Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 43

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 43


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Chelsea’s pov
I got ready for school the next day and I was so surprised and speechless to see mom setting the dinning table.
She had an apron on and it looked like she had been cooking.
“Hey Chelsea, come have breakfast.” She beamed and gestured for me to seat. I stared curiously at her as she set the table and uncovered the food and the sweet smell wafted through my nose.
Oh my!
Did mom make this?
“C’mon Chelsea, why are you still standing? Hurry up and seat. Have breakfast so you won’t be late for school.” She smiled and walked closer to me. She tucked in a loose strand of my hair behind my ear and tung on my arm.
She brought out a chair and made me seat on it. “I made you hot chocolate tea, just the way you like it.” She smiled and placed my cutleries beside my plate of food.
I just sat, watching her do everything.
What happened? I can’t even remember the last time mom cooked breakfast or even set the dinning table. There are the maids and chefs to do it.
Mom’s a great cook but she barely have time to cook and when she does, I enjoy every bit of it.
I picked up my cutleries and started eating.
Mom came back and placed a plate for dad before she pulled off her apron and sat opposite me.
“Mom?” I called, chewing on my broccoli cheese.
“Yeah.” She answered and took her gaze to look at me.
“You cooked?” I asked.
She smiled and sipped gently from her glass of water.
“Yeah. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be making breakfast from now.
It was so nice doing everything myself and I missed cooking too. And I thought it would be nice you and your father get to eat my meal.” She enthused and ate from her meatballs.
“That’s great mom. And speaking of dad, where is he?” I asked with a smile.
“He’d be down in few seconds.” She smiled while I nodded my head.
“Good morning dad.” I enthused as dad walked to the dinning room with a magazine in his hand.
“Morning princess.” He smiled and pecked my cheeks.
“Good morning hun.” Mom greeted with a shy smile. Dad smiled and kissed her soundly on her cheeks.
“Morning hun.”
He sat beside mom and uncovered his plate.
“Wow! The sweet smell got me salivating already.” Dad smiled as he picked up his cutleries.
“That’s true dad.” I concurred.
“You should do this more often hun.” Dad winked at mom while she blushed.
I chuckled lightly as I watched them behave like the sweet couple I know them to be.
We ate our meal in silence with only the sound of our cutleries on the glass plate.
Surprisingly, my parents decided to drop me off at school before going to their place of work.
Oh my! I was damn elated.
The three of us sat at the back of the dad’s Lamborghini while the chaffeur drove us.
Mom and I chatted happily during the ride to school while dad gaze was fixed on his laptop as he typed.
The drive to school was awesome and I wished it would be that way everyday.
I waved my parents goodbye and alighted from the car.
I couldn’t help but grin cheekily as I made my way into the school compound.
Xavier’s pov
“Can’t believe our exam is just three days from now.” I groaned.
Rio laughed lightly and dropped his spoon and turned to look at me.
“You should he happy you know. Prom is just around the corner and besides, few weeks from now, we’d be done with highschool.” He smiled and drank his water.
“Yeah. I’m happy you know.” Delaney butt in with a huge grin on her face.
I winked at her while she smiled shyly.
We continued eating lunch and I noticed Chelsea had been quiet and smiling to herself.
She hadn’t said a word since we started eating lunch and it’s kinda weird.
“Chelsea, are you okay? You’ve been quiet and it’s so unlike you.” I said and stared at her.
She smiled and exhaled sharply.
“Okay guys, I have something to tell you.” She sighed and darted her eyes from me to Rio and then to Delaney.
“What is it?” We chorused together and laughed at the coincidence.
“Alicia is my sister – actually, half sister. We share same father.” She shrugged plainly.
“Really?” I asked shockingly.
“Yeah. Dad didn’t even know he had a child until his ex showed up and told him she didn’t terminate the child they had like she had told me.” She explained.
“Wow! This us unbelievable!” Rio gasped in shock.
“Who would have thought that the poor, lowlife Alicia is actually the almighty Chelsea’s half sister.” Rio added and shook his head.
