Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 42

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 42


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Chelsea’s pov
I waited patiently for mom to come home so we’ll both talk about staying in the house.
The door opened and mom walked in. I sighed in relief and stood up to meet her.
“Welcome mom.” I smiled and took her bag from her. She just smiled and nodded her head.
“You’ve been waiting for me?” She asked as we made our way to the stairs. “Yes mom.” I shrugged.
We got to her room and entered.
“So mom, I wanted to have a discussion with you.” I twitched my lips and sat on her bed while she sat on her dressing table, taking off her jewelleries.
“Okay? You can go on.” She nodded her head and turned to glance at me.
“So mom, about us leaving, are we still gonna leave? You know, dad already told them to leave and they wouldn’t stay here with us and they agreed. So, are we still leaving?” I asked and chewed on my bottom lip.
“You see Chels, I really want us to leave. To think your father has another child is disheartening but what can I do?
I know he has nothing to do with the woman but as long as there is a child, we’d have to start dealing with the fact that, he wouldn’t be paying all attention to us anymore.
We should get ready to start sharing his love with them.” Mom explained and exhaled deeply.
“Yeah. But mom, shouldn’t we just forget about them and pretend as if nothing like this happened?” I asked.
“I’ll think about it. But for now, I don’t think I can pretend as if I don’t know your father has another child.” She said and stood up and headed to her closet.
“But mom, let’s not leave. Dad is sorry and I already forgave him and I want you also to forgive him.” I said and got up from her bed.
“Alright.” She shrugged her shoulders while I sighed and walked out of her room.

Xavier’s mom pov
My prayers has finally been answered.
Delaney is already in love with my son and Xavier? I don’t really know yet but I I’m definitely sure that he likes her too.
I see the way he looks at her and I’ve caught them kissing before.
Now, it’s in my hands now to teach Delaney and tell her more about love.
She needs to know the feelings she had for him is love.
She’s so naive and that makes me like her even more.
“So, Laney we’d be going out to the cinema.” I told her as we both sat on the couch watching a comedy show.
I had to explain to her how a TV works and what movies, soap operas, cartoon and other shows are.
She didn’t quite at first understand why there were humans inside the TV but when I explained more about it to her, she understood.
She doesn’t know even the littlest thing I thought she’d know. It wasn’t easy teaching her and making her understand, but she finally did understand.
I’m glad she’s beginning to know and act more properly. She knows a lot of things and she’s quick trip learn and assimilate what she’s been taught.
“Huh? Cin…what?” She asked and creased her eyebrows.
“It’s cinema and it’s a place where we see a movie.” I smiled.
“Oh! But why a cinema? I thought you told me about movies and we can watch them on TV.” She said.
Okay, she’s smart and intelligent too.
“Yeah, you’re correct Delaney but I want us to see a movie outside the house. There are gonna be people there too and it’s gonna be fun.
And when you watch the movie that’s gonna be shown, it’s gonna answer your thoughts and feelings about Xavier.
You’re gonna finally know what you feel for him is called.” I explained with a smile.
Her eyes lit up and she wore a huge grin.
“Really?” She asked enthusiastically.
I nodded my head and smiled, “really.”
“Okay, then I’m going!” She squealed elatedly and jumped up happily.
I chuckled softly as I watched her wriggle her butt in a funny way.
“You’re so funny Laney!” I said amidst laughter.
She sat down and held my hands in hers.
“Thank you mom, you’ve been the mother I never had and you’ve shown me affection like no one has ever shown me.
Thank you so much.” She said emotionally and I felt deeply touched.
“You’re welcome.” I smiled and hugged her. I kissed her hair and patted her back.
She doesn’t know I’m more grateful to her. She doesn’t know what she has done for me without her knowing.
I bless the day I met her.


Kenny’s pov
I fidgeted nervously with the hem of my shirt and bit my lips.
How am I supposed to say this?
How do I tell Jerry that I have another daughter I never knew of?
Will he be pissed at me?
Or will he accept her?
God! I’m so confused.
“Hun? You wanted to tell me something right? What is it?” His voice jolted me out of my reverie.
I breathed in and out and stared at him.
“Uhm… Hun, I hope that you won’t get mad at me for what I’m about to tell you.” I said with a faux smile.
“Okay?” He urged me.
“Promise me you won’t flare up angrily.” I said and stared hopefully at him.
“I promise I won’t flare up.” He said, looking confused.
I took in a sharp breathe and sat properly facing him.
“Recently, just few days ago, I just got to know that I have a daughter. I told you about what happened at where I came from and how I had a still birth but recently, I just found out that the child I thought was dead was alive all these years and she’s here on Earth.” I, explained.
I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him because I was scared of what his reaction might be.
“Really? Your supposed dead child didn’t die and she’s here on Earth?” He asked and his tone was sarcastic but it sounded shocked.
“Yes.” I nodded my head positively.
“Wow! What happened? How come she’s alive?” He asked.
“That’s what I don’t understand. I don’t know how it happened but immediately I had put your birth, I passed out and when I woke up, I was told that my child was dead.” I explained sadly.
“Wow!” He breathed out.
“Are you really sure that she’s your child?” He asked as if he had any doubt.
“Yes. I already carried out a DNA test and it came out positive.” I supplied.
“Okay. So, when am I getting to meet her?” He asked and that got me really speechless.
He isn’t mad at me?
“Are…you…been serious right now? Like, you aren’t mad at me?” I asked, finding it so hard to believe that he’d say such.
He wants to meet her already?
“Why would I? I knew about the fact that you had a child that died and you didn’t get to meet. And now you telling me you found the child, I’m not mad.” He explained with a smile.
I beamed and kissed him soundly on his lips.
“Thank you hun. Well, I haven’t really told her about me being her mom, but I’ll talk to her very soon and I’ll bring her here to introduce her to you and Chelsea.” I said, brimful of smiles.
“Okay. Have you told Chelsea? Does she know about your daughter you found?” He asked and that left a loud bang on my head.
Oh my!
I really didn’t think about it.
What would be Chelsea’s reaction?
Will she even accept Delaney?
Oh my God!
Jerry already accepted Delaney even without getting to meet her. I don’t know how Delaney would feel about me being her mother and to think of Chelsea’s reaction when she finds out that she has another sister.
This is more complicated than I thought.

I can’t wait to see Chelsea’s reaction when she finds out Delaney is her sister ?

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