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Oga Landlord Episode 141

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

The appointment of new party chairman in the L.G.A kicked in this period, I had to stall the case against Aisha for my political gain and made sure the footage was leaked online to be talk of the day.
Different blogs, media teams, I even made sure that lawyers were invited to studios to analyze the situation in my favour.
The news was getting hot everyday and Aisha will be feeling the heat, the real heat is coming anyways.
Back to the drawing board I set in to get a perfect candidate for my L.G.A party chairman, one pot-belle man was trying to get the position claiming he is old and experienced blablabla.. that he has been in the party long enough to earn that position.
Such a person had his own personal agenda so I kicked him out of the group, the man was pulling weights and I knew Okoye is behind him and the best thing I could do is to study his past and I used it against him.
I created him in the big failure picture that anyone who wanted to come against me in my L.G.A will be giving a space there, Okoye was the chief embezzler of the L.G.A funds, I made a slogan for the man “where you drop our oyel money”.
with this slogan his own supporters were against him over night, I went for a young and energetic party chairman and selected.
Before I forward his name I made sure he took an oath, I gave it to the village that haven’t smell the corridor of power and the praise was warming to my heart.
After the selection of the new party chairman, the next in line was excos and I personally did an exclusive lists of those who are my die hard supporters.
I didn’t just put their names there without them paying their allegiance through oath that can ’cause them their life if they betray, money can make any human being dance a different song from the one he/she is suppose to.
My plans were perfecting as I wished to displace Okoye and his political structure completely from grassroot, the next thing that got my attention was terrorist running havoc.
I knew this are Okoye boys trying to disrupt the peace of my constituency, and those idiots are from my constituency.
cultism and nonsense ingredients, I didn’t even smile at them.
I made all the connections I could make even bringing in police and soldiers, total state of security in my constituency when three people were shot dead.
Those boys were even shooting with soldiers and policemen, I was like ehnn! these children have smoked away their destinies.
Ugochukwu and I were in my sitting room in my new residence in the Government residence area when the call came in reporting a soldier and a cop were shot dead in my constituency.
Ugochukwu: so wetin you wan do? you know say if you no get better plan your constituency go be war zone.
Me: this new plan now go scatter their cultism and stupidity.
I called the governor and told him if he can create a chance for me that I have people that are wiling to join the military to fight the menace of boko haram, he called me later that if those people are ready to join that they will all be assigned to go to Sambisa.
I was so happy, since they are about creating another Sambisa in my constituency why can’t they go to the real Sambisa instead of re-creating one.
I made these forms available for them in form of amnesty, and those useless guys took it up.
Their leader refused but I was able to convince his assistant and many of his terrorist gang to drop arm and join military where they will be Nigeria Rambo, all the strong men picked the form with mago-mago they were all certified as military officer and were zoomed to Sambisa.
The others who were claiming their own no good were taken care of, and in the process I made informats to inform me of any cultism activities in the villages, is better you take care of it earlier than later.
The local Government election set in and I choose councillors from villages in wards that haven’t produce one since they existed in those wards.
They took an oath to pay me one hundred thousand naira since they will be earning in millions every Month and also took an oath to give half of their salaries to their wards developments and the other half for themselves.
I personally hand picked the chairman since the governor was fully in support of me, I was able to dictate and run the local government with the obedient sub-ordinates.
Secondary schools were been re-built in the Local Government with pace that other Local Governments were wondering were the funds were coming from.
The extension university was a top-notch having CCTV cameras around the school in case of any kind of cultism plans, the housing was completed.
The mall was owned by me and the local government, the new market and park were the best in the whole country and those who were in charge of collecting tax for the L.G.A took a life oath.
Every worker involved in maintaining and running of these properties took a life oath, so things were going fine and a platform for lodging complaints was made available for the Local Government populace.
The L.G.A were starting new businesses to benefit the populace, big poultries and we boasted of roads without the help of the Governor.
Other local government workers were complaining of non payment of salaries while ours are boasting of increment, I was impressed when I learnt of how people were rushing to my L.G.A to earn a living from the numerous poultries and goat farms scattered around the L.G.A, roads were fixed rapidly and in other to boast the security of the L.G.A.
Cameras were installed in the streets to enable the police control crime in my L.G.A, I called my lawyer and the case was fixed.
I have already made plans to counter any surprises from Aisha, with the numerous people singing my praise in my L.G.A and other Local Government populace were begging me to teach their politicians how I did it. I come dey wonder wetin I wan tell greedy people wey wan save their money to win the next election that Nigeria is practicing monecracy instead of democracy.
We all appeared in court and my lawyer started blowing plenty grammars on top Aisha and him lawyer.
My lawyer: why did you want to kill my client?
Aisha’s lawyer: objection my lord!.
Judge: objection over-ruled.
Judge wey be my own man, ona go tire oh!
Aisha: he kidnapped my son even his school’s security knew of his first attempt.
My lawyer: how can a father kidnap his own son?
Naso the DNA result reach judge hand, the man study am ask Aisha wetin she get to say.
Aisha: he isn’t recognize as his father, because he raped me.
My lawyer: can you provide an evidence concerning your claim?
Aisha: yes, but not today.
Judge: court rise, the case have been adjourn till tomorrow.
No joy just some hours space, I will help her and provide evidence on her behalf if she can’t.
That night I made some calls and everything was in order, the next morning we appeared in the court and Aisha was asked to provide evidence for the rape she claimed.
Carry plenty medical reports pass for judge table, I wonder where on Earth she forged those real papers, na wa oohh!
Judge: aside this, are their no further evidence or someone to testify?
Naso Olamide appear for courtroom, even the security nofit stop am.
Me: wetin you come do for here? you leave shop *I surprise*
Ugochukwu: why you dey disgrace us, we dey courtroom.
Olamide: I wan testify to the rape.
Aisha looked confuse but when them ask am say whether she know Olamide she agree. She even agree say make Olamide testify, she is on God sha.

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