Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 146


Oga Landlord Episode 146

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Ugochukwu: chaaaiii! *exclaimed* the gods nodey happy with you at all!
Me: wetin you mean by the gods nodey happy with me?
Ugochukwu: you no see how mad man dey call you mad man too? it takes a mad man to recognize another of his brother man.
Me: mr explainer I don hear you, the mad man point me hand? no! no be two of us dey this car? yes! if them examine both of us now na you go be get the qualities of potential mad man.
Ugochukwu: aru! how responsible married man like me go get qualities of potential mad man? you don dey take coke?
Me: free me abeg.
I started the car and shifted it to the road then gunned down the street, some minutes later we were in my residence.
He took his car and drove home while I went inside, took my shower and had decent dinner.
I sat on my bed and thought of what the mad man said but nothing was adding meaning to my condition, maybe his madness is on terrorist level-up then.
I slept up then woke up the next day and prepared to visit the hospital, I got a call from Ugochukwu that he will be joining me later.
I had to go on my own to the hospital located the ward the nurse is and was surprised to see different faces around that place in deep sorrow, I opened the door and find two old couples inside lamenting.
Me: what happened? am I in the wrong place? doctor where is the nurse?
Doctor: sorry, sir. We lost her.
I didn’t even know when tears left my eyes suddenly, I felt pained when her body was taken to the mortuary.
I had to go with her parents to discuss about my little girl, her parents weren’t that rich the girl was really helping them train up three of her younger ones.
I gave the three scholarship and promised to sponsor their daughter’s burial and also continue sending them up-keep, I allowed them be with the little girl for awhile to comfort them with her presence.
I needed to know where all this ugly situations were rearing head from, Ugochukwu and I went in search of someone who will tell me what is happening.
Ugochukwu: why you carry your pikin give those people wey dey cry like that, mehnn! who go take care of the child emotions?
Me: you want make I just hijack the child when them dey grief their daughter death? be calming down even their daughter spirit no go happy with me.
Ugochukwu: I don hear you Mr. spiritual.
I laughed at the silly name and drove faster to the prophetess we had gone to meet to prophecy to us sometime ago, I parked at the road side and we walked bare-footed to her chamber.
Prophetess: why have you come here? you are the ’cause of your troubles.
Me: I know, but how can I know the solution to my problem, how can I fight this?
Prophetess: your problem is your shadow, you can’t run away from it you will either suffer for your mistakes or re-write them.
Me: I don’t understand you, why are people around me dying?
Prophetess: you took an oath for it, now it has come to haunt you, now leave! leave my chambers!!
Ugochukwu: guy come make we dey go.
I for no commot there until she say all she had seen instead of whining me, Ugochukwu dragged me out of the place.
Ugochukwu: which time you take oath say make all your babes dey die, you don join occult?
Me: your brain give your sense smackdown? when you see me join occult, I no even remember taking oath for anything.
Few days I picked up my daughter from her grandparents home and took her ti my house, I had ordered a nanny to clean up her room and set it to a wonderful baby room with plenty of toys to play with.
She was so happy about the room and I took her to one of the best primary school and enrolled her in.
The Governor and his wife returned I took her with me to visit them, the Governor was very fond of my daughter but his wife was keeping walls around the little girl.
Madam Stella: how is her mother?
Me: she died not quite long.
Her reaction shocked me if I was dealing with human or beast, she just nodded and went about everything like I never told her about someone’s has lost her life.
I took the kid with me and went about shopping, even taking her to the park to play with her fellow kids. Time to time she will be asking me about her mother, I told her she has travelled and will be moving around the air watching us.
She will jump up and shout
Baby: my mommy is a super-woman.
I come dey wonder who tell am that one sha.. The next day I was busy supervising some drainage plans in my L.G.A when I had a call from Governor to pick up his daughter.
I abandoned the work for the Chairman to handle it and drove straight to the airport, I just dey look around to see the girl.
Voice: are you Victor?
with British accent too, I just dey admire her oyigbo skin and fine face with Nigeria shape.
This girl and Profit godey wrestle who fine pass I swear.
Me: I am.

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