Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 140


Oga Landlord Episode 140

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I turned to Ugochukwu.
Ugochukwu: why you dey look me like that?
Me: them say them dey inside police station.
Ugochukwu: why you dey tell me? drive make we go meet them.
Me: no na, you know say Aisha go suspect say na me send them.
Ugochukwu: which person sense you wan use? no be you bring out this failed ideas? Aisha wey dey Abuja how she go take know?
Me: na wa for you oohh! you nofit help person go there on my behalf.
I hissed and we drove to the police station, thank God them never lock them up.
I met with the officer in charge and he said Aisha asked him to hold them, I past brown envelope around and they were all released from police clutches.
We came out of the police station with Anderson, Martins, and Rufus.
Me: ona no try oh! just imagine ona nofit make those people stay there for an hour.
Anderson: we try, until police and some gorillas appear tie us come police station.
Ugochukwu: we thank God say ona still dey alive.
Oga Rufus: Honourable talk and do *I raise my hand*
Me: I don change am to Face of Assembly.
Oga Rufus: okay, hope say the mission dey accomplish?
Martins: *shining* I wan chop the benefit of my labour.
Me: which labor? the one wey you labor like Nigeria past heroes? abegi, make we dey go.
We all left the station to our different locations, I stayed around Government residence.
Mehnn.. life in that area is on different class, I planned on how to get Aisha’s son abi no be she say na our son? our son through court.
I thought about different possibilities and one idea pop-in, I planted cameras around my compound for the final strategy.
The poultry building was finally completed and the engineer called me to inspect it, he built four different self-contains for those who will be taking care of the birds.
A house for the security that will watch the area, I planted cameras around the compound and make sure the fences were made of jump and die.
A largely built four birds house that will be housing the layers, I contacted someone that will be supplying quality feeds after taking oath.
The business started in ernest, when the Month ended I had an alert of ten million naira.
I haven’t done anything yet as a honourable and such mammoth cash have grigri in my political account.
We converged in the house and I was made the speaker after thoroughly dealing with my opposition.
With allowances adding to the mammoth cash I was been payed, I looked for a site and started a nice city library which isn’t anywhere in the State.
I made sure I built it in the village close to the express-way for my next agenda, with too much money the building was built so fast that in space of four Months it was completed and I named it after the governor.
I even asked him to commission it and he was so happy, I just dey hype say he is interested in revamping education in the whole state.
I was just reasoning to develop my constituency against the other constituency.
The state university doesn’t have two faculties which are management and humanities, I proposed a bid on it and the governor approved it.
I met with the community and had a sweet dialogue with them about the lands that the project will be carried out, after promising the villagers cleaner and non-academic staff jobs they were ready to give their lands.
I prepared another site opposite the university that I wanted to make another income centre, one hundred self-contains with shopping mall and five stars hotel.
I built a market and a park around the university area, the projects were on going when I hired some boys to kidnap Aisha’s son I knew she will definitely come for me so I made sure the camera are fully active.
Ugochukwu: you sure say this your crazy plans go work?
Me: why not? she go surely vex come here.
My phone rang and I picked it, it was from the boys that I sent.
Voice: boss, it is done.
Me: hope they are safe.
Voice: yes, boss.
An hour later cars drove in with their numbers inside my compound, I came out and saw Aisha with lots of thugs with guns, she sef dey hold gun.
Before I left the sitting-room I already called the boys to release her son and her driver immediately and hand their phones over.
Aisha: where is my son?!
Me: you mean our son?
Aisha: don’t joke with me, Jax turn the house upside down.
The gorillas rushed in Ugochukwu was behind me, instead of him to be in the front and die for his leader, yeye citizen.
Aisha pointed a gun at me.
Aisha: where is he?
Me: why are you asking me all these useless questions?
Her thugs returned and reported that the child isn’t inside, she insisted that I should produce her son.
She received a call from the child’s driver before she finally left my house with her gorillas.
Ugochukwu: you sabi risk your life for mumu things ehnn.
Me: no worry, you go see the benefit of this foolishness very soon.
I called my lawyer and delivered the footage to him and also sent him the dna test result, Aisha see you in court.

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