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Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 11 – 20



-Oga Landlord Episode 11
Papa Caleb: I no go get peace because of say I live for yard, mama Caleb wetin happen again?
Mama Caleb: you dey ask me? Ask this useless girl wey open leg carry 9 Months course.
Papa Caleb: Nkitae wetin happen? Who carry belle for this yard?
Nkitae: oga I no know, I just dey vomit aunty say I don carry belle.
Mama Caleb: she descend on the girl with slaps confess, confess. Who give you belle? If you no talk I go kill you for this house.
Nkitae: crying aunty I go talk oh! she point towards papa Caleb na papa…. everybody shout for the yard -heeeeiiiii!
Papa Caleb: shut up there! Na em make you no get sense, mama Caleb em fit be fever dey make am vomit and if na belle you don die Nkitae. Mama Caleb baf go shop make this girl no make you loose your customers oh, Nkitae go baf. Two of us dey go hospital now now!
Mama Caleb: papa Caleb, make em no be belle oh! I don talk my own, her mama don tell me say make she no get belle.
Mama Caleb angrily went inside the room, people who came out to watch how fowl yansh will open started hissing and going inside their rooms.
Papa Caleb na whatsup man oh, I just jack my cup go brush teeth for backyard, after brushing mouth. I came back and took my bath, then ate. Locked my door and went to my mini supermarket.
I was in my office when Olamide came in scratching his head like someone who impregnated someone’s daughter, hope is not what am thinking. I didn’t even wait for him to greet me.
Me: Olamide, Month never end and I nodey borrow money without collateral. So, just reverse if na money make you enter my office.
Olamide: oga no, I no wan come borrow. I wan come introduce you to one online business wey go make you double your money, the name na MMM. Make more money, na the online platform wey go make you turn your one million to two million for a Month.
Me: tell me something, Olamide I no know say you get sense until today. So, how I go take register. See my phone here, I wan start the business with 10k first your salary sha… when them pay me, I go come use 100k.
Olamide: he start smiling you go give me your phone, my run am for you.
I gave him my android phone and he went away with it, he came back and he instruct me on how the platform work. I was asked to pay someone 10k which I did a mobile transfer to the person, after putting some logistic together. I left my mini-supermarket and went home, on the frontage of the yard I saw Michael and Gabriel discussing seriously about a girl.
Michael love toto pass his life, he can wash your pant so that you will allow him enter.
Michael: youngest landlord he hail me happily if you see Cynthia friend, her brasts na wetin cowbell company go kill themselves to use advertise milk, her yansh na people choice. No man go see that thing reject, the babe murder beauty.
Me: you don start? Gabriel wetin em talk na tru….
My phone started ringing, I brought it out and saw the caller ID as Ugochukwu. My supplier, I first shift go one corner to make the money call.
Ugochukwu: guy, your supply don land oh. Come tomorrow come carry am.
Me: wetin do today? See I dey enter bus now now dey come. I dey come Aba today, just expect me.
I waited a bike and signaled Gabriel and Michael that I will be back, I boarded a bus to head to mile Lagos.
The conductor was a young boy, about fourteen years, he started collecting money from us passengers. The guy sitting next to me gave him extremely torn one thousand naira note, he didn’t notice until he gave everyone change and started counting the money.
Conductor: who give me this tear tear one thousand naira *nobody gree talk, he start suspecting the last guy who paid him. He also gave him one thousand naira note also
oga, na you give me one thousand naira note.
Guy1: I no give you one thousand note wey tear, check. The one thousand naira I give you them write am pen the conductor check and sees it nwere sense!
Conductor: obukani sense!
Guy1: nwere sense!
Conductor: Obukani sense!


-Oga Landlord Episode 12
A lady who sat behind me, cut in and gave her own reason for the person to give the torn one thousand naira, while the person who did it sat close to me less concern.
Lady: em fit be like say the person no get any other money, na em make em give you the tear tear one thousand naira, conductor just manage am.
Conductor: nwere sen-se!
Lady: no insult me, I senior you. Obukani sense!
Conductor: nwere sen-se!
Lady: obukani sense!
Driver: why ona dey curse each other? Conductor wetin happen?
Conductor: one person don give me tear tear one thousand naira, and I no know the person wey do am.
Driver: you mumu oh, why you no check money before you collect. You don go collect tear tear one thousand naira, nwere sen-se!
I didn’t hear anything in the bus apart from.
Nwere sen-se! and obukani sense!
