Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 138

Oga Landlord Episode 138

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I kept silent as I drove to Aisha’s residence parking close to her gate.
Me: come down.
Ugochukwu: to come do wetin? to even park close to the gate dey dangerous talk more to come down.
Me: help me snap me in case I no come back then use the picture as evidence since the system only prosecute thief wey them catch for hand.
He came down and followed me to the gate, when I got close to the gate.
I turned and he took a few shots and I knocked on the gate, he took several shots till I got inside the house.
One of the gorilla escorted me to were Aisha is, I wonder where the kid is, I mean my son.
She was relaxing in the balcony, I joined her and she asked the bodyguards to excuse us.
I felt like pressing her neck.
Aisha: thanks for coming, have a seat.
I sat and listened to whatever she had to say.
Aisha: my men called me yesterday and detailed what happened that day, while they were holding her hostage they were attacked and she was killed.
I felt like recording it but while touching my pocket couldn’t find any bulge that means I have dropped it in the car.
Me: the police also said so.
Aisha: the thugs that attacked my men were sent by your associate, I guess someone very close to you don’t want us to marry.
Me: you claimed to know the person who did it, why don’t you say the person’s name?
Aisha: I think the governor’s wife should know better, ask her.
Me: thank you for wasting my time.
I got up from the chair and glared at her before taking my leave but she said three words before I could go out of sight “I still love you”. That woman is totally insane or worse than an idiot.
I told Ugochukwu what she told me and he discouraged me from asking Madam Stella that she will see me as ingrate, how I wish he knows the bed stories betwixt that woman and me.
After we were sworn into office by the Governor, we were giving one million naira each to entertain our guests and supporters.
I was like aahh! for country wey them say money nodey?
I thought of what to do with the money and what came to my mind is to use it to build a massive poultry farm that will employ five to six villagers from my village.
I drove to village with Ugochukwu and asked of graduates that studied agriculture relating to poultry in my village and I got four of them, amongst four of them only one graduated from the university.
I took them to the site and contacted an engineer that will build the structure, that is five of them.
We agreed on housing thousands of birds that will produce hundred of eggs daily.
I took their numbers and asked them to meet me in my supermarket the next day to get the money to start the building first, I will make contact for the birds later.
I called Ishi to get a potent ofor that kills after three hours of going against oath without mercy, trust contractors and strangers at your own peril with your funds.
They will embezzle it and still claim that is our oyel money, nothing you fit do.
Ishi arrived before them and displayed the ofor in my office, I could feel the power of the ofor even Ishi head added more powers to it.
Me: I thank all of ona as ona come, if you know say you no wan do the work go back *no one did* if you wan do the work step forward *all of them did* now, if you know say you wan do the work to chop the money clean mouth shift back *no one did* now, before I trust you, you go swear say you no go ever use one naira from the money do something wey the money no meant for or even try use means steal the money.
Engineer: sir, I be christian I nofit swear. wetin be one million naira wey I nofit get?
Me: the work no be for you, you fit leave us. So if you wan join me to raise the poultry farm to help our people, take swear.
Ishi gave the four graduates who have been unemployed for years the ofor and they swear to abide by the plans, the engineer reluctantly swore to abide also, stingy man.
I gave him the money he claimed to build the massive poultry structure and his total payment also.
I and the other four graduates agreed on salary, but the amount was base on production and profits.
I received a call from one of the PHCN officer that one of the community in my constituency is asking them to pay marching ground before they will drop the transformer and wire the community.
Marching wetin?
I called the military man that his number was given to me by the governor and he provided six vans with military men.
I headed to that community with the military men and saw twenty or more of the village youths with some chiefs asking the PHCN officer to pay before they will give them light, madness!!
I asked the military men to round them up and instructed the PHCN officers to wire the community of darkness.
They were all taken to the local government council, I asked a lawyer to make a legal agreement.
I stood before them ashamed of the village chief who was in their midst, this is wickedness fah!
Me: ona want light or money?
Voices: money! who dey reason light?! give us government money make we chop!!
Me: no problem, if you sabi read pass like this.
Only three guys were left out with one elder, I asked the military men to share the agreement papers.
Me: if you sign that paper anybody for your lineage no go ever use that light till this world end, if you sign I go give you fifty thousand naira.
Naso all of them take confuse, they started deliberating amongst themselves.
The legal papers were all brought back without any of them been signed.
Me: so ona like light like this?
Voices: yes oohh! we no like darkness, better honourable!! honourable talk and do!!! the man of the people!!!

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