Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 143


Oga Landlord Episode 143

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I ignored the letter and awaited who will drag me from my house to Abuja for court hearing, their head don shift I swear.
I concentrated in my L.G.A building goat ranch in all the villages with poultry farms.
I built cool room in the centre of the local government that layers are brought from my poultry farms to froze it, we built a modular refinery with private partners.
The project wear trouser abeg, I was in the site when Madam Stella called me.
I picked up the call.
Me: good afternoon, ma.
Madam Stella’s voice: baby, I need you now sweetheart.
Me: I dey for site oh.
Madam Stella’s voice: get over here I am so horny, I need you.
I ended the call and switched off my phone, my head is paining me can’t come and be enduring one yeye nagging from that lady.
We walked around the site making observation, after the inspection I went home to rest.
I slept off and woke up late in the night then switched on my phone, I received a text message from Madam Stella.
I opened it
“You dare switch your phone on me, am going to deal with you”
Is high time I deal with this woman before her feathers will expand to swallow me up, I called Mikel and he picked up the call.
Mikel’s voice: you still get my number? you no try at all, man wey show you road na you forget like this.
Me: my brother man this one you dey yarn like this, how I go forget person wey make me who I be today.
Mikel’s voice: thank God you know, I for don talk say you don get selective amnesia. So how far na?
Me: on God, you fit help me run guy wey fine well with big blokos?
Mikel’s voice: when you turn to gay, my brother?
Me: God forbid, I nofit leave toto dey pursue strong yansh. Abeg, just look for that kind person for your manny..
Mikel’s voice: no wam, by tomorrow I don deliver.
Me: send me your account number my wire you some mill.
Mikel’s voice: face of assembly! man wey sabi how to run parole.
Me: na me, minister of internal and external ashewo affairs.
We concluded the call and I sent him money before I slept off, the next morning I drove out my residence which isn’t far from the governor’s residence.
Getting to the governor’s residence I met Alicia, so Ugochukwu didn’t send the flat head to jail.
Something is fishy about her presence in the house, I went inside and find Her excellency with another lady.
I greeted her but she just threw question at me straight.
Madam Stella: did you switch off your phone on me?
Me: I didn’t, my battery was drain didn’t charge before leaving for the inspection of the project.
Madam Stella: how is going?
Me: tough, I want to speak with Father.
Madam Stella: he is in.
I went inside his library and find him reading, I sensed that the man agility is dying slowly.
Me: father, good morning.
Governor: son, have a seat.
I sat with him and asked about his health, he told me not to worry that he is fine.
But he doesn’t look fine to me, I told him about the refinery and he promised the state will intervene.
I was happy and left them after having breakfast with his family, he told me his daughter will be returning very soon that they will be going to US to do something something and then his daughter will return, I don’t care!
I went back home and called Mikel after instructing Jack my personal aid to form my solid intermediaries before him in accepting Mikel’s offer.
Mikel: face of assembly, my man. I don prepare your package oh!
Me: no be my own, na one guy talk say my make contact, but hailings I believe your ministry.
Mikel: hops say the person get muscles to handle the bills.
Me: I don’t know, he will be coming to do the business himself, na ona go settle am.
We talked about personal issues and hung-up, I asked Jack to look for any guest house for a total rent one day.
I texted Madam Stella the address of the guest house.
She was just bombarding my phone with text messages, on the fixed day I lodged in the guest house with Victor and also the other guy lodged in the same guest house as Victor.
I asked receptionist to point to the other guys room since the room number will be similar in few figures.
Three hours later Madam Stella called me and informed me of her presence in the vicinity, I told her am going to wash up that the receptionist will direct her to the room.
I saw her walked to receptionist desk with the camera staged in there and then she went into the room to meet the guy, I have already instructed the guy to get into the bathroom with the number that the man contacted him uses, I also instructed him to ask her to join him in the bathroom.
Immediately she saw the clothes on the marbled floor, she stripped naked and entered the bathroom where the guy was backing the door.
Po-rnstar first lady I hail oh, she hugged him from behind and grabbed his hard di-ck stroking it while dropping kisses on his back.
Konji can make person blind oh! I was just enjoying the view in my room. The guy na all those tramadol crew wey nodey reason before them grab person mother like who-re and start molesting.
The guy turned her and spread her a-ss for pen-etration ministration, the fu-ck up be say I nodey get any sounds is still better.
When they are in action I called her several times since I know say she no go pick, I went out of my room and met the receptionist to pretend like I didn’t see her entering they don’t even know of the camera.
She affirmed and I went to knock on the door of the room, nobody cared to open it.
I called her several times but she dey enjoy some dicking in the bathroom with one tramadol crew, I took my things and asked Jack to dismantle the cameras when she leaves.
Mission completed and link broken, before they will look for the guy that Jack directly linked to.
He will be in Dubai, I sent Jack some money to run his visa some weeks ago.
When I got home I packaged the footage for future purpose, and put a call to Ugochukwu when I remembered about Alicia.
Me: guy, why you no arrest Alicia again?
Ugochukwu’s voice: which Alicia? the Alicia wey I know dey kirikiri dey chill with top criminals.
Me: your own version of kirikiri na governor’s house?
Ugochukwu’s voice: I no understand, wetin you dey talk?
Me: I talk say you be mumu.
And I hung up on him before he will vomit more nonsense, local man isn’t happy.

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