In the bus, one slayqueen chewing gum cut in.
Slay queen: if you wan throwaway the money, conductor see me oh. Carry am give me the conductor eye her like say she ask for one million
Conductor: pointing his corner of head with a finger nwere sen-se!
Slayqueen: obukani sense!
Conductor: nwere sen-se!
Slayqueen: obukani sen-se!
We observed some minutes of silence until the conductor decided to rain curses on the person who gave him the torn one thousand.
Conductor: I know say, the person wey give me this one thousand naira na student, em go fail em exams.
Boy: ah ah! For just tear tear money, what if the person no be student again, like me I no be student again, i don finish waec.
Conductor: you be mumu, you be student because of say you wan still further your education, if you no be student wetin you be?
Boy: I be Jamb candidate na, if I be student. Then I be student of which school?
Conductor: nwere sen-se!
Boy: obukani sense!
It was a man and the driver who explained who a student is, and the boy was wrong. The bus got to it bus- stop and everyone dropped including me, the bus reversed and the conductor looked through the bus window.
Conductor: hey you boy, nwere sen-se!
Boy: obukani sense.
Mad people everywhere in this country, I took another bus and got to were Ugochukwu is. I checked in my goods and confirmed them to be in perfect shape, I decided to hang around in Aba and then return to Port-Harcourt the next day.
Ugochukwu decided to treat me to a meal in an expensive eatery in the area, the guy get money sha… On our way, we saw a girl who slapped a man.
Ugochukwu: no woman fit try that nonsense with me, as I fine like this with pink lips any girl wey I go talk to go fall for me.
Me: no talk wetin you dey talk oh, em get some class of girls wey no go mind slap sense enter you through your pink lips.
Ugochukwu: Vic leave that thing, them never born that girl. Nobody fit try that nonsense, I go kill her before she go even try am.
I didn’t answer him again, we got into the expensive eatery. And we occupied a chair, a waiter later came and took our order.
I saw a very beautiful lady looking very moody, she seem to be waiting for someone and she is getting irritated already. I observed her packaging and know that her levels is of senator’s sons and president children.
Me: see that lady, she dey eye, that girl like you he turn and look at the lady
Ugochukwu: talk truth.
Me: na me go lie for you?
The waiter brought our order and we kept quiet, I saw the lady making movements to leave. I told Ugochukwu that I wanted to use the restroom, I followed the lady outside and met her making call. Is like the person pleaded with her that she should wait, after eavesdropping. I went inside and the beautiful lady came back to her seat smiling to her phone, Ugochukwu must have observed my movement and that of the lady’s.
Me: guy, you too fine. As I wan go piss, naso the lady drag me go outside ask me about you.
Ugochukwu: talk truth.
Me: na me go lie for you, she tell me say your pink lips dey make her mad. She even beg me to come beg you say make you come sit down with her, she for don follow me come our seat oh! But she be shy babe.
Ugochukwu: wetin I go do na?
Me: no dull yourself, go make the narrow way broad.
The idiot standup go the lady’s seat, he abandoned the food that was on the table. I no fit laugh sha… I observed the tense atmosphere hovering were the lady and Ugochukwu is. The lady must have asked him to get up and get lost from the seat rudely, but he refused to harken.
Naso we hear a sound slap wey sound gboooooosssssaaaaaa!! Everybody face that side to my guy Ugochukwu charging like injured lion.
Lady: are you insane! Are you deaf? Do you want more slap before you get up?
Come see laugh and shame na, Ugochukwu wanted to slap her back.
Before one yahoo guy entered the eatery with two armed soldiers behind him.
Yahoo guy: what the f–k are you tryna do?
Naso my guy hand fall, eyaaa!! Lady don slap am sha…


-Oga Landlord Episode 13
Ugochukwu left the eatery afterwards, I thank God say em don pay for the meal oh. I ate my own and his, on his behalf as a good friend of his. After I finished eating I left the eatery and called him twice but he didn’t pick.
Luckily I knew his house, I boarded keke napep directly to his house. Aba road na wa oh, I just dey jump upadan like frog.
I called his number again and he picked.
Me: nawa for you oh! You just vamoose without red-light, guy where you dey?
Ugochukwu: the shame too much na, as I dey follow you talk so na my house I dey oh, you dey road?
Me: yes, I dey come your house. I even dey close now sef, as we dey talk. I go call you when I reach.
