Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 6


Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 6


(Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov
I smirked as I saw the priceless face on Chelsea’s face.

I didn’t know where the gut came from to talk back at Chelsea but I just found myself talking back at her.

Xavier was actually the one that prevented her from smacking me on my face.

He held her hand in the mid air and glared at her.

“Xa…vier…” Her voice quivered in shock as she stared with so much shock written all over her face.

“Really? You were going to hit her?” Xavier scoffed and brought down her hand. Chelsea winced and rubbed her hand.

“I can explain Xavier… It’s not what you think.” She gulped down nervously and itc we eeeehed her probably not itching hair.

“You don’t have to explain anything Chelsea, I witnessed what happened.” He huffed.

“Xa…vier… It’s not what you think.” She begged pathetically.

I rolled my eyes at her lame excuse.

“Really Chels? I told you to come here and apologize time her and you were being rude to her and you even almost smacked her on the face.” He said and stared at her.

“I’m sorry. I’m gonna apologize to her right now – sincerely.” Chelsea quivered.

“You can keep your sorry to yourself, I don’t need it.” I huffed.

Xavier held my hands and we both walked out of the field together.


Chelsea’s pov
Like what the hell?

I thought Xavier didn’t like her. What’s with him these days huh?

I can’t believe he actually took sides with her again and stopped me from smacking her hard on her face.

I feel really angry that I feel like punching and destroying things.

Who does she thinks she is huh?

She shouldn’t just worry, I’m gonna turn Xavier against her.

Our first plan was lame and it didn’t work but not the second plan.

It’s gonna work and I’m gonna make sure of that.

She shouldn’t feel like a queen for too long because very soon, I’ll finally put her in the place she deserves – out on the street with no roof over her head.

Now because of her, Xavier is soon gonna despise me and I won’t let that happen.

I won’t let her take Xavier away from me, just like that.

I’ve worked so hard to keep Xavier and I relationship for years and now, a girl from nowhere wouldn’t just snatch him away from me. I won’t let that happen.


“Okay now, you have to calm down Chels, it’s not the end of the world okay?” Brielle cooed and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Geez! You don’t know how I’m feeling girls, I feel terribly angry, I feel like strangling that Delaney to death.

She’s getting on my nerves seriously and I can’t wait to finally make Xavier hate her and then, I’ll eliminate her!” I seethed angrily.

“I know. We hate her just as you do and we also want to get rid of her.” Blair spoke up, looking pissed just like I am.

“Girls!” Brianna suddenly called elatedly.

I sat up straight and stared keenly at her.

Brielle and Blair also stared curiously at her.
“I have a plan! A good one that’s gonna be real good and effective!” She giggled with a mischievous smile.

“Seriously?” My face lit up happily.

“Spill out already Anna.” Brielle urged.

“Well, we’ll need Rio’s help in this.” She breathed out.


Rio’s help??

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