Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 9


Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 9


(Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Chelsea’s pov
“What? No, I can’t do that!” Rio shook his head negatively.

I scrunched up my face and rolled my eyes at him.


Like seriously, I know he was gonna object but not so blunt like this.

I had whispered the plan into his ears and as I stared at his face which didn’t agree to what I’ve said, I frowned my face harder.

What’s with this guy huh? An opportunity for him to be closer to Delaney and he’s refusing such opportunity and offer.

But I ain’t backing down. I’ll definitely persuade him and if he doesn’t agree, then I have another plan.

“Why Rio? It’s a lifetime opportunity for you to become closer or who knows, an item with Delaney.

Why are you rejecting such offer?” I scoffed and folded my arms under my boobs and scanned him with eyes.

“Really Chelsea? You want me to frame Delaney because of what exactly?” He rolled his eyes.

“It’s also an opportunity for you to become closer to Delaney and I’m doing you good by telling you to agree with the plan.

We are both helping ourselves.” I smiled lightly and walked closer to him, covering the remaining space in between us.

I placed my hand on his chest and used my other hand to play with his tie.

“Please Rio, I know you like f^cking girls and I have them ready for you and they’re ready to give you the best s^x styles – only if you’d agree to the plan.” I licked my lips and winked at him.

He pushed me lightly and sighed deeply.

“Do you really think low of me that much? If I want to f^ck some girls, I know where I can get them and it’s never hard getting tons of girls to satisfy me.

Please Chelsea, leave me out of this.

I don’t want to be a part of your so-called plan. I can’t frame Delaney and I won’t do it.” He scoffed and turned around to leave.

“Please Rio, you’ve got to help me out.” I begged calmly.

“I’m sorry Chelsea. And please keep me out of this.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell Xavier since the plan wouldn’t be carried out.” He said and walked out of the Lab.

I huffed ridiculously with my both hands on my waist as I watched him leave.

Seriously? He’s proving stubborn right?

Well, then I’ll have to go with the second plan and Rio is gonna be part of it, without his knowledge and consent.


Xavier’s pov
“So, I’m gonna teach you how to construct your words properly. The letter you wrote the other day… It wasn’t impressive, really.

I could hardly understand what you wrote.” I chuckled while Laney gave me a playful glare.

“Really? And you didn’t even let me know. I thought I constructed it well.” She pouted.

“Okay, that aside anyways, let’s start already.” I said, bringing out my books from my backpack and placing them on the desk.

“Firstly…” I started while she listened with rapt attention.


“Wow Delaney! You’re really a fast learner.” I commended.

Delaney smiled shyly and bent her head.

“Okay! So, that will be all for today.” I sighed and dropped my pen on the desk while Laney grinned happily.

“Hah! The teaching was fun today but I’m so famished right now.” She yawned lightly and stretched out her body.

“Yeah, me too. Let’s go downstairs already, I’m sure dinner would be ready already.” I said, already on my feet.

She nodded her head and stood up.

We made our way downstairs and mom was just about coming to meet us and since we were already on our way to the dinning room, the three of us started there together.


Hera’s pov
“Hera, what is the problem? You’ve been gloomy all day.” Emily sighed and sat down beside me on the bed.

“Yeah… I’ve been thinking all day and there are so many questions going through my mind and I haven’t gotten any answers and it’s making me worried.” I sighed despondently.

“What is it? You can talk to me.” She spoke calmly.

“I need to find someone – Delaney, because she stole something very valuable and it can lead to disasters if not taken from her and given to rightful owner.

I don’t know where she lives and I’ve got no time, I need to get it from her as soon as possible.” I lamented.

“What did she steal? And why’s it so important?” She asked, clearly lost.

“A necklace — she stole a necklace, not just an ordinary necklace.

My mother, the queen of Marazona where I came from, needs the necklace so badly else, she’d loose the throne.” I explained sadly.

“Sincerely, I don’t entirely understand what you understand, but you don’t have to worry, you’ll find her.” She smiled and stroked my hair affectionately.

“You know what? Why don’t you accompany me to the Maddox mansion so you could get to meet the son properly.

You can make friends with him and with his wealth, I think he’ll be able to help you find this Delaney and you’ll be able to get back the necklace.” She smiled and winked at me.

My heart jumped in excitement – the son might help me in finding Delaney only if I just become friends with him.

That would be great!

This is the best news I’ve heard since I got here!

“When do we go?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Now, if you want. I bet he’ll be home by now.” She beamed.

“Really? Then, what are we waiting for, let’s get going already!”

Will Hera meet Xavier or…


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