Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 142


Oga Landlord Episode 142

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

He walked into the box and he was given a bible since he said he is a christian to swear, he swear fearlessly if na the gods he won’t try it. Aisha’s lawyer got up and adjusted his coat then moved over to him.
Aisha’s lawyer: can you tell the court what happened that day?
Olamide: yes, this Madam *pointing at Aisha* came to our supermarket to strike a deal with my boss after that day she came again, that was her last visit.
Aisha’s lawyer: so what happened on her last visit?
Olamide: I was attending to a customer when he made an inquiry of an information from me which I can’t give, I got up and went to my boss’s office only to find this lady here struggling and fighting off my boss who was determine to have her.
Aisha’s lawyer: why didn’t you alert the police or call for help?
Olamide: I couldn’t ’cause I couldn’t do without my salary that Month, my mom was sick and my father wasn’t in a financial position to pay for her hospital bills.
Aisha’s lawyer: my lord with this summation the accused is guilty as charged.
Aisha lawyer walked back to seat and sat while my lawyer took the stage.
My lawyer: in your family who do you love most?
Olamide: my mother then my father.
My lawyer: how are they doing right now?
Olamide: the..y a…re fine *sweating already*
My lawyer: can you call them to confirm if they are truly safe?
Aisha’s lawyer: objection my lord!
Chief judge: objection over-ruled.
This Aisha lawyer stay one place and stop confusing the thunder, my Lawyer asked him to put a call to his parents which he did and a man voice thunder.
Voice from phone: hope say you don do am? make sure say you do am if you want make your mama and papa dey alive.
Everybody in the courtroom started making disbelief noise, Aisha turned to me.
I winked at her and blew a kiss to her, she frowned and faced her front.
My lawyer: it has been proven that the accuse have defamed my client and also have the tendency of violence at any slight provocation, are this kind of people able to raise and nurture a minor in the direction the society want?
Aisha: he isn’t his son, his not his father *screaming in the courtroom*
Chief judge: silence in the courtroom.
The mad woman refused power is intoxicating sha.. We took tea break. The judge left while Aisha was ordered by the court to bring the child, me and Ugochukwu dey one corner dey chill when Olamide came to beg.
Olamide: good afternoon, sirs.
Me: Olamide my boy! how far?
He was surprise anyway, was he expecting me that set the trap that he wasn’t aware of to be angry.
I forgave him and asked him to run down to shop while I ordered my boys to release his parents.
Ugochukwu: you don dey bad well well, how you go do that kind thing?
Me: if I no do am I no go win that woman and there is no way I go even get that pikin apart from this sense I use.
He supported what I said, Aisha son was brought to court due to Aisha disagreement that am not the father of the boy I was asked to run a test with the minor.
I took his blood sample and headed to hospital immediately, the court was adjourned tomorrow.
The test came out and I met with the doctor to confirm if Aisha is lying or saying the truth.
Doctor: this result here showed that you are not the father of the boy.
Ugochukwu: I talk am.
Me: wetin you talk? Doctor so I no be the father at all.
Doctor: yes.
Even if I am not the boy’s father, Aisha had already done enough to loose the boy to me.
I took the result and headed home to prepare how I will father the boy from tomorrow, the next morning I woke and prepared to head to the court.
One mind tell me say make I switched on the television and I did, a female broadcaster appeared on the screen.
Broadcaster: judge Akintola Tony is dead, details will be reported shortly.
I went for my phone and dialed the judge number presiding my case with Aisha only to be told by one of his family member that the man has joined his ancestor.
I never even digest that one when letter fly come my hand that the case has been moved to Abuja, which case again?
Aisha 600years of suffering for you, nonsense and ingredients. Abuja fire! am not going anywhere, I get immunity joor.

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