Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 7


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 7


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s Pov:
Earth, I thought. My dream land.
My heart beamed at the mention of it.
“Its possible she’s on earth?” Mother asked .
“Yes, my Queen. Although, its just a guess and a probability. Earth is the closest survivable planet to Marazona. And its possible she’d gone there to seek refuge” the chief guard replied.
“Then, go after her! Find her!” Mother half yelled.
“It isn’t that easy, my Queen. Going to a different planet requires a lot of risks. First, we’d lose our powers. Secondly, we might not be able to survive in it. And thirdly, earth is a very wide place and might take us weeks to find her. By then, the effect of the treasure would’ve taken place already” she explained.
‘I don’t care. I still want her found. Go to the priestess and hear what she has to say”.
“Yes my Queen” they all bowed and left.
Immediately, mother stood up and faced me.
“What do you know about this, Hera?” She asked and I lowered my gaze at once.
Why’s she asking me such question? I knew she was going to suspect me.
“Answer me Hera!!!” Anger resounded in her voice and I shook a little.
“I….I…didn’t do anything, mother” I winced and she slapped me.
“You were the only stupid friend that lady had around here. Who else could’ve helped her escape?? Who???” She roared in anger but I only held my cheek and wept.
“Just pray they find the treasure, Hera. Pray to the saviors they find it” .
And with that, she walked away.
Oh my!
Damn you, Delaney. How could she do this to me?
I helped her escape, yet all she could do was steal the treasure. How could she???
I needed to find her. I needed to make up for my sins.
Somehow, I needed to go to earth.
Delaney’s Pov:
“A son?” I asked, confused.
“What’s a son?”
“Seriously??” She scoffed.
“Just come with me, okay? When you’ve freshened up, we can talk”.
She held my hand and continued walking with me.
We got to a long strange road that took us higher as we walked on it. This place is really full of wonders.
She took me to the entrance of a room and pushed something that hindered us from entering.
I could see the inside immediately and we walked in.
What’s this place??
It looked like another *house*
“You’ll stay here for now till we’re able to talk” the woman said but I didn’t even look at her as I continued running my eyes around the extremely beautiful place.
Gosh! Who owns this??? It was damn beautiful. Could this be a different house of its own?
“Is….Is this another house?” I asked her and she stared at me in a ridiculous way.
“Its a room – actually. Don’t worry, just got in and take your bath. When you’re done, you’ll eat, sleep and when you’re awake, we’ll talk better. Hopefully, your head would be calm by then because I want to believe thats the problem” she said and led me to another “room”.
“I’m…..sure you know how to bath?” She asked and I nodded.
Of course, I know how to bath. In Marazona, we do bath in streams.
“B …But where’s the stream?” I asked her.
“What….stream are you talking about? Gosh! You don’t necessarily need a stream to bath, okay? Just go in” she said tiredly and pushed me in.
Huh? But how can I possibly bathe without a stream?
Am I to roll on ground or something?
She took me in and made me na*ked again by unwrapping me. Well, I didn’t feel the slightest shame because she was a female like me.
“What’s this? Shouldn’t it be taken off?” She asked and touched the treasure on my neck, but I stopped her immediately.
“No….I’m okay with it” I replied sharply and she seemed a little surprised by my actions.
She touched something on the wall and suddenly, I felt water pouring on me.
“Arghhh!” I shrieked and moved away but she pulled me back.
“Hey! Calm down,will you? Why re you scared of the water?” She asked and I moved away again.
I looked up at the source and discovered it was coming from something that had so many holes. I couldn’t even explain it.
“Why’s it raining on me? Is….is there a stream there?” I asked, my hands crossed over my chest.
“Geez! Its a shower!” She rolled her eyes and pushed me in again.
What’s a shower?
“Its scary..!” I winced as I struggled with the water.
If not for her presence there, I’d have jumped out of it.
Xavier’s Pov:
“Yeah….come on….yeah….”
The bitch moaned softly as I pounced into her from behind.
She was facing and holding the wall as I f**ked her and her moans were like music to my ears.
School had been boring, but not until Rio provided me with something sweet. Yeah….Rio was my buddy.
Just incase you’re wondering, we were actually in the ladies restroom and lectures were currently going on. But we excused ourselves to have a little fun.
“Xavier yeah….”
I reached climax and pulled outta her – not without releasing my drops into her tho. It was like heaven.
She exhaled deeply as she left the wall, wore on her p*nties and pulled down her skirt
“That was sweet” she smiled and tried touching me but I moved away from her. .
I was already done zipping up.
“Hope you know what to do after this? Take the pills” I warned her and she nodded.
I turned around to leave but she held me back.
“Um…..will there be a next time?” She asked with a stupid smile and I scoffed.
“You must be joking” I stated bluntly and left.
As soon as I opened the door, I found Chelsea outside.
“Chelsea?” I called in surprise.
What’s she doing here? Has she been spying on me or what?
“And here I was – thinking you were in the guy’s restroom or doing something else. What’re you doing, Xavier?” She asked and I shrugged and arranged my dress.
