Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 44

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 44


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hera’s pov
I grinned as I arranged Xavier’s bed. I removed his previous bedsheet even if it wasn’t dirty and replaced it with a clean one.
I hummed softly to nothing and moved to his shoe rack.
I don’t know, but I feel so happy today. Or maybe I do know why I’m happy.
Maybe it’s because Rio and I are have become more closer and Xavier isn’t rude to me anymore.
I Know for the fact that he doesn’t like me but I’m glad he doesn’t glare at me with a scowl on his face.
Rio has been super nice to me and he’s really different from his friend. While Xavier is arrogant and rude, Rio is nice and always wear a sweet smile on his face.
Delaney isn’t been hard on me like before. And I’m glad.
“So, you wanted to talk to me.” Delaney said and arched her brows at me.
I cleared my throat repeatedly and stared at her.
“Yeah. I just wanted to tell you that I already found the necklace. You shouldn’t have lied to me that you misplaced it.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
“So? Look Hera, I didn’t lie about me misplacing the necklace okay? I found it just recently.” She replied and huffed.
“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes at her.
“You can have the necklace if that is what you want.” She smirked.
“Nah. I don’t need it. You can keep it to yourself.” I snorted and walked out of her room. I slammed the door shut and hissed.

Delaney’s pov
“Mom, guess what?” I said to Kenny as we both sat on the couch, licking ice cream.
“Huh? What?” She asked, paying full attention to me.
“Your ex best friend’s daughter is here on Earth and she’s even a maid to me and the guy I’m staying with.” I said and did a lopsided smile.
“Really? How come?” She asked inquisitively.
“She had come to earth in search of me because of the necklace I took. But with the look of things, I think it’s too late and I’m sure by now that the her mother might be dead.” I shrugged, not even feeling any iota of pity for Hera or her mother.
“Wow! I’d like to meet her.” Mom said.
“Really?” I asked.

Chelsea’s pov
“Chels?” Xavier called calmly and turned to look at me. He held my hands in his and we both stared intently at each other.
My heart beat increased and I felt so nervous.
He was looking all serious and I wondered about what he wanted to say.
“Chelsea, I know we’ve been friends for years now and the truth is that, I never regretted having you as my best friend.
Even if you were kinda being an overprotective girlfriend, I still didn’t regret it.
I’m glad I met you and happy for our friendship. I’m thankful for the years we’ve been friends and the times that you were always there for me.
When I was down, when I was sick, when I was angry and all that…I’m really thankful.” He smiled and caressed my cheeks.
I smiled and let the tears that had welled up in my eyes to fall down freely down my cheeks.
“Chelsea, no matter when I’m about to tell you, just know that you will always remain my best friend and you have a special place in my heart. I love you as a friend would and I’ll always be there for you if you ever need me.
I don’t know how you’ll feel about it, but I love Delaney.” He smiled lightly and swinged out hands gently.
More tears rolled down uncontrollably and I was left speechless.
He loves me as a friend would.
He loves Delaney.
“I love you Xavier, I’ve always would, right from the day we met and you saved me from falling off my horse.
I’ve always dreamt and fantasized about the day you’d finally reciprocate the feelings back to me.
I thought you you’ll one day feel the same way about me.” I sniffled and wiped my tears.
I smiled in between in my tears and continued, “but nevertheless, whatever your decisions are, I’ll always support you.
I can’t stop your heart from loving Delaney and I’m ready to accept destiny.
I’ll try my best to let the feelings I have for you die and give my heart a chance to love someone else.”
I disentangled my hands from his and hugged him.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and drew me closer to himself.
“Thank you and I wish you all the best. And I know you’ll get the perfect guy meant for you.” He whispered and kissed my hair. I sighed and hugged him tighter.


Xavier’s pov
I smiled cheekily as mom helped me fixed my bow tie.
“All done!” She enthused and patted my chest.
“Thank mom, you’re the best.” I smiled and kissed her cheeks.
“Wow son, you look absolutely cute and I bet all the girls wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off you. They would drool over you.” She enthused and winked at me.
“Stop flattering me mom.” I smiled.
“What about Delaney mom? I don’t know why you’re preventing me from seeing her before I leave and I don’t even get why you’re making us leave separately when we are going to the same venue.” I whined and pout my lips childishly and gave her cute puppy eyes.
“I want it to be a surprise. I want her appearance to steal your breath away.” She grinned and patted my shoulder.
She dusted my suit and and buttoned it and left the three up buttons open.
“Mom?” I whined.
“Get going now son, Delaney would meet you there.” She smiled and pushed me lightly out of my room.
I stared at myself at the rear view mirror and smiled in satisfaction seeing my appearance.
My hair was styled beautifully, it was curled and gelled. Some tendrils were left as it dangled freely on my not too close to my face.
Mom had ordered a new pair of suits and shoes for me all because of prom.
A hair stylist actually did my hair.
We did our graduation just few days ago and it was a blast. It was hot and full of fun.
Delaney had looked so breathtaking in her blue pencil gown that clung to her body, showing all her curves.
The boys couldn’t take their eyes off her and I felt like ripping then off.
I’m supposed to be the one staring at her that day and not them.
Mom had brought a makeup artist to do her makeup and she had looked really stunning and gorgeous.
I couldn’t even take my eyes off her.
I told mom about my feelings towards Delaney and she had been so happy about it. She encouraged me in my plans on what I’m gonna do in prom.
I can’t wait to finally have Delaney…

My mouth flew opened in astonishment as Delaney gracefully walked on the red carpet leading into the Hall.
Everybody stopped whatever they were doing and stared at dazzling angel.
Wait! Is this really Delaney?
Part of her hair was dyed red and her hair was styled in a French braid.
God! It looked hot on her.
She wore a toggery red ball gown which was handless and had a v~neck shape.
On her neck was a glittering gold necklace and she had gold earrings on.
On her wrist was a golden bracelet and a wristwatch.
She had a small silver clutch purse on her hands and she wore a stilettos shoes.
In all, she looked gorgeous and stunning.
I was literally drooling as she walked majestically into the Hall and towards me.
She stole my breath away like mom had said.
“Hi.” She smiled shyly while I placed my hands on her waist.
“Hi, you look really stunning tonight Delaney.” I drawled and kissed her earlobes. She shuddered and smiled shyly.