I dropped from the keke napep and paid, then walked into the fenced compound Ugochukwu lived. I got to his apartment and fired him five missed calls, the guy no pick. I knocked for over two minutes the guy no gree open, I walked to the side mirror and called his name but he didn’t respond.
I just knew he will never open his apartment and let me in, I left the compound and looked for a guest house to sleep for the night. Luckily one was close, I waste my money pay. The next morning Ugochukwu called me, I refused to pick. I took my bath and brushed my teeth, dressed up and left the guest house. I went to the park and charted a trunk, then we drove to the warehouse were my goods are, some loaders helped me parked the goods in the trunk.
Naso we enter Port-harcourt city, I left the trunk in care of Emeka and Olamide then I went home.
As I reach yard, I met Cynthia and one fine girl about to leave the yard.
Michael no lie at all, the babe is a head turner no lies. I didn’t know how I came down from the bike because they were heading towards the tarred road, and the mumu bikeman no one stop. The bikeman called me back for his payment, I even forgot to pay him.
Me: ah, ah, Cynthia where you dey go with that beautiful sister na?
Cynthia: I dey come, youngest landlord where you dey since yesterday na?
Me: I travel, na now I just return. That babe fine oh, help me greet her for me Cynthia tap the girl
Girl: I greet you too.
Cynthia: youngest landlord, better soup na money kill am oh.
They entered the bike that dropped me and left, which one is better soup na money kill am? Which soup them nodey use money cook.
I checked my time it was 10am, and many of my tenants have left the house. The only people that would be around are Jojo and mama Iyawo, probably Ade.
Ade came out of the yard with bandage around his head.
Me: Ade, hiaa! Binding still dey your head, the injury never go?
Ade: youngest landlord em never go, I wan go the chemist.
He took an umbrella with him and left, I entered inside my house and went straight to my bed and slept off.
I woke up around 11am and decided to bath, but there was no water in the tank. I took bucket and went inside the yard, I saw mama Iyawo dragging Jojo’s boxer.
Mama Iyawo only tied wrapper around her body while Jojo wore only boxer and his shirt on his shoulder, he was struggling out of mama Iyawo’s room while the woman held on to his boxer on the door way.
Mama Iyawo: Jojo, be a man oh! You must finish wetin you start?
Jojo: start wetin again? No be two of us start the same time. Na me tell you say make you no hustle your o—-m like me.
I dropped the buckets and folded my hands looking at the sweating adults dragging each other.
Mama Iyawo: wetin be two rounds, no be your mate dey do four rounds and seven rounds, wetin two rounds wan do woman wey em never f–k for Months now?
Jojo: mama Iyawo leave me hand oh, no be me send you to marry Hausa police officer oh. I no wan do again, you want my die on top you before you go rest?
Mama Iyawo: how you want take die? Something wey two of us dey enjoy. Be a man, we just start the knacking now now and you don dey talk about to die.
Jojo: okay, we go only do one round. Make we go inside, mama Iyawo after this round I nodey do again oh.
Mama Iyawo: ehem! Na now you dey talk, no c*m quick for this one oh. Enter inside na, make you scatter my yansh with doggystyle.
Jojo: your hand never commot from my boxer, commot your hand first, where I wan run go?
Immediately mama Iyawo removed her hand from his boxer, my guy tear race like say them wan kill am.


-Oga Landlord Episode 14
As Jojo tear race, I fall for ground with laughter. I nofit believe my eyes the way the guy dey jump like frog with em tear tear boxer.
Mama Iyawo looked at me and hissed when she saw me laughing out my ass sitting on the ground.
She entered her house, and I got up wiping the tears at the corners of my eyes. I be man, I be man, you go run when you jam toto.
I took the well bucket and fetched water from the well filling my buckets, I went inside my bathroom and took my bath. My phone started ringing, I poured water on my face and checked the ID. It was Emeka, I picked the call.
Me: shop catch fire? Money lost? Armed robbers attack shop? Wetin happen this time?
Emeka: hiaa! Nothing oh. Oga take am easy oh, nothing like that happen for shop oh.
Me: you be mumu oh. So, wetin come happen wey you call?
Emeka: na that fine lady wey come that time, she dey wait for you for shop?
Me: Emeka! Emeka! Emeka!! How many times I call you?
Emeka: oga na three times you call me oh.
Me: you no get sense, you dey allow money to wait. You no want make your salary complete this Month, tell am say I dey come now now.
I nearly wore my trouser before I discovered that I was foamed all over my body, I quickly got back inside the bathroom and lifted the bucket up as water splashes on my body.
