stairs.

“Please mom, my usual.” I called out as I climbed the stairs.

“Sure thing son, I’d have one of the maids bring it to your room.” Mom called out back.


“I have an announcement to make!” Mom said aloud and darted her eyes from Delaney to me.

We were both sitting in the sitting room because mom called us and said she wanted to talk to us.

“Okay, what is it mom? I have a project work to start working on.” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay son, this is specifically for you.” Mom started, with a smile but she looked serious.

“Me? What have I done?” I asked and poked my chest.

“You didn’t do anything wrong son.” Mom smiled.

“And please, no interruption till I’m done talking.” She added sternly.

I swallowed my question and stared intently at her.

“From today onwards Xavier, you’d be tutoring Delaney.

She needs to know more things because she’s too naive.
You tutoring doesn’t have to be only about your studies but also going out to places, maybe to have fun.” Mom said, grinning widely.

“What? Why mom?” I scoffed.

“That’s because she needs to be more enlightened.” Mom replied.

“But why me mom? You can just hire a private tutor for her.” I grumbled.

“Please Xavier, I just want you to help her. It doesn’t have to be everyday. You can just write a time table for days you’d tutor her.

Please Xavier, I’m really counting on you.” Mom pouted childishly that I was almost forced to laugh– she looked like a kid who was deprived of lollipop.

Mom can be so dramatic sometimes.

“What’s gonna be my reward mom?” I asked.

“Hmm, that would be… Yes! I’d give you my breast milk.” Mom laughed.

Delaney bursted into an hysterical laughter, clutching her stomach tightly.

I was supposed to be angry but I joined in the laughter.

“Mom, that’s not fair.” I pouted.

“I’m just kidding son. I’d definitely get you something but it’s gonna be a surprise.

Just make sure Delaney is well tutored.” Mom said and smiled.

“Alright mom. I agree.” I grumbled at last.

“Yay! Thank you son!” Mom squealed happily and hugged me.

Delaney giggled and winked at me.


Delaney’s pov
I stirred awake and rolled out of the bed. I rubbed my eyes and yawned lightly.

I got out of my room and went downstairs.

I got to the sitting room and the house looked rather quiet.

I got to the kitchen, and after drinking water, I went to the sitting room.

“Hey, excuse me!” I called out to one of the maids.

“Please where’s Xavier and his mom?” I asked– we were standing close to each other.

“Oh! Ma’am Jenny stepped out for a while and master Xavier left few minutes ago.

He was with his friend, I think Rio. He didn’t say where he was going.” She said.

I nodded my head and mouthed an o.

Gosh! The house was so quiet and I was bored. Nobody to even talk with.

The day was still bright even if it was evening time.

I tried watching the TV but I didn’t even understand what they were showing, it looked uninteresting and I got bored from watching it.

I didn’t see Xavier in the TV and a part of me wanted to see him badly.

I got outside the house and the cool breeze swept my hair and made it fly to different directions.

I smiled and after looking around carefully and making sure no one was in sight, I opened the gate and walked out.

I’d just look around and get back home before any of them would notice I’m not around.

That thought, I started walking.


I don’t know for how long I’ve walked and I don’t even know when I got to this part of the environment but I knew I wasn’t within the house again.

I was so fascinated by the beautiful things I saw along the way and I didn’t know when I left the house environs.

I panicked because I already lost my way.

I turned back and started finding my way back.

On my way back, something caught my attention.

I looked properly and saw Xavier in something like a big paper hung up.

The place it was hung was tall.

And then, I remembered the conversation I had with Xavier’s mom about the picture of Xavier I had seen.

She was actually the one who told me it was a picture and she said it’s supposed to be within the house.

But looking at this huge picture, I knew it was stolen.

Oh no!

I moved closer to it and not minding the people around, I started climbing up to remove the big picture.

“Xavier!” I cried as I continued to climb up. The people who were walking already stopped to look at me.

They were looking and laughing at me like I’ve gone insane but I cared less.

Who knows if he’s in trouble?
I need to save him!

I successfully got up and started touching his face. Looking closely at it, it doesn’t look like a picture.

Okay, how the hell did he get up there?

“Xavier who hang you up here? Why are you here?” I asked, still on what I climbed up on.

He didn’t answer me but continued to stare at me.

“Oh Xavier! Please answer me! Why are you here? Were you stolen and kept here?” I screamed out.

Holy Mary!!!

Delaney would not kill somebody.
Bill board!!

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