Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 12


Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 12


(Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s pov
We got to the house Emily works and because I’ve been there before, I wasn’t too fascinated with whatever strange things I saw.

I suddenly felt nervous.


Is the son gonna like me?
Will he agree to help me look for Delaney?

Oh God!
I hope I’m pretty enough for the son to like?

I breathed in and out as the door was opened by… I think a cook because this is the same dress Emily wore the other time we came.

“Come on in, don’t be nervous okay? You’ve been here before.” Emily cooed as we entered into the beautiful sitting room.

“I’m not nervous because I’m here, I’m nervous because I’ll be meeting the son and I’m scared – scared that, if the son would like me.

I don’t know if the son would like me and agree to be friends with me.” I sighed lowly.

“The son don’t bite okay? There’s nothing to be nervous and scared off. Don’t worry, everything would go on fine.” She smiled assuringly at me.

After Emily had changed into her work clothes, she came to the kitchen and started bringing out the things she needed.

I sat on a stool and watched her and two other cook, cook the food.

“He went to school early but he’d be back before we’ll leave.” Emily whispered to me.

I nodded my head and rubbed my sweaty palms together.


Delaney’s pov
I quickly got up from Rio’s body and turned to look at Xavier who was standing in the middle of the doorway with Chelsea beside him – clingy as usual.

“Xavier, it’s not what you think.” I tried to explain, seeing the angry stare he had on his face.

Even if he was a bit far from where I stood, I could still clearly read his expression.

He looked clearly upset and I felt so guilty.

Will he believe me it’s not what he thinks?
That, perhaps it was the plan of the B3 girls?

I hate it when Xavier’s mad at me – I don’t want him to be mad at me.

“You should continue with what you where doing.” He scoffed irritably and left the restroom, with Chelsea beside him.

“I’m sorry.” Rio apologized calmly.

“You don’t have to be, it’s none of our fault. I’ll just talk to Xavier later, maybe when he’s less angry and he’d hear me out ” I sighed sadly.

“Okay. But I think this was planned.” Rio said, he sounded angry but I could tell he tried to suppress his voice coming out hard and angry, but he couldn’t.

“Yeah. I’ll just go.” I said lowly and left the restroom.


Xavier’s pov
F^cking s*it! I cussed inwardly.

I felt so vexed by the close proximity of Rio and Delaney, they had even kissed.

I know they might have ended up making out if I didn’t arrive at the scene on time.

But how come?

What was Delaney doing in the boys restroom and how did Chelsea know?

Actually, Chelsea had come to inform me that, she caught Rio and Delaney smooching in the boys restroom.

I didn’t want to believe her but she urged me to follow her so see for myself and I agreed.

How did Chelsea know that Rio and Delaney where in the boys restroom?

What had she gone to do there?

She has a lot of explanations to tell but for the meantime, I’m highly disappointed with Rio.

I can’t f^cking believe Rio would go behind my back to do such a thing to Delaney.

And Delaney is too naive to understand what exactly Rio is trying to do with her.

Rio – that f^cking c*nt! I’m gonna deal with him.

Delaney is off limits and I wouldn’t want him being close to her again.


Alicia’s pov
After the heartbreaking news about grandma needing a liver transplant, mom had been so busy, going around and asking for financial assistance from one person or the other.

Still, mom couldn’t even raise quarter of the surgical bills.

The doctor had told us that if we don’t find the money on time, grandma is gonna die.

And that is what mom and I don’t want.

Grandma had suffered a lot and she doesn’t deserve to die yet – she has to enjoy the good things of life before she dies.

I have so many plans for her and she can’t just die yet.

“Mom, were you able to get any money?” I asked worriedly as mom plonked her tired self on the couch.

“No. And time is running out. I don’t want your grandma to die.” Mom sniffed in.

“It’s okay mom, grandma isn’t gonna die.” I cooed softly and placed her head on my shoulder.


I’ve been in deep thoughts and I seriously need to tell mom.
After serious and critical thinking, I finally decided to do something I know mom’s gonna reject but it’s for the betterment of grandma’s health.

I got down from my bed and slipped my legs into my slippers.

I left my room and went to mom’s.

“Alicia, you aren’t asleep yet?” Mom asked.
I sat on top of her bed and shook my head negatively.

“I couldn’t bring myself to take my afternoon siesta because I’ve been thinking.” I sighed sadly.

“What is it? What’s bothering you?” She asked curiously, staring intently at me.

“It’s about grandma’s surgical bills. Time is not on our side and after thinking through, I finally got a suggestion.” I breathed out.

“So?” She urged me.

“I know how we can get grandma’s bills.” I muttered, suddenly feeling nervous of how her reaction would be like.

“Okay? Let me hear it.”

“Well… Let’s meet my father and ask for his help. You can as well introduce me as his daughter and I’m sure he’d be ready to pay grandma’s bills.” I stuttered.

Mom’s eyes nearly popped out from its socket as she glared angrily at me.

“What! What did you just say?”

Alicia, hmm ?

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