I got out of the bathroom and used my towel, wore my jeans and polo. No need of cream and combing, when I return.
I rushed to the shop and met her about leaving, I was quick to get her attention before she got inside her car. She was looking breath-taking and sensually attractive. Her hips and huge buttocks hugged tightly to the trouser she wore.
Me: hi, am Victor the owner of the shop. Are you leaving already? she didn’t seem to recognize me, I no blame am
Lady: am Aisha so you be Alhaji wife, wetin confuse me be say she nodey wear hijab have my card, send me a message. I will call you later for us to meet, am in a hurry.
Me: thanks, I go do am now now. In fact na MTN dey hang the message for air.
She smiled and my dck smiled, it is lucky we are not inside. I would have brought it out and beat some senses into it.
I took a bike and returned home. I met Cynthia chatting with her phone while sitting in the yard pavement.
Me: Cyn Cyn baby, Cynthia dorling. The finest Cynthia in Africa.
Cynthia: Oga landlord di__ky, the biggest and stingest d
ck in Africa.
Me: ah ahh! Take am easy Cynthia, someone cannot play with you again?
Cynthia: you wan use praise and worship bribe me, when you suppose shake body so that I go arrange the babe for you.
Me: you like money I no know oh, so na how much you go collect to carry am come my room?
Cynthia: she clear her throat marching ground five hundred naira, transportation two hundred naira, sweet talking her 100naira, to transport her to your room another 200hundred naira?
Me: come again? Which tribe you say you from again? Igbo or Ikwerre. Which one be marching ground again? The ground wan escape or wetin?
Cynthia: when you get the one thousand naira, you go see am for your room?
And the babe legit die, I know Cynthia will spoil everything if I didn’t dance to her tone. I gave her the one thousand naira commission, she got up from her chair and hugged me, my d–k no even react sef.
Cynthia: oga landlord boo, finest oga landlord in town. My baby, you too rich biko. Go your room, wear your condom do enough press up. I dey go carry am come your room right away.
She went inside the yard and I entered my room, I opened my fridge and drank fearless. Ready ten packs of condom for under pillow, I did ten press ups for the impeding ten rounds.
Me: this girl go hear am!
Voice: who go hear am?

-Oga Landlord Episode 15
I got up from the floor and saw Cynthia standing beside the door, her arms hugged to herself. I peered behind her expecting her friend to surface, is this one joking with me?
Me: wey your friend na? This one you stand like person wey person die for their family?
Cynthia: yes na, person die. My belle need food, as I dey like this I wan eat.
Me: no think am oh, I never cook since yesterday. If hungry dey catch you, how em take concern me? I be your papa or wetin? Na me import you come PH?
Cynthia: oga stingy man. Em tall fine come be landlord ooohhh!
Me: this one you dey sing? Na who dey inspire you aunty? Shey na hunger or wetin?
Cynthia: my friend and I wan go eat oh, she say she go come after she eat finish. If you want still take us outing nothing spoil, abi no be person wey wan open legs dey spend? I no trust this Cynthia
Me: Cyn Cyn baby, finest girl in Africa. One of my tight customer just called me my show, I wan even commot before you enter. Make ona go eat, when I come back we go see, I no mean you oh!
Cynthia: you no resemble person wey wan commot na. You want commot with that boxer and your amu wey dey stand like pole inside your boxer?
Me: my first wear suite before I go commot from house? I just dey exercise myself first before I go commot.
Cynthia: ehhnnn…
Me: ummmmhh…!!
She looked at me suspiciously before she left the door, na me ona wan run down. That is when I remembered the card that Aisha gave to me earlier, I went in search of it and took it from my trouser’s side pocket.
I sent a message as she instructed earlier, with my ID.
I took my towel and had my bath, luckily there was light all these while. My phone started ringing and it was Aisha, I saved her number already.
Aisha: I will send you an address for you to come meet me in that location, hope you can?
Me: you no need to ask. Even if you say my trek come US, I will. Even tho na China, I must come. Am yours to command, jare!
She laughed and ended the call, I ready myself. I even used perfume and other yama yama to spice my look, I took my phone and came out of my room.
I wanted to take fresh air before she will send the message, I came out of the pavement and saw Gentle and Ishi.
Both of them were devouring garri with soup, if those two children were the only one on Earth. No one would have produced shirt, they only agree to wear clothes on gun point.
Their two get pot-belle as them small like that, Ishi has a big head and Gentle isn’t gentle at all with food. When I saw Ishi forming his morsel, I was wondering were the little child will be able to swallow it? Until I saw Gentle forming his also morsel, fear catch me.
