Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 131


Oga Landlord Episode 131

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I was speechless after she made the speech with one breathe, on another ground so Aisha is the drug dealer posing like a man in the state that has been giving government headache to uncover. Damn! that witch has many feathers.
Veronica: *rubbing her stomach* how is my baby?
Me: oh! his fine.
Veronica: nay, my baby is a she joor.
Me: whatever!
Baby wey don die na you sabi, the whole time I spent with Veronica she kept talking about our unborn child wey don kpeme.
My own na to comment and nod, she was still healing from the gunshot breaking her heart now by telling her the truth will be detriment to her well-being.
Before I even left the hospital, I met with the doctor and told him not to disclose the miscarriage to her.
Then headed to Governor’s residence after receiving a call from him concerning the election in the next day.
I ran into his wife on my way to his library, that man loved reading more than anything. I wonder who force am to be governor of the state when he usually spent all his time in his library instead of office, them go just force person to rule even when the person no know him left from right in government.
The governor’s wife dragged me to a corner, I come dey look around to check if camera godey around but none.
Madam Stella: she don tell you? *I nod* she is an agent, she has to die.
Me: no, she isn’t telling anyone. I am taking her out of the country after she has recovered.
Madam Stella: I no trust you but, make sure she leave.
I nodded and she gave me a peck before leaving me alone, I headed to the Governor’s library and I met him reading.
Me: father, you love book oh!
Governor: son, I want to be a professor.
No kind of confusion person no go encounter for Nigeria, he gave me the number of the military officer in charge of the troops assigned to my local government to deliver my local government to NPP, with the federal myth in hand Okoye go hear am.
I spent the night there and left for my local government with Ugochukwu the next morning, I had a meeting with the military head to send his boys to all the villages in my constituency, I make sure say them plenty well well for Okoye village in case the man wan do gragra.
I met with the INEC officers in charge of my LGA and loaded them with enough cash to deliver the L.G.A to NPP, then we drove to Okoye’s village afterwards with Ugochukwu driving.
Ugochukwu: you for call the man make him come out instead of us to go meet am.
Me: you too dey fear, nothing go happen.
Ugochukwu wasn’t convinced even after we met with the excos in that village to stage a peaceful protest against Okoye during the before the election tomorrow.
I gave them enough cash and make sure they took an oath to make the peaceful protest to rock the village like fire, those niggars looked like money grabbers.
Them go jack the money use am run and no go even share for those people wey go attend the protest sef that is why juju oath is safer in case them wan misbehave.
We booked a hotel then invited all the ward leaders to give them money to deliver each wards to NPP, after the meeting with the ward leaders, I made connection to invite two different groups of reporters on well known news channel to monitor the election.
The plan was to bury Okoye’s political career totally in other to weaken the two senators if they will regroup and come against us someday, if Okoye nodey relevant again them no go get better grassroot mobiliser.
Ugochukwu: you sabi waste money oh! why you invite two different reporters from different media house?
Me: you go carry one of them go monitor the election for Okoye their village.
Ugochukwu: what! you no wish me well oh! instead of you to say my friend na your time to die, enter that ocean die.
Me: soldiers dey there na and no forget say you get o deshi, Okoye no go try any nonsense when media and soldiers dey everywhere for the polling unit. You need to monitor the protest, capture every moment as em go start for morning.
He lodged in a guest house closed to Okoye’s their village with the other reporters while I took the others to my village.
I handed the reporters over to my Aunt to make sure they are well taken care of and left for the village chief’s house.
We discussed about my plan to feed the entire village next morning before they will go and vote, I no waste time meet the party agents for the three polling units we get for my village then together we visited the town crier to make the announcement
After I left the town crier house with the party agents, we made plans to feed the entire villagers before they will go and vote tomorrow morning.
They gathered some women that will do the cooking in my compound, two of the agent and Harry-P left the village to buy a cow which arrived very late in the evening while the women were busy preparing to cook.
My compound was busy as people troop in to merry, even before the election they have started feasting in my house with the many drinks I bought.
Anybody is allowed to grab a can of drink, I had a late meeting with Okoye’s party agents and promised them a huge amount of money if they won’t appear in the polling unit.
I paid them what the party paid them and even promised to pay more after we all took an oath to abide by what we had agreed that night, the crowd in my compound didn’t reduce even in late hours and I decided to hire the service of the DJ to make the place lively.
Before I slept that night I was happy with the crowd that turned in my house that night and I made sure the reporters reported that oh! Apart from my uncles that are just haters for no reason that refused to come, everyone in the village did.
I was confident in the next morning as I rose from my bed to see my village men and women coming into my compound to feast ahead of my victory brandishing their voter’s cards.
I received a call from Ugochukwu that morning.
Me: how the going?
Ugochukwu’s voice: we no sleep because of gun shot last night oh!
Me: who and who dey practice how to shoot kwanu?
Ugochukwu’s voice: Okoye boys and soldiers, I dey even hear say them wan use thugs hijack the original materials then replace am with fake ones before em go reach polling units.
Me: how far the protest?
Ugochukwu’s voice: I never waka go inside village, the gun battle still dey go on maybe later me and the reporters go check whether them don start.
Me: abeg, make sure say everything dey order.
I ended the call and put a call to the military officers in charge of the troops sent to my L.G.A, I asked him to send escorts with every electoral materials make I see how Okoye go come hijack materials.
Later that morning Joshua came to inform me that my Uncles want to see me, I came down and met the men standing.
Me: uncle, I greet ona.
Innocent: *shouting* you wicked pikin! you no wan end wetin you do your own uncle, I talk am say you be evil even before them born you.
Evans: you no lie I swear, which evil pass to make your own uncle mad so that you go win election?!
They just wanted to create scene and have people sympathy, their voices have started pulling people to the sitting-room.
Me: Aunty, abeg give my hungry uncles food and DJ abeg hammer better music for my Uncles to dance. Em no easy to get all these kind uncles, make ona no worry I go soon discover cure for madness.
People laughed at my joke even if it wasn’t funny, I went up to my room while my uncles were busy ranting like caged dogs in the sitting-room.

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