Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 37

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 37


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Rio’s pov
“So tell me dude, when did you have a pretty maid as that one?” I asked with a knowing smile.
He creased his eyebrows and stared confusingly at me, “who? You know I don’t really give a damn about the maids in the house.”
“The one that had hurriedly left your room in tears.” I supplied with a smirk.
“Oh! Hera? Mom recently employed her to tend to Delaney and I.” He shrugged.
“Wow! Dude, she’s pretty and curvy. I’m sure she’s gonna taste good.” I made a moan sound while Xavier hit e on my arm.
“Geez Rio, you don’t even know her and you’re already thinking of f*cking her?” He asked flatly.
“Do we have to know someone before we f^ck them? The last time I checked, we f*ck random b*tches.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my legs, darting my eyes around his room.
“Really now?” He grunted and eyed me.
I chuckle lightly at his action and raised my hands up in a surrender like way.
“She’s just a maid alright, a maid to serve Delaney and I. If you want a girl to f*ck then go to a club or an hotel.” He said and stood up from his bed.
“Speaking of Delaney… Where is she?” I asked.
He was quiet and I wondered why. He took a shirt from his closet and wore it on his singlet.
I heard him sigh before turning to look at me, “we had a little argument.”
“What happened?” I asked, suddenly interested in the topic.
“She isn’t from Earth. She’s more like from another planet and she told me a lot of things I found unbelievable.
My head seemed messed up and I told her to leave my room – and that was about an hour ago.
She left and I haven’t heard from her or any sound at all. Maybe she’s asleep.” He sighed despondently and placed his back on the wall.
“I’m speechless dude. Well, you two have really been close this past few weeks and I noticed some few changes in you ever since she came.
You even took her as your prom date. You just have to talk to her and don’t really take it too much to heart.
Who knows, she might decide to leave to where she came from and you don’t want that, do you?”
Xavier’s pov
“Who knows, she might decide to leave to where she came from and you don’t want that, do you?” Those words continued to ring endlessly in my ears.
I suddenly felt so scared and uncertain.
I don’t want Delaney to leave. I’ve really come to like her and get used to her presence in the house.
I was once lonely until she came.
Her character sometimes pisses me off but I can’t get to stay mad at her for a long time.
I sighed and stared at Rio, not knowing what to say.
“Think about it bro.” He patted my arm.
After Rio had gone, I hastily got to Delaney’s room and knocked repeatedly on the door but I didn’t hear a single word.
I pushed the door open and I was welcomed with the room quietness.
“Delaney!” I called aloud, checking every doors in the room and still, I didn’t hear a single word.
My heart did a flip and I got scared.
I knocked on the toilet door and there was no response. I opened it and there was nobody.
I did same to the bathroom and I couldn’t find her.
I panicked and quickly ran out of the room.
I asked the workers in the house and they all said same thing – “I didn’t see her.”
I was almost going in mad with worry.
Where did hell is she?
Did she perhaps leave the house?
Oh God!
Delaney’s pov
She pulled away from the hug and smiled at her.
“Can we go over somewhere and talk? I just wanna talk to you.” Kenny sighed and looked at me pleadingly.
With those eyes staring pleadingly at me, I couldn’t say no.
And then I found myself nodding my head, “sure.’
We walked, with her leading the way.
We got to her car and I didn’t know what she did, but the roof of her car got opened.
I was wowed as it looked beautiful and magical.
“How did you that?” I couldn’t help but ask, looking so amazed at the opened roof of the car.
She laughed and pulled me into the car. She touched some buttons, push and then, it made a sound and the car roof closed and when she did it again, it got opened.
“Wow!” I smiled while she giggled.
We sat on the roof of the car and it felt I could see things from afar and up.
“You look sad and even if there’s a smile on your face, I can tell that you’re not happy.” I voiced out, staring at her as the cool breeze blew her hair in different direction.
She sighed and smiled sadly.
“Yeah, you’re right.” She smiled at me.
She took a bottle of wine from the seat of her car and corked it open. She placed in her lips and drank from it in large quantity.
“My husband has a mistress and the mistress had a child for him.” She exhaled and tears slide down her cheeks.
I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say.
“The child is grown up. In fact, she’d probably be in her final year in high school. I didn’t know all these years and he didn’t bother to tell me.
Not until the mistress came to the house with her daughter and I finally got to know the truth.
My husband didn’t deny it. I was bittered and then, I left the house.
It hurts!” She bursted into hot tears and drank from the wine bottle again.
I adjusted closer to her and placed her head on my shoulder.
Seeing her in tears also made me sad.
I wiped her tears and stroked her hair. I barely know her but it feels like I’ve known her forever.
“So, what about you? You looked sad too.” She sniffled and tucked her loosed hair behind her ear.
The wind blew slightly and I shuddered a bit because of the cold.
I exhaled sharply and brushed my hair backward.
“I told the guy that I’ve become so close with a secret of mine and he was mad at me.
It saddens me to see him mad at me and I had to leave the house.” I told her.
She took her head from my shoulder and turned it to look at me.
“What secret? I don’t mean to pry though.” She said.
“That I’m not from Earth.” I sighed sadly and rubbed my palm together.
“Then, where are you from?” She asked, her full gaze on me.
I don’t know but I felt the strong urge to trust her and tell her the truth.
“I’m from Marazona, more like another planet.” I bit my lip nervously.
“Wait! What?” She shrieked with her eyes bulgy unbelievably.
“You’re from Marazona?”


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