Ishi: where are your table manners? Gentle look around like someone in search of something, he then look up
Gentle: I don drop am inside room oh! Em godey under table.
My phone beeped and I checked it, it was a message from Aisha that I should meet her in Havina guest house.
I quickly entered keke and located the place, because I know that area wella sha..
I met the receptionist and she told me were I should go, the guest house isn’t classic. I didn’t know her reason for picking that one. I got to the door and knocked.
Voice: come in.
I opened the door and met Aisha standing with towel wrapped around her body with shower cap.
Baba God blessings no go fit pass me by.


-Oga Landlord Episode 16
The moment she stood up and stared at me, her two moderate melons on her chest and her flawless sxy laps, with enticing flesh send hot blood rushing to my amu.
My d
ck rose instantly in my boxer like never before, it nearly stood firm in the jean trouser if the fabric wasn’t actually strong to hold it still.
I walked nervously not even knowing were to stay in the room, I was confused on what to do. Whether I should make a move and she will scream rape rape, boom! I will be in prison. Or to go and yansh down jare in the sofa in the room, I did the latter oh! I go yansh down for the sofa waiting for her command.
Aisha: I thought you won’t, I was even preparing to leave. Are you free?
Me: am free? Very very free. Am free to do anything you ask me to, even if you want me to go to soldier’s camp and beat all of them there…..
Aisha: laughing stop! Stop!! Is not yet time to face a soldier man wetin this one dey talk? are you free from HIV?
Me: yes na, am very much free. I can even go home and get the test result for you to see.
Aisha: laughing no need for that konji na bastard oh! I just dey jose myself anyhow hope you can give me very hot.
She walked seductively towards me, raised me up with my both hands. She unbuckle my belt and yanked down my trouser with my brief down to my kneel, I was just watching like zombie.
My dck no disappoint, it rose like an injured lion raging with lots of veins.
Aisha: umh… Just the way I love it *she wrapped her hands around it and j
rked it slowly* how many inches is this?
Me: measure kwa! I never measure am before. But I can use it properly.
She removed the towel and I was greeted with her rounded clean breasts with neatly shaved pssy, there was no stretch mark at all. I tried pulling off my shirt the thing go hang for my neck, she was the one who helped me out.
I was busy removing my trouser and brief with my shoe while she walked to the bed and settled on it, I no even know how I take do am oh! But I was in between her spread legs eating her clean shaved puna.
The thing red die, I used my tongue to tickle her clt and she wt everywhere. I added two fingers in her pssy, I was scking her clt while fngering her.
Aisha: awwnn! You are scking great baby, harder please! *she hiss in excitement
My dck was aching already to go in, I removed my tongue and grabbed my hrd dck. Pressed it to the sweet in the middle, I thrsted in slowly and everything was in.
I was about moving, when she crossed her legs around my waist and held me with her hands.
Aisha: she speak hausa first, her eyes have already turned white don’t move, which kind man destruction weapon be that?
Me: I will move small small, don’t worry.
That is when I noticed the ring on her finger as she dropped her hands on the bed sheet and grabbed it, I started moving my waist slowly in missionary style stimulating her clt. As I started firing, her voice went up.
She was using her nails to scratch my body, we were both sweaty.
I shot the first c
m inside her as she demanded, she was already tired when I pulled out of her. I rolled off her and we were both panting, my dck rose again ready for round two.
Aisha: what! Kosi! *she start speaking hausa
you want to kill me?
I be wan answer her, her phone come start to ring. She picked the call with her face giving away to fear.
Caller: Aisha my darling wife, where are you am back? with thick boko haram voice, my mind cut
Aisha: aah! Alhaji, am home. the rest conversation was hausa
Immediately she got off the call, she started dressing up quickly to leave the room.
Me: why are you in hurry? We are not through yet. i point my erct dck how about a quickie.
Aisha: she look at me like a mad man, maybe I dey mad oh… But na konji ’cause am Alhaji will kill you, he is a general in army.
Nobody tell my hrd dck to fall, like say na who wants to be a millionaire by being the first to dress up. Before Aisha was done dressing, I dey outside dey fine way to go my house.
I got to my yard and met Philips with his friend discussing outside the yard.
Philips: nothing wey you go do wey go make me vex, now.. So no just waste your time.
Philip’s friend: chai!! I no know say your sister Ayo sweet like that, I been think say as she slim no come get big yansh and brasts, she no go sweet for bed.