“Meeting you Delaney was the best thing that has ever happened to me. You were annoying at first but then, you became more better.
I love you Delaney and in front of everyone today, I want to ask you, Delaney would you be my girlfriend?” I asked sweetly and held her hands. She looked surprised and her eyes held mine affectionately.
The students waited expectantly for her to reply and I was damn nervous.
I just pray she doesn’t reject my proposal.
“I love you too Xavier and yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” She suddenly squealed enthusiastically and hugged me tight.
Ha. I breathed a sigh of relief and wrapped my arms around her while the crowd went wide with clapping ovations and squealing.
The dim lights were turned on and everywhere became bright.
We both disengaged from the hug and feeling rather impatient, I placed my lips on hers and immediately, she responded by kissing me back.
We kissed passionately like we were the only ones around – we didn’t care that people were staring at us.
After prom, we were awarded the king and queen of prom and the most cutest prom couple for the year. And Chelsea was awarded the most elegant and classy girl in prom and Delaney, the most beautiful girl in prom.
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Delaney’s pov
As soon as we alighted from the car, Xavier hurriedly claimed my lips and kissed me roughly and I reciprocated the kiss.
We got to the door and still kissing me, he kicked the door opened.
We kissed all the way to the stairs, hitting things on our way.
My body was hot and I wanted more of the kiss – more than the kiss too.
I didn’t understand what the feelings were but I just let Xavier take the lead since I’m inexperienced in that aspect.
We got to Xavier’s room and he opened the door.
He pushed me against the wall, kissing and savouring all the taste.
The kiss was becoming more hotter and I didn’t want us to stop.
He squeezed my bons lightly through my dress while I let out a low sound.
I didn’t know what the sound was because it was even strange to my ears and I couldn’t believe it was coming from me.
He unzipped my gown and let it fall down my feet.
He caressed my bobs and placed kisses on them.
He kissed my earlobes and trailed kisses down to my bo
I was just in my red lacy bra with matching pants.
I felt so shy being almost n
de in front of Xavier but I didn’t mind at all.
The kisses had taken half of my sense away as I couldn’t think properly.
He unclasped my bra and squeezed my bbs roughly. He sucked my left bbs while I made the strange sounds again.
He scked then hard and pressed my btts hard. The sounds tore more loudly from my lips and it was as if my body was on fire.
The feeling was something I’ve never experienced before and it felt so good.
He guided me gently and finally, we laid on the bed with him on top of me.
“You’re beautiful Delaney.” He groaned add kissed my tummy.
He grabbed my two bbs and squeezed them gently.
He trailed kisses from my neck, to my b
bs, to my belly button, in between my thigh which send shivers down my spine and finally to my legs before going for my lips again.
The feeling was overwhelming.
His hand suddenly went to the waist line of my pants and my eyes snapped open.
Huh? What he’s gonna do?
He wants to pull my pants!
My heart thumped loudly against my chest and I suddenly felt so nervous.
He continued to kiss me while he stylishly pulled down my pants.
I let out the strange sounds more loudly this time as his finger slipped into my vgina.
I shrieked in pain as I felt his finger slide inside my tight v
It hurts!
I tried to swat his hands away but I couldn’t as he kissed me senselessly.
He finally withdrew his finger and stared at me with so much love and affection.
“I’ll try to be gentle okay? I love you.” He said and kissed me on my lips before I could reply.
He hurriedly took of his clothes and his briefs too and he was suddenly nde in front of me.
My eyes darted to the huge thing that bulges out of his trouser and my eyes nearly fell off.
It was so huge and thick and I haven’t seen something like that in my entirely life.
What’s he gonna do with it?
I panicked as he widened my legs and kissed me.
Before I could understand what was going on, I felt something so huge force it way into my tight v.
“Argh!!” I let out a loud cry as the pain was excruciating.
Then, I felt everything inside of me and my cries increased.
I dug my nails on his bare back and drew lines on his body while I threw my head to different directions writhing in pain.
“Oh! Please stop it Xavier! It hurts! Argh! Please!” I cried as he started moving on top of me.
I couldn’t understand what he was doing but it sure was causing me pain.
“Oh my God! Please Xavier stop. I promise I won’t be annoying anymore. Please just stop.” I cried as he continued to move on top of me in a strange way.
The pain was unbearable for me.
He kissed my tears and muttered sorry. He took my lips and kissed me passionately but it felt as if my head had shut down.
The pain was too much and I didn’t even understand what he did to my v
gina that made it hurts so bad.
Finally, I felt the huge thing pull out of me and I sniffled my tears.
He laid beside me and wrapped his arms around me while I placed my head on his chest.
He kissed me lightly in my lips and brushed my hair.
“I’m sorry. I love you Delaney and I promise not to ever make you cry. You’re mine now.” I heard him say before I finally fell asleep.

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