Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 1



Story: Oga Landlord (+18).



Subtitle: F–k fakers.

-Episode 1

Everyone fit be landlord, base on say am the youngest landlord ever liveth. You have reach to own a yard of your own if your parents will leave the house for you, you better go and build your own house.
As the only heir, my parents died and I inherited a yard filled with drama queens and kings.

Let me just describe the yard how it is, it is built round. Houses surrounded it with a well and tap at the centre. The house is in a square shape, having just three entrance and exit.

At the end is a big kitchen for all, with restrooms passages attached to the kitchen, that is were one entrance with exit is.
One is at my door post, that means I will just step out of my self-contain and ball out. The other one is at the other end.
The explanation have do, lets start the tory jare!

Evening time, I just returned from where I went to buy bread against tomorrow, since I don’t want to be late for shop.

Voice: who is this downloaded prodigious miscreant, with hydrated mentality lampooned with upgraded stupidity, who shit this shit wey strong pass England economy?

Me: this people don start again.

I just entered my room, locked the door. I don tire to settle case for the yard.

Segun: papa Jayjay, we go run for you, na only you go school for this yard, what of me wey get PHD I nodey use am make noise with his thick voice, Segun can smoke for African

Mr. Caleb: make ona no make noise oh, I dey read headlines, if ona wan disturb make ona go outside the yard man wey sabi, em dey always return early for their house girl Nkitae

Cynthia: all these married men acting like children, na em make I nofit marry public yard children yard slay queen, queen of kindness. Her toto sweet pass Amaka own

Papa Jayjay: I surmise with my cognitive faculty, I envisage a laboratory experimented specie of a nuisance like Cynthia to bombard the wc with shit as strong as English wrecking ball.

Cynthia: wetin bring that one, why you call me .. Ehnn.. Ehnn laboratory shit?

Segun: Cynthia, call your soldier boyfriend make em come beat am for you.

Papa Jayjay: take your unchristened hands off my precious collar, before I descend on you.

Cynthia: beat me na, if no be barrack you go appear.

Mr. Caleb: na wa for this yard oh, Cynthia go wear bra na. Your br*asts dey disvirgin us, biko nu.

Others joined and outside became very noisy, I raised my music up and laid on my bed. And slept off, I haven’t even enjoyed the sleep when someone knocked on my door.
I got up and walked to the door opened it, and I saw Smally smiling sheepishly.

She sneaked inside my room, I checked left and right before closing the door.
One small girl like that, that loves d*ck. She always come to my room to watch movie, if I sleep she will ride me.

Smally: uncle, good evening.

Me: evening oh, how you dey?

Smally: I dey, I wan watch film.

Me: oya watch.

I nofit wait again to have her tight punani on my d*ck oh, I just lie down and started snoring.



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