Philip: I no understand wetin bring my sister here, and I no understand how my sister take sweet for the matter.
Philip’s friend: the knacking that day no be here, the way she dey moan ehnn…. *a punch landed on his face

Within a minute both of them were rolling on the floor. Mad people everywhere.


-Oga Landlord Episode 17
I stood arms akimbo watching both of them rolling and killing themselves on the frontage corridor, nothing person no go see.
Chinedu came out of the yard n_ked, the kid doesn’t wear any clothe at all. The only thing Chinedu agrees to wear is just uniform, na cane and shout before he will wear clothes to church. Apart from important rice events, lai lai bye bye to clothes for Chinedu.
I didn’t even know what is holding his poor father back from sacrificing that trap sent from the Village in form of human being, when Village people wan frustrate you. They will dash you one first son wey em brain top upside down in his skull.
Morning Chinedu!
Afternoon Chinedu!!
Evening Chinedu!!!
Except when em mother travel or nodey around, the boy is the biggest headache of his mother. I pity the woman sef and her husband don give up on the boy.
I don’t like that kid, I no go lie. Chinedu will never agree to go on an errand for you, if you have dangler in between your legs instead of hole. Be you who you be, lai lai! He doesn’t have strength to go an errand for a male. Immediately he came out, he started singing.
Chinedu: two fighters no separate them, two fanta no opener. Brother Philip punch am na! clapping his hands and cheering them
That is how my tenants troop out to watch, I wasn’t in mood to even watch fight. I have more pressing wahala, I entered my room and locked the door.
Voices: Philip oh! Chiaa!! Punch am na!! When two lazy people dey fight na em be this.
Philip: you go see wetin I go do you for this area, no worry yourself. I go break your head.
Philip’s friend: you nofit do anything. You think say I dey fear you, that your worwor sister wey nofit make person dck stand na em I go go f–k.
I picked up my remote and raised the song on play, luckily there was light. I wondered who stopped the fight because none of my tenants will agree to do that.
My phone beeped and it was a text message from Aisha, I opened it.
“You are so sweet and good in bed, see you tomorrow. Sugarboy” this girl isn’t alright at all.
I replied her text message.
“Please, stay away from me. Am too young to die, I take anything you dey serve beg you”.
A knock landed on my door, I opened the door and saw Cynthia with her friend tagging behind.
Cynthia: take am easy oh. She be my only friend.
Me: trust me na, I go treat am like gold.
Cynthia whispered something to her friend and left, she entered the room looking around.
Cynthia’s friend: nice room you got here *na the room I go take massacre you oh!



-Oga Landlord Episode 18
Me: thanks, welcome to my humble abode. Feel comfortable, have a seat please me wey don jack all the chairs enter kitchen tay tay
Cynthia’s friend: thank you, the girl fine die, her bumbm fit rise any fallen warrior* I don’t see any chair to seat on are you a learner, see bed na
Me: the bed will serve as chair, we need space for the war she raised her eyebrows I no sabi your name.
Cynthia’s friend: you no kukuma ask Cynthia my name, well… Am Veronica.
Me: na only fine girls dey bear that name oh, I never see any worwor Veronica since I was born.
Veronica: you dey whine me bah? Because I know say you have not seen all the Veronica.
Me: lemme offer you something, make we leave matter for Martha and Mathias.
I raised the volume of the song on play, browse enter fridge. Brought out chill beer, if girl f–k you when she high, my brother your life will never remain the same.
I placed the glass and beer bottle side by side, brought opener and opened it.
Veronica: thanks.
Me: I like you well well, I nofit sleep without you. When I wake up your name na the first thing wey enter my mouth.
Veronica: hiaa! This your own tire me oh, shebi is today you sabi my name?
Me: ermmm…. Ermmm… I started scratching my head, she has already drown half bottle of the beer
Veronica: she placed a finger on my lips shh… I understand, I like you too.
She wore crop top and bumshort, I immediately placed my lips on her’s. And we started kissing, I held the helm of her crop-top and removed it. Two rounded firm fleshy flawless brasts without stretched marks greeted me without bra, I thought bra was the one holding the two fallen heroes, I didn’t know it was sweet like melons.
It didn’t take time our clothes were off from our bodies, her p
nt and bumshort were lying recklessly on the floor with her crop-top. We were both n_ked, if the girl was beautiful with clothes but without clothes she is pretty.
