Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 110


Oga Landlord Episode 110

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

We were both sitted on the couch while her quantitative reasoning text book was on my laps, Johannah sat at my right hand.
She pointed at one triangular drawing in the text book which has a plus sign with circle, I no do Maths for school na how local man wan take sabi further maths and logic kwanu?


Johannah: did you see this I shake my head what of this one I shake my head this one too I shake my head

Me: I nodey see anything, I need lens to be able to read.

Johannah: alright, I will tell mommy to buy you one.

She carried her assignment book from my laps and took it to the dinning table and started working on it, she left me in peace.
I was relaxed enjoying the calmness in my soul and the aching pain in my heart.
My phone rang and I brought it out, the call was from my Aunty.

I got up from the couch in the sitting-room and walked to the hall-way of the house while my phone rang, I picked the call and placed it on my ear.

Me: aunty, good evening.

Aunty: ona don reach?

Me: yes.

She became quiet all of a sudden, I had to repeat three ‘hellos’ before she spoke again.

Aunty: I dey here, something happen when ona go.

Me: wetin happen again?

Aunty: Innocent and Evans come house to come look for you.

Me: why them dey look for me?

Aunty: about your Uncle Dede.

Me: oh! I don start to work for psychia bah? make them tie am up then jack am go psychiatric hospital, make nobody disturb my life.

Aunty: no body don mad for your lineage before, forgive him.

Me: there is first time for everything, maybe madness na em calling for the family. Aunty, good night I go call you when I calm down.

I hung up and looked back to see Johannah staring at me, she folded her arms and was looking extremely gorgeous. Fine pikin with big wahala.

Johannah: are you fine daddy? I nod

Me: daddy is perfect, oya come let me carry you.

She ran into my arms and I lifted her up, I took her to the sitting-room and then Profit invited us over to the dinning.
We were having lots of varieties as dinner, fried meats, fried potatoes, fried chicken laps, fried rice, fried plantain. We dey on fried diet that night and I can’t figure out all the fried on the table.

I jejely dey eat when that small mouth with big voice talk.

Johannah: daddy, you are not feeding mommy.

Me: she is a shy beautiful lady.

Johannah eyes widened and her mom gave me a blank expression, my head no correct tru tru. I dug my spoon in my rice and produced spoonful of rice, raised it to Profit’s face. She opened her mouth and took it staring at me, she returned the favour.

Johannah: yeeeaaaa! daddy loves mommy.

I nodded like aturu, I wasn’t myself that night even while we settled to watch a movie I couldn’t concentrate.
My mind wander off and I even slept off only for Profit to take me to the master bedroom, I had my bath and laid on the bed and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes later to see a hand holding firmly to me, it was Johannah’s little hand. I raised myself up and tried to remove the grip on my clothe.

Johannah: don’t go daddy. she mumble unconsciously

Me: I will be here always for you.

I removed her hand gently and set my feet on the marbled floor, I left the bedroom and stood on the balcony of the house.
Everywhere was illuminated, I was in deep thought concerning my Uncle’s situation. Is he worth my forgiveness?

Profit’s voice: hey, what are you doing here?

I looked back and saw her standing with her white robe, she looked dangerous with it as her robe graced her magnificent figure tightly.

Me: thinking.

Profit: about?

She came closer and I told her everything, she hugged me tightly after I told her what happened and it felt good.
It felt like I have been in that arms before, it felt so good and comforting.

Profit: you have gone through a lot, you just have to let go.

Me: am trying, em no easy.

She looked deep into my eyes searchingly, she is so beautiful and her eyes. With her admirable lips that screamed kiss me every now and then I stared at it, she leaned for a kiss and I moved a way my face.

She didn’t insist any further, she just walked away without a word. I stayed there and reasoned one or two before my phone rang, o gini for this kind night.
I checked the caller it was Ugochukwu, I picked the call.

Ugochukwu’s voice: no vex say I disrupt round two.

Me: which round two?

Ugochukwu’s voice: I know say you dey knack that fine babe, no tell me say Veronica don turn you to celibate.

Me: na wetin them send you from ona wizard meeting to come ask? who godey think of se-x with this kind circumstance?

Ugochukwu’s voice: Victor, sha… no be why I call you. We dey go Shantel their house for the introduction with my relatives tomorrow, abeg try show for your yard tomorrow.

Me: na why you call me for this kind time?

Ugochukwu’s voice: and so? na now rich men dey make calls and make moves, plan good plans. Na poor men mentality dey reason time.

He ended the call without allowing me to curse him, Ugo need cane seriously.
I went back to bed and slept off, only to feel someone tapping me.

Johannah: daddy, wake up. lets prepare for church.

Me: I open my eyes two minutes I close it back

I continued sleeping before she started disturbing me again, this girl wahala too much.

Johannah: daddy, we will be late to Church.

Me: I open my eyes five minutes I close it back

Johannah: you said earlier two minutes, how come about five minutes addition?

Profit: sweetheart, let your daddy sleep. Come lets go, he will join us another day.

Better, make this pikin leave me alone in peace. After I slept to my satisfaction, I got up from the bed and had my bath.
Brushed my mouth then took breakfast before calling Ugochukwu, he drove to Profit’s residence stopping at the gate.
I came out of the house and hopped in.

Me: drive go the seer house.

Ugochukwu: you wan always know pass your destiny.

Me: so, how far na? when your relatives go show?

Ugochukwu: them dey road.

Me: your papa no go follow them?

Ugochukwu: em don die, only my mama and my two uncles go follow come.

Me: you no get sister?.

Ugochukwu: two women no do you?

Me: so, I nofit be your in law.

Ugochukwu: I nofit give you my sister make you marry.

Me: why?

Ugochukwu: womanizer like you, you go just pieces her heart.

I shook my head and let the issue die biko, I nodey in the mood to discuss. We got to the Seer’s house and tried to push the gate as usual, it refused to give way giving us no other option than to knock.
We knocked and knocked till a young man appeared.

Man: who ona dey look for?

Me: the seer dey house?

Man: no seer dey this house..

Ugochukwu: wait… you mean say na the wrong address?

Man: no, my oga just buy this house newly from one tall guy. Em be like say the seer don die, na wetin them tell me.

I was stunned and I remembered what he told me when I came with Profit the other day, why so soon? the new news compounded my frustration as we went inside the car.
Ugochukwu was lamenting about the death of the man, while I was deeply confused.

We parked the car at the yard and came out of it, I felt the burden weighing on me.
Uche came out carrying cylinder, he tied it to his machine while Onyema his younger brother came out of the yard and saw him.

Onyema: brother, you wan go fill gas?

Uche: no, I wan sell the cylinder.

Onyema: na the only cylinder we get for this house oh, and them even dash us. I no wan go back to smoke the house stove wey you jack come from where I no know.

Uche: I wan just run around if I go see money to fill the gas.

Me: that guy no go fill that cylinder I whisper to Ugo

Ugochukwu: who tell you?

Me: that run around em dey add for that filling of cylinder tell me so.



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