Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 136


Oga Landlord Episode 136

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

What Ugochukwu said made me laughed hard.
Me: consider yourself goat if you wan still be my guy, I be your best man for your wedding why you nofit do the same for me?
Ugochukwu: why you dey do this thing? *I shrug* wetin be your plan?
Me: I tell you say I don fall in love with Aisha and nobody go fit stop me from marrying her.
Ugochukwu: you need deliverance oh! that woman don jazz you.
Me: abeg prepare make we dey go the wedding na tomorrow.
I had to call my Aunt and my uncles to come to the wedding anyways, they were all shocked when I broke the news to them.
Ugochukwu and I drove out to buy the suit, we came back later in the night and he left for his house.
I was stressed out when I came back and I received a text message from my uncles saying that they won’t come with a message similar to Apostle Paul’s epistle.
I hissed and tossed my phone aside and slept off, Governor woke me up with a call the next morning wanting to see me.
I quickly dressed up and drove to his residence only to meet him in his library, a whole Governor. Does this man even care about the people he is governing or he was forced to be governor.
I greeted him and he made his displeasure known about me marrying someone that is too old for me.
Governor: do you know who this woman is, son?
Me: father, I really love her and I want to marry her today.
Governor: *he sigh* alright, son. I will always support you but I won’t be able to come to your wedding.
Me: is fine with me, father.
We spent some quality time talking about governance and when I will be sworn into office.
I left his house after I received a text message from Aisha concerning the venue, I was surprised is no longer in a court rather a church.
Thought it was a court wedding rather than church, this woman is just pack of surprises.
She called to confirm if I will be coming with my people, I cleared her up on that.
If is to marry her in exchange of Veronica’s life I will gladly do it. I called Ugochukwu and he arrived with Shantel, I had earlier sent the address of the venue to my Aunt.
She called on our way to the venue that they have arrived and met so many people, I didn’t understand the many people until I got there and saw many cars parked in the church.
It looked like a wedding planned before now unlike what I envisaged.
My Aunt rushed to me immediately she saw me looking sad.
Aunt: when you see woman wey you wan marry?
Me: Aunty, aahh! ahh! you no want make I marry?
Aunt: I want make you marry but no be like this.
Josh: brother, hope say your wife go get money and no stingy?
Harry-p: hope she go help me feature Davido for my next album?
Ugochukwu: na ona go tire oohh!
Me: no mind Ugogoro jare! na very nice woman.
Aunt: wetin you mean by woman?
Before Ugochukwu will open his mouth and ’cause more havoc one of Aisha’s monstrous bodyguard came to inform me to go in that the wedding procession is about to start.
I headed to the pulpit with my best man and stood there with the priest officiating the wedding standing on the aisle.
The doorbell rang and entrance door that was magnificent was opened wide presenting my bride, I inhaled looking at Aisha.
She is pretty no doubt but too old for me to marry and her witch career na top notch.
She climbed the aisle with lots ashebi or wetin ona dey call them sef brides convoy?
the coverage was carried out with well known media crew, the priest started officiating asking Aisha nonsense before turning to me.
Priest: do you take Aisha mallum as your lawful wife?
Me: umhh.. *Aisha give me one bad eye* oh! yes.
Just then I felt a cold chill something like fear and anxiety, I turned to the entrance and saw someone like Veronica standing there.
She turned facing the door with her bloodstains clothes, what she wore was extremely dirty and eyesore to anyone.
I followed her slowly ignoring all eyes on me, when she got to the door and turned blood dripping from her mouth suddenly she disappeared.
Me: Veronica!!! *I scream*

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