“Well….I was….”
Immediately, the door behind me opened and the bitch came out.
Oh! Perfect.
She stared at Chelsea and I and not saying a word, she walked away.
I looked at Chelsea and could clearly read the disappointment on her face.
Well, what’s with the grumpy look? She knows I’m a player, anyway.
“I’ll….I’ll catch up with you later” she said sullenly and started walking away.
“Hey. Don’t you think we should have lunch together?” I asked after her but she only shook her head negatively and continued walking away.
What’s wrong with her? This isn’t first time she’s seeing me screw a lady.
Well, for her own good, she better kills every damn feeling she has for me.
I shrugged and also walked away, taking the opposite direction.
I met Rio at the hallway.
“Hey, man. You’re done?” He asked with a smirk.
‘Yeah…its lunch time already, right?” I asked.
“Yes. Seems you’re hungry. Well, I wouldn’t blame you” he chuckled and I nudged him as we walked along.
“So, how was she? Hope I did a great job?” He asked.
“Yeah….definitely. She was damn tight….”
We chuckled and continued discussing on the way.
Well, after Chelsea, it’s Rio. We were actually the three best friends.
Rio was a player just like me – doesn’t believe in love for now. And that’s what makes us the perfect match.
I noticed Chelsea still looked moody and avoided me throughout the rest of the day in school.
She just kept herself hooked up in the company of her two stubborn friends.
Well, she was the least of my problems at that moment. I’m a player and that’s the only Important thing.
After the hectic day at school, it finally came to a close and I headed home.
Delaney’s Pov:
After forcefully taking my bath in the strange rain, I came out with the woman and she dried up the water from my body and gave me something to wear – something that looked like the leaves she was putting on.
“But where did get this from? Are they really leaves?” I asked, still holding it in my hands.
“Hell no. It’s fabric, okay? Fabric. Just put it on” she said tiredly and I tried wrapping it around my body like we do when we’re putting on leaves.
“What’re you doing??” She asked and collected it from me.
She passed it through my head and fixed my hands at some point and finally, i was putting it on. But it was very short.
“This is actually my son’s shirt. Later in the day, I’ll be going out to get you some clothes. But that’d be after we’re done talking” she said as she led me to sit on the big mattress.
Her son’s shirt?
“The shirt belongs to the boy in the small wood?” I asked and she sighed and touched my hair.
“Don’t you think you should reduce the length of your hair? Its quite long” she said as she touched the tip and I also did same.
“I….I actually think I prefer it this way” I replied.
Just then, we heard a knock on the door.
“Ma’am, the cereal’s ready” a voice came from outside and the woman left to get it.
She opened the whatever and returned with a plate of…..
What’s this???
“Here. You should eat this so you can have some sleep” she cooed as she sat next to me on the bed.
“Hold on…what’s this? Where did you get it?” I asked with an alarming look.
“Stop asking questions and just eat, okay? It’ll make you feel better’ she replied as she fetched it into a strange thing and brought it close to my lips.
Huh? Where did these people come from? Everything about them is so strange.
I opened my lips and reluctantly collected it.
It tasted….
I didn’t even know how to describe it.
I wore a crumpled look as I chewed on it and gulped it down.
“Come on, come on. Take more” the woman urged and pushed more into my mouth and I had to take it.
When I was done eating, I felt so heavy and full and the woman advised me to sleep on what she called a *bed*
It was so big, soft and comfy. Life Is so amazing over here for these people, right?
I laid on it and drifted to sleep afterwards.
I don’t know for how long it was, but when I’d woken up, I felt really strong and energetic.
I had no idea how they did it, but the room was so so cold – like a sweet air was blowing around v
I looked around but couldn’t find the woman and decided to check up on her.
I left the bed and got to the place we’d come in with. What’s this thing anyway? And why do they always open it before they can leave the room?
I opened the whatever like I’d seen the woman do and it took me outside
I started walking, taking the same route we’d come in with and I found the long strange road that’d probably lead me downwards.
When we’d been climbing on it, it took us upwards. But now ,it looked like it was going to take me downwards.
I started walking slowly and carefully on it, praying vividly I don’t fall.
I climbed on then, one after the other and finally got to the end of it.
At last.
I was now in the big room – the big room that had big chairs and so many beautiful but strange things. I think its time I explore them.
I was about making a move when someone suddenly walked in from the entrance.
Hah!!!! It was one of those people that looked different from females.
I turned properly in shock to look at her and she also stopped walking when she saw me.
An unexplained look crept into her face – a look of horror, surprise and confusion. she looked at me from head to toe and scoffed.
Now, I remember!!
She’s the same person I’d seen in that small wood – the person the woman had referred to as *son*
She’s the son!!!
Oh my!
“Who the hell are you?” He asked with a quizzical look.
“And what’re you doing with my shirt???”
The drama begins???

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