Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 35

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 35


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Xavier’s pov
I sighed and turned to stare at Delaney who’s gaze was on the floor.
She didn’t look bright like she just did something she liked.
“Laney?” I called and sat beside her on the bed.
“I thought you just did what was in your mind, I know you don’t like her and you don’t want her here either.” I said and placed my arm on her shoulder.
I heard her sigh and she took her gaze to stare at me.
“When I came here for the first time, you told me that I should make sure I ain’t lying to your mom – that if you find out that I’m a spy, I’ll regret it.
I know my character was strange and you were irritated by it.
You were always pissed at me and truth is that, I didn’t like that you were always angry with me.
I was acting strange and did strange things too…” Delaney said, to my surprise and confusion too.
I didn’t quite understand her and where exactly she’s heading to.
She was still staring at me, not even blinking her eyes or breaking the eye contact.
She looked all serious and tears we’re in her eyes and I could tell she was fighting it from flowing down her cheeks.
I just stared at her dumbfounded, not having any words to say.
“I’m not from Earth and what I told your mom wasn’t all a lie – it was the truth.
I’m from a place more like another world called Marazona. There, we don’t have cars, we don’t have clothes like this, we wear leaves.
We don’t know what a TV is or look like. And the most shocking part is that, we don’t have male over there.
I’ve never seen people of your gender before till I got to Earth. There in Marazona, we have only the female gender and seeing you, I had been so confused and that was why I was always calling you son – because that was I heard your mom call you.
I didn’t even know you were called a male.
Many things were so strange to me here.
Even the houses here, it was strange.
Now, in Marazona, I had a best friend and we were very close. She was the princess and her mother the queen ruled us.
I didn’t know my mother, I just grew up on my own.
And there we had magic powers.
The princess did a lot of bad things and if the queen gets to Know, she’ll put the blame on me and I’ll get punished for it.
The queen was wicked and she hated me, it was obvious she did hate me.
But I got tired, I got fed up when she lied against me again.
This time, the queen declared for me to put to death. I was angry and sad too. I tried to prove my innocence but the queen didn’t believe me because her daughter claimed I did it.
But that night, I escaped with the help of the princess. To punish the queen, I took the sacred necklace of the kingdom and entered the portal that leads to Earth.
And then, I had found myself in a strange place naked and your mother had helped me.
That girl, she’s the princess and my once best friend.” She explained with a sad sigh.
For a while I was speechless.
She’s not from Earth?
“Are you serious right now Delaney?” I scoffed unbelievably. This is just too hard for me to believe.
“Yes, I’m damn serious. She said lowly.
“Is that why you hate her?” I asked.
“I don’t hate Hera. And trying to get back at her is piercing my heart, it’s not something I love doing.
I’m not good at repaying someone unkindly. She even came to Earth for the necklace because I’m pretty sure her mother’s life is at stake.” She explained with a sad sigh.
“Okay Delaney, this looks like a fairytale. It’s had for me to believe what you just told me, it’s had for me to take all these.” I laughed like a maniac.
I find it all funny and strange.
“Are you mad at me?” She looked sad.
“No but I need sometime…” I said.
“You should leave Delaney, I want to be alone.” I added and climbed onto the bed.
“Xavier…” Her voice sounded sad and low.
“Leave.” My voice wasn’t stern but I was damn serious.
She glanced at me before leaving my room.
Hera’s pov
The male who I hadn’t seen before pulled away from the hug and wiped my tears.
“Hey, are you okay?” He asked worriedly.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I sniffed in my tears.
“Are you a new maid to Xavier?” He asked.
I nodded my head and sniffed in.
I looked at him questioningly, how did he know Xavier and what’s he doing here?
“I’m his friend; we are both friends.” He smiled, as if reading my mind.
“Okay.” I mouthed and quickly walked away.
God! He looked so beautiful. I don’t even know who’s more beautiful – him or Xavier?
I don’t even know his name and he looked nice unlike that arrogant but pretty Xavier.
I sighed softly and shook his cute face away from head.
His not my problem now…
Delaney’s pov
I wiped my tears and got down from my bed. I slipped my legs in my slippers and walked to my closet.
Xavier’s mom had made one of the maids – Sara to teach me on how to dress. And just few weeks, I already learnt a lot.
I rummaged through and finally settled for a knee length gown and then, I wore a hoodie because the weather was chilly.
I’m very quick at learning things and I already mastered a lot of things especially dressing and writing well – all thanks to Xavier and his mom.
I quietly walked out of my room and down the stairs.
Since Xavier is a little bit upset with me, I need the be alone too. To think about my life.
I feel sad because Xavier doesn’t want to talk to me.
I need to cool my head because I’ve been crying.
Taking a quick glance around the quiet house, I tip toed out of the house.
I don’t care if I miss my way around as long as I’m away from all these.
As long as I’m able the clear off my head…
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