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Oga Landlord Episode 126

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

The way cars and people are disappearing in the vicinity will make you think killing rampage was going on, I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Ugochukwu’s number.
Me: drive come my shop now now, them don shoot Veronica.
Ugochukwu’s voice: how? when? Jesus!!
I ended the call and went for Veronica’s struggling body. I raised her head and placed my legs under, she held my hand strongly smiling with her bloodshot eyes.
Me: no leave me.
Veronica: *chuckle weakly* I love you.
She closed her eyes and I shook her vigorously but she didn’t respond but was still breathing heavily, Ugochukwu pulled over.
Ugochukwu: carry her come.
I used all the manly strength in me to lift her up in my arms, she too get plenty meat for body.
He opened the back door and I lifted her in, and also got in the driver’s seat.
He ignited the car and we gun down the street with speed.
Ugochukwu: wetin happen?
Me: I no know, she just shout no and the next thing I see na blood everywhere.
Ugochukwu: she still dey alive.
Me: she nofit die, baby, stay alive oohh! I don buy our engagement ring, you better don’t die before I send bokoharam come land of dead.
Ugochukwu: na your own motivational quote for person wey wan die be that.
Me: focus on the road, so that we go get there fast.
We got to the hospital and he parked anyhow, I find a way to open the car door and kicked it wide open.
With the help of Ugochukwu I was able to bring her out and rushed to the counter of the ugly nurse.
Me: emergency! help! nurse!! doctor!!!
Ugochukwu: make I go meet the doctor.
Ugly nurse: oga, carry your voice down you dey disturb the hospital abeg.
Me: my fiancee dey die, I never get your time, make somebody carry her go emergency ward.
Ugly nurse: fiancee my foot, wey your police report?
Me: you dey mad, you know who I be?
Ugochukwu came out with the doctor and two nurses, one of them bearing a bed forward.
Ugly nurse: I no wan know oga.
Doctor: honourable.
I hand over Veronica to them and they lay on the bed, they moved her away to intense care unit.
I be wan escort them.
Doctor: you nofit follow us honourable.
Ugochukwu: guy, chill… nothing go do her.
Ugly nurse: sir, nothing will happen to your beautiful fiancee, God is in control.
I glared at the ugly witch behind the counter and felt like strangling her to death, no… no.. I will have to start with somebody first before her.
I went out of the hospital with Ugochukwu following me from behind.
Ugochukwu: where we dey go?
I didn’t answer him, I entered the car and mounted the wheel.
He joined me in the car staring at me, I put the car in motion and edged it into the city driving like there won’t be tomorrow.
Ugochukwu: abeg, if you wan join Vero drop me for one corner abeg.
I slowed down and took a bent and then gunned down the street, curve into GRA and then located Profit’s residence.
I blared the horn of my car at the gate non-stop but nobody opened the gate for me.
Ugochukwu: wetin we dey do here, na?
I came down from the car and marched towards the gate, but it was opened by the gateman before I could make good use of my fists.
Gateman: oga, madam don travel yesterday with small madam.
I breeze pass the gate-man and bumped into a wall or a rock as I tried to step inside the compound through the gateway formed at the corner.
I looked up and saw one of the gorilla of Profit standing immobile before me.
Me: your madam don travel? *I ask the gateman looking back*
Gateman: na wetin I dey try tell you, Oga.
Me: I no hear you na, you for shout my hear.
I turned back and went back to the car, mounted the wheel and reversed silently.
Ugochukwu was shaking his head.
Ugochukwu: I think say you go kill somebody or somebody go kill you with the anger you drive come here.
Me: the person wey I wan kill nodey there na.
Ugochukwu: and you believe wetin them tell you say she nodey inside the house, you for go check to confirm.
Me: if you help me check you go die? and Veronica dey hospital dey die.
Ugochukwu: you no remember say your fiancee dey hospital before you carry this your blood stain clothe, drive like mad person come here just to hear super story.
Me: wetin you expect me to do?
Ugochukwu: fight your way through or call police, air force, navy, soldier, because that gorilla need the combination.
Me: you know say na gorilla, na you want me to fight?
Ugochukwu: ehem na.
I hissed and drove to the hospital, we arrived at the hospital premises and I couldn’t just move my feet to get inside the hospital.
I started pacing around aimlessly at the parking lot.
Ugochukwu: try calm down, like like this you go first Veronica die sef.
Me: as you dey talk dey easy for you, you no know how I dey feel now.
Ugochukwu: make we go meet the doctor to know her condition, or you no wan follow me?
I decided to come with him, we stepped into the waiting room and find the ugly nurse eyes on us.
Ugly nurse: Honourable, we are sorry for your wife predicament.
I looked at her and hissed, we both sat on the waiting chairs.
I couldn’t just sit there doing nothing, I got up and started pacing around.
Immediately I saw the doctor, I ran to him halfway into the hallway.
Me: doctor, she dey alive?
Doctor: we able to…
I gripped his neck and choked all those medical big big grammar to his stomach.
Ugochukwu: calm down now, no be him shoot Veronica.
Doctor: she is alive but we lost the child.
I breathed in sharply..
Doctor: she…
I closed my ears with my palms and walked away, and went back to the chair.
Ugochukwu discussed with him and came back to me.
Ugochukwu: she need blood.
Me: I no know any of her relatives, make them buy the blood, money dey.



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