I was on top her scking her sweet npples, my dck was already hrd and thrbbing to pound inside her wt pssy.
I spread her legs ready to p
netrate inside her wt pssy but was surprised she used her palm to cover the hole, wetin be this girl wahala?
Me: where I go put my thing na?
Veronica: no worry, you go put am inside. I wan ask you something, I be your girlfriend?
Me: yes, na only that one be the problem? No wahala, you be my one and only girlfriend.
We were both sweating, her palm was still there. She was happy when I said that, how person go ask question when konji dey do person? And em want no as answer.
She removed her palm and I was ready to pound in, I jammed back of her palm.
Me: oooohhhh!! Wetin remain again? Shey I don tell you say you be my girlfriend.
Veronica: I know. As your girlfriend my Monthly allowance na twenty thousand naira every Month, because am dating a very handsome youngest landlord.
Me: twenty wetin?
Veronica: ahh ahhh! Na small money for you na.
Me: o gini? Small wetin? Twenty thousand na small money? Four people salary.
My dck don fall sef as she mentioned that twenty thousand naira, I climbed down from the bed and wore my boxer. The girl was surprised the way I reacted, she for know say I nodey use money play.
Veronica: baby, where are you going? We haven’t even started what we should finish.
Me: who be your baby? As for me. The twenty thousand naira you mention don finish me, I no get sp
rm again to f–k as I dey wear boxer like this.
I took my shirt and went outside, Cynthia don mad oh! Na she tell that girl that kind thing.
I came out to the frontage and stood on the verandah, Simeon was sitting on a chair when a boy walk pass.
Simeon: hey, o boy. I like that your shirt how much you buy am?
Boy: I buy am 2k.
Me: you know the boy as you dey ask am how much em buy the shirt?
Simeon: them dey know person before them go ask question?
The boy went away, later he came and Simeon saw him.
Simeon: where you buy the shirt? I go like to buy my own.
Boy: na mile 3 market wey I buy am.
Veronica came out well dressed, she still wore the bumshort and the crop-top. She is looking beautiful as usual.
Veronica: na because of twenty thousand naira na em you no wan f–k?
Simeon: hey hey! Oboy, which side for market you buy the shirt, no vex?


-Oga Landlord Episode 19
Boy: I don see am say you like to ask mumu questions as people take talk am, no try am with me oh!
Simeon: who talk say I dey like to ask mumu questions and wetin I no suppose try with you?
The boy was so angry that he cursed Simeon and walked away, I couldn’t hold my laughter. The boy would have realized that Simeon turns everything to question.
Me: Vero, I no be mr right for you. As you fine well well, na Dangote pikin and politicians children you suppose date. I nofit pay you that kind salary no vex, I dey beg you.
Veronica: Cynthia no lie at all, you too stingy. I never see person wey stingy like you for my life.
After she is done talking to herself ’cause I wasn’t listening to her at all, she left and I was alone with Simeon.
Simeon: oga landlord oh, that girl fine oh, she fine well well… Ermmm you dey reason her?
Me: I know say you dey mad, but wetin dey surprise me be say your father never send you to psychiatric.
I left him out there and went inside the room, the next day I went to the shop. Emeka wasn’t at his duty post as usual. I thought he has gone to service our business neighbor till Fatty ran out of her shop with her phone in hand.
Fatty: Emeka don kill me oh, Chidimma and Emeka have finish me oh. Ewoooohh! she sit down for ground shaking everywhere
Me: wetin happen? This one you dey shout like person wey her husband die?
Fatty: Emeka has killed me oh! Haaaayyyt!! I carry my ATM card give Emeka, em transfer all my money. Emeka I no see, and I no see Chidimma as we dey talk like this.
Help me call them oh!!
For trying sake I called Emeka line luckily it went through, and he picked the call.
Me: Emeka, Fatty dey fine you oh she got up from the ground immediately where you dey?
Emeka: forget that thing oga, I dey road dey go my state.
The call ended and I tried the line again, the voice of MTN lady told me the line has been switched off. I entered my shop and left Fatty crying like women of Owu outside. I was happy that I won’t pay Emeka’s salary for that Month.
I went inside my office and started calculating the money I made for that Month, I didn’t know when Olamide entered inside my office.
Olamide: oga good morning.
Me: thirty thousand naira!………….. You no sabi knock, how you take appear here?
Olamide: I dey knock since but you no tell me to enter, Oga na today you dey always pay my salary.
Me: ehem, which money wey you want my pay? Go collect am from Make More Money na. No worry me, I dey calculate serious something here.