I hit him with the back of my spoon on his head while he whined childishly.
“So, did you and your mom accept her?” I asked after a brief silence.
“Yeah, sort of but dad insisted that they should leave the mansion and he promised to buy them a mansion and take care of their needs too. And they agreed.” She said and resumed eating.
Authoress Chi pov ✍️
Kenny met Delaney again because they had exchanged contacts.
They had met in a fancy restaurant and Xavier had accompanied Delaney but he sat on a different booth so he wouldn’t interrupt their conversations.
During their meals, Kenny started a conversation and finally, she summoned courage and told Delaney the truth about her (Kenny) being her daughter.
Delaney was shocked and speechless and she had hugged Kenny. She had sobbed uncontrollably and she was thankful she finally got to know her mother.
Delaney was mad at her for abandoning her but after Kenny explained everything to her, she understood and forgave her mother.
Kenny had taken Delaney home and introduced her to Jerry and Chelsea. Chelsea was shocked that she almost ran mad with rage.
She couldn’t believe that the two lowlifes she disliked happened to be her sisters.
She had two sisters!
She was enraged and she had looked herself inside her room. Delaney was shocked and speechless too.
But she wasn’t mad, instead she accepted the fact that Chelsea was her sister.
Kenny tried talking to Chelsea but she didn’t open up as she was still greatly angry.
First it was Alicia and then Delaney.
She was bittered as she never expected such.
But after few days, Kenny talked to Chelsea and she understood. She accepted Delaney but she told her mother she didn’t want Delaney under the same roof as her and Delaney agreed because she didn’t want to leave Xavier’s house.
The matter was settled amicably.
Delaney’s pov
I was damn so happy and my heart wouldn’t stop fluttering.
I finally understood the feeling I had for Xavier. His mom made me understand and the movie we saw also made me understand better.
The feeling is love and it’s a great feeling.
I was happy I was finally able to know what I felt towards Xavier.
But the question is:
Does Xavier love me?
We wrote our exams and finally, we were done.
I was so happy because I was absolutely sure that I wrote perfectly well because Xavier had tutored me greatly.
I’m really thankful to me.
My mom and I went out to have fun with Chelsea. We went to the beach, the amusement park and so many other fun places.
Chelsea and I did a lot of catching up and I was glad that she was warming up to me.
Chelsea’s pov
I held my shopping bag in one hand and used the other hand to search for my car key in my bag.
Dad had bought me a car as a gift because I just rounded off my final highschool exams.
He promised to give me a better surprise when I finally get an admission to the university.
I have a driving license already and I’m happy that I’m allowed to drive.
My head was bent low and I didn’t know when I bumped into someone.
“Oh my, I’m sorry.” I apologized as I hurriedly picked up the person’s bottle water and keys that fell on the floor.
I took my gaze to look at the person and my breath seized for a second.
Wow! It was a very cute, handsome and well built guy and he had a smile on his face which made his dimples visible.
He’s almost ad handsome as Xavier but Xavier is still more handsome than he is but he’s still cute.
“I’m sorry.” I apologized again and gulped down nothing and stretched his water and keys to him.
As he took the from me, our hands brushed past each other and I felt a spark and a tingling sensation.
I quickly removed my hands from him and flashed him a small smile.
“Thank you.”
Wow! His voice sounded very nice as it wasn’t too deep and loud. Just good.
I nodded my head and made to leave when he held my wrist gently.
I turned to look at him while he removed his hand on my wrist and smiled at me.
“I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. My name is Chris and I don’t know if you don’t mind, if I can have your number.
You’re pretty and I’ll like us to talk.” He smiled charmingly and my heart skipped a beat.
“Oh! Okay.” I smiled.
He gave me his phone while I typed my number in it.
“I’m Chelsea.” I smiled and handed back his phone to him.
“Thank you.” He smiled while I just nodded my head and walked away.
“You’re pretty Chelsea!” I heard his voice trail behind me and I couldn’t help but blush.
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