Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 139

Oga Landlord Episode 139

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

The hailings was too much and I got the subtle mention attached with it, which is “anything for the boys” many people in this country will rather pocket one thousand naira from electoral exercise than voting for infrastructures that will develop their communities.
I charted three buses to take them home and shared one thousand naira each to everyone presence, they were so happy like the money wasn’t actually coming from their taxes or from mineral resources in the land they stayed.
I was lost on the logic those happy faces operated with, is because I can’t boast of the one thousand naira I gave to them that is giving them so much joy or something else.
I thanked the military men that helped me settled the scores with some cash, I was about leaving when one of the soldier a high ranked soldier.
Soldier: oga, you try oh! see the way you dey force them to accept better thing, abeg no change we want people like you for government.
Me: thank you, I wan change my constituency story. The only thing wey dey pay for my L.G.A na crime no place to work and earn.
The military man agreed with me and left, I was in my office when the Governor called me for meeting.
I drove there and saw sixteen assembly members with him, the opposition members refused to attend the meeting.
The governor spoke at length concerning the position of the speaker and he picked me to be the new speaker, others welcomed the idea but among them was one old honourable looking rebellious.
I just picked the man as someone who I should handle personally, after the meeting was over.
I find way and related with the other members taking their numbers, I didn’t take the rebel amongst them phone number to tell him am ready for him in any ring he wanted to engage with me.
After the meeting I followed the governor out of the hall, the press were not present because it was a close door meeting.
Governor: son, how are you doing?
Me: am doing fine, father. do you think I can do the job?
Governor: yes, ofcourse you have proven beyond doubt to deliver.
We were discussing about the meeting when the other honourable that I didn’t take his number appeared.
Honourable: aahh! Honourable Victor, you no take my number?
Me: oh! sorry, I forget abeg give me.
I followed the Governor home and had a drink together before leaving, he was telling me about his daughter that will return to the country soon.
I didn’t relax at all I quickly swing to entice the opposition in the house with money, after having the support of eight members opposition on my side. I realized that all politicians are greedy people who are always ready to have more and more of public funds.
I also called the assembly members that I took their numbers that day without inviting the man that doesn’t want to support me, when the other fifteen members arrived.
I entertained them before telling them why I called the meeting, when I spoke of the Governor’s wish two or three of the members were not happy claiming that am just new to the house and I wanted to lord them.
I took the three members out and hand them over to Ugochukwu and then locked the entrance to the indoor meeting, I made sure ghana must go went round for the benefit members.
They were all smiles when the meeting ended and am very sure they will support me and are all afraid to even go against the Governor, with money they won’t be influenced anymore.
The three members came to me and asked why I took them out of the meeting and shared the goodies for those who stayed behind.
Me: my honourables, ona talk say ona no go support me na.
Honourable1: we no talk like that na, we just wan tell you say wetin the governor do, how we go even make you understand?
Honourable2: you know say our party slogan na unity, we no go fit go against the choice of the governor.
Honourable3: make we benefit wetin others benefit too.
Me: the thing don finish but later we go still meet, talk about am.
Greedy men quickly agreed pledging their allegiance, I was very quick to regard them as opposition.
They ain’t loyal to the governor and neither we they be to me, is better I have a thing on them than be their friends.
I had someone to check on the school that Aisha’s son attended and his routine, who usually pick him from school and time.
After I got all the details I sent Anderson and Rufus, with three others to stall the driver that usually pick the child from school by fighting each other with hired cars on the road that the driver always drive through.
While I and Ugochukwu drove to the school to pick the kid up, I wanted to lay my hands on that child. shebi Aisha talk say na my pikin why she no gree my near am?
Ugochukwu: you sure say the pikin go come outside the gate, cars dey drive in they pick the children make we drive enter.
Me: you talk truth if we wait here further we no go fit take the pikin.
I parked the car and we walk inside the school, oh men rich people they different world from poor people I swear for this country.
Different cars were taking children, I sighted the kid and we both went to pick him up.
Me: are you Johnson?
Johnson: yes, did my mommy send you?
work made easy, we both nodded at once and the kid followed us.
The gateman on sighting us started hailing honourable, I just know say all the praise and worship na because of money.
I gave him something to hold his side.
Johnson: I usually see you in TV? are you Honourable Victor?
Me: yes, you are a smart kid.
I touched his head and went round signaled Ugochukwu to put the kid in the car so that we can leave there.
Immediately I sat down on the driver’s seat.
Johnson: I want to poo.
Ugochukwu: the boy wan shit oohh!
I didn’t answer the kid quickly ran inside the school while we waited for thirty minutes he didn’t return.
Me: you be sisi oh! you no know say that pikin been dey pretend?
Ugochukwu: how I wan take know ehnn? like father like son.
We waited for more minutes but the kid didn’t even come out of the school, I wonder where he get that evil antics to deceive him papa.
We just have to drive out when I sighted the car the child’s driver usually come to pick him with.
Me: I wonder which kind brain you dey use, common to kidnap small pikin you nofit.
Ugochukwu: and who tell you say I get career for kidnapping or I wan start one.
I dialed Anderson to ask if they are fine because I don’t trust Aisha and all those her gorillas.
Me: where ona dey?
Anderson’s voice: police station.
Ehnn.. this woman no get joy at all oh!

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