Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 32

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 32


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov
I continued to stare at Xavier as I dangled the necklace in front of him.
How the hell did he get it?
Why is it with him?
There are so many unanswered questions that I want him to answer so badly.
“Laney…it’s not what you think okay?” He twitched his lips and moved closer to meet me. W stood, facing each other and not saying anything.
The room was quiet with just the sound of our breathing.
The silence was starting to make me feel uncomfortable because Xavier wasn’t saying anything – just staring at me, and I was staring back at him – like we were having a staring contest.
“So?” I cleared my throat, breaking the uncomfortable silence between the both of us.
Xavier broke the eye contact and sat on his bed, staring at his feet.
“Talk to me Xavier! Did you steal this necklace? Why is it with you?” I asked, trying hard not to scream at his face.
It’s the first time I’ll feel the urge to shout at him and spank him real hard on his head.
I know how bad I had felt when I had misplaced the necklace.
I remembered it was partially his fault because he had wanted to leave me all alone at home that day.
If he had taken me along with him, then maybe I wouldn’t have misplaced it in the first place.
But now, after weeks I suddenly got to find out the treasure I’ve been looking for is with the guy I live with.
“Okay, I don’t really have any long explanation and I would not bother to beat around the bush, I’ll just hit the nail on the head.
Alicia actually gave it to me – as a gift. I had accepted it and kept it.
It was just about two days ago she gave it to me. Though, it had looked strangely familiar, I still couldn’t tell where I saw it.
You shouldn’t get angry with me because I didn’t steal it. I haven’t even worn it.” Xavier finally spoke up, with his gaze at me.
“What! Alicia gave it to you?” I asked, bewildered. How did she end up with the necklace?
But that night, I had seen her and asked her about it and she had denied seeing it.
So, if she didn’t really see it, then how did she end up with it?
She knew I was looking for a necklace even after a brief description about it, then why didn’t she perhaps ask me if it was actually mine after seeing it?
She clearly stole it – for her to have claimed it as hers and given it to Xavier as a gift, then she stole it.
But why?
“You can decide to confront her if you think I’m lying.” He shrugged and stood up from the bed.
I sighed lowly and stared at the necklace.
“Is it yours?” He asked.
I nodded my head and mouthed, “yeah.”
Hera’s pov
I stared at the mirror for the umpteenth time, staring at myself.
I’m pretty…just like Delaney.
I’m sure gonna make Xavier look at me just the way he stares at Delaney.
“How do I look?” I asked with a smile as Emily walked behind me. I didn’t turn to look at her because I could see her from the mirror.
She smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Great Hera…you look just great.” She smiled sweetly at me.
Good! That’s exactly what I want to hear.
“Okay. I’m ready now.” I sighed and turned around too look at her.
“Alright, let’s go.”
I breathed in and out and started towards the door with Emily behind me.
Delaney’s pov
Alicia and I stood facing each other and staring at ourselves.
I wasn’t smiling and she had a plain expression too.
I just felt like ripping off her hair and slamming her hard against the wall.
“Why did you call me Delaney?” She scoffed and broke the eye contact.
“Did you give this to Xavier?” I asked and brought out the necklace, dangling it in front of her.
Her eyes popped out shockingly as she stared at the necklace.
“How…did you get this?” She stuttered, staring as if she’s seen a ghost.
“That’s not the answer to my question.” I snapped at her.
“Well…” She itched the back of her head and took her gaze to look at somewhere else.
“Well, I didn’t…”
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