Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 10


Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 10


(Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s pov
Emily did some magic on my face that I looked completely different.

I was awed as I stared at my self on the mirror.
Wait! Is this really me?

I looked so pretty and my hair was styled beautifully.

“Wow! I look really pretty.” I beamed happily as I admired my face on the mirror.

“Yeah, I want you to look extremely pretty and that was why I took my time to make you look good.

I’m very sure the son would love pretty girls.” Emily smiled at me through the mirror.

I blushed and touched my face ; still feeling awed.

“Okay, let’s get you dressed so we’ll look even more pretty and the son would surely wouldn’t be able to take his eyes of you.” She flashed me a smile and made me stand up from the chair.

She went to my wardrobe and started ransacking through.
I sighed and watched her scatter my wardrobe, looking for whatever she wants.

After minutes of searching through, she finally pulled out a cloth that I didn’t know its name.

“This would look great on you!” She exclaimed happily, showing me the cloth.


After dressing up, I looked at myself on the mirror and smiled for the umpteenth time.

Wow! I look really great!

The cloth I wore fitted me so perfectly and brought out my curves.
Now, I look like the princess I am.

“Wow Hera, you look absolutely stunning.” Emily complimented with a smile.

I nodded my head and smiled shyly at her.

“Now, let’s get going already.”

She held my hands in hers and we both left my room.


Delaney’s pov
I grinned happily as Xavier and I alighted from the car.
His hands were tucked in inside his trouser pockets as we made our way into the school compound.

Students screamed happily as usual while Xavier just ignored them as if they weren’t chanting his name.

He walked majestically while I kept my head bent, feeling bashful as usual.

Chelsea walked up to us with a smile and entwined their hands together.

She flashed Xavier a charming smile but Xavier ignored her and I could tell she felt really hurt because of the way he ignored her but she covered it up with a faux smile.

I chuckled mockingly but Chelsea’s hard glare on me made me keep shut and pretend as if I hadn’t made any sound seconds ago.

I know her apologies to me weren’t sincere but I had to play along.
She isn’t genuine and I don’t like her. She’s good at pretending and I’m never going to fall for her fake lies and pretence.

I had told Xavier that she had apologized and they had settled whatever dispute they had before.

Chelsea was so happy because she was back to being clingy to Xavier and now as I think about it, it’s really irritating.

“So Xavier, do you have someone in mind as your prom partner? Prom is just few weeks away from now and every single students are waiting for you to choose your prom partner.” Chelsea smiled sweetly as we walked in the hallway that leads to the classroom.

“Yeah, I know. I haven’t found anyone yet.” He shrugged plainly.

Chelsea pout and tung on his arm playfully.

“You have to choose a partner Xavier.” She whined.

“I’ll choose whenever I’m ready and I’ve found the right one that deserve to be my prom date.” He replied and rolled his eyes.

I mentally hissed as I listened to them.

She’s just like a pest!

“Okay Xavier.” She pouted. And the rest of the walk to the classroom was quiet with just the sound of our shoes on the floor.


Alicia’s pov
“Grandma, are you okay? You look pale.” I asked grandma and placed the back of my palm on her forehead.

“Jesus!” I screamed and quickly removed my hand from her forehead as her temperature was high.

It literally burned the back of my palm.

“You’re burning up grandma!” I panicked.

“It’s nothing Alicia, it’s just a little fever but don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” She smiled sadly and touched my cheek.

“Grandma! You don’t look fine to me! Have you taken any drug?” I asked worriedly.

“Yeah, but that was in the morning.” She shrugged.

“Are you for real? Geez grandma!” I sighed and placed my hand on my forehead and paced worriedly in the room.

“Stop panicking okay, I’ll be fine.” Grandma said softly, her voice barely audible.

She got down from her bed and started towards the toilet.

“I want to pee.” She smiled lightly, holding the walls for support because she was weak.

I tried to support her but the next thing I knew was that, grandma collapsed on the floor.


“What’s wrong with my mother?” Mom asked the doctor worriedly as we sat in the doctors office.

“Well…” The doctor cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses to the bridge of his nose and darted his eyes from me to mom.

Mom looked rather impatient as she stared curiously at the doctor.

“Well, she has hepatitis and because she wasn’t brought when it was still in it’s early stage, it developed into hepatitis B and now, she needs to undergo a liver transplant.” The doctor sighed.

“What!” Mom shrieked in dismay.

“But grandma didn’t act like she was sick all these while. Why didn’t she tell us that she was sick?” I asked, clearly taken aback by the doctors suddenly outburst.

“Okay, so doctor, how much is the surgical bill?” Mom asked.

“$800 dollar.”

“What! That is approximately 304, 400 thousand naira! How do we get such amount of money!” Mom gasped out in shock.


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