I pushed the paper he wrote my details on it some days ago towards him on the table, and continued calculating what I was calculating. He didn’t move instead he stood scratching his head.
Me: wetin remain? You want my borrow you legs too before you go waka commot from my office? I nodey suppose am now oh.
He left my office afterwards and I busied myself calculating what I was doing, after I was done. I came out of my office to inspect my goods. Then a man with soldiers behind him and a slender lady wearing hijab entered inside my shop, I didn’t recognize the lady at first…. Jesus!


-Oga Landlord Episode 20
I be wan run enter my shop when I realized that Aisha wasn’t joking when she said she is a wife to an Army General.
The soldiers stood at the entrance while both of them approached me.
Alhaji: is he the one you are talking about Aisha?
Aisha: yes, Alhaji. He is my business partner, he is the one selling the goods from Canada for me.
Alhaji: I thought it is a lady my mind fly is okay, how are you my friend?
Me: am fine sir we shakes hands, em hand strong like iron bender please, sir. Can we go inside my office?.
Alhaji: no problem, no problem, lets go. Lead the way.
Three of us walked to my office but we didn’t go in together as Ahaji received a call that kept him outside my office, he signaled us to go in while he is on the phone.
Aisha: I missed your dck, am even wt seeing you.
Me: egbesu! No be me and you, see Aisha. Stay away from me oh, am the only person remaining in my lineage, I no wan die young.
Aisha: Alhaji cannot do anything, I regret marrying him. Always a minute he is tired, is my parents that forced me to marry him.
Me: am I your parents? Abeg, leave me hand oh. That man resemble leader of boko haram, I no want trouble.
Aisha: nothing will happen to you, I will be giving you money anytime you service me na now you come
Alhaji: Aisha! my heart enter my mouth let us go, we will see him later.
Both of them left while I locked my office immediately, and went home. I was relaxing in my room when I started hearing people shouting on top of their voices.
Voice1: useless woman, go back to your mother’s house. I no wan marry you again.
Voice2: woooor woooor! Useless man, I dey even manage you. If no be say I don born pikin for you, I for don leave your house.
I came out of my room to see why these people will not allow someone to rest, I walked inside the compound and saw mama and papa Chinedu dragging each other. Papa Chinedu is throwing her wife things outside the compound, while mama Chinedu was putting it back. Chinedu stood n_ked watching both of them ‘causing commotion.
Tony: Papa Chinedu wetin happen? Why you wan pursue your wife?
Papa Chinedu: ask this useless woman, imagine a whole me dey f–k my wife. She dey laugh as I dey do am, when I marry her. She no get well, how manage borehole come out there? eeehhnnnn everyone shouts
Mama Chinedu: you nodey shame papa Chinedu, your p—k small pass Chinedu own. You dey here dey disgrace yourself everyone starts laughing
Papa Chinedu: that thing no be my pikin, na you know who give you that belle wey you born that n_ked madboy. You go see who dey disgrace each other here.
Papa Chinedu rushed inside his room and brought out mama Chinedu bags, and threw it outside.
Mama Chinedu: no throway my things outside oh, I nodey go anywhere. Here na my husband house.
Tony: papa Chinedu, you no want your wife again?
Papa Chinedu: I put water for my mouth, if you like am carry am dey go.
Papa Chinedu went inside the room to bring more bags outside, while Tony picked up his wife bags and carried it to his own room.
Papa Chinedu came out of his room with his wife’s bags in his hands.
Papa Chinedu: useless woman, you will leave my house today…. Who commot the bags I keep for here?
Tony: na me engineer Tony carry am, I don dey eye your wife taytay. I just dey wait for your permission.
Papa Chinedu carried all the bags he threw outside and went inside Tony’s room, and took his wife’s bags.
Papa Chinedu: useless woman, enter inside the house. Tony, no go marry oh. Hope breaker, devil!
He forced his wife and child inside the house, I went inside my room and my phone beeped. I checked it was a message from Aisha that we should meet at our usual place, she even wrote about a money transfer which I confirmed too.
With speed of light I prepared and headed to the guest house, immediately I dropped at the gate I saw four soldier men and Alhaji coming towards the gate.
I wanted to run when one of them cocked his gun, before I could beg I find myself floating in mid-air. I lost consciousness immediately, I tried to move but couldn’t move because I was tied like cow.
Voices: 1 2 3.
I was thrown into a waiting dyna, I landed with a loud thuds.


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