Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 147

Oga Landlord Episode 147

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Governor’s daughter: you look too young to be a politician.
Me: do you like them old? *I wink at her*
Governor’s daughter: what the fu-ck! no *smiling*
I helped her load her luggage in the booth while she took the passenger seat with me at the front, I drove out of the airport to be welcomed with one wicked traffick.
Governor’s daughter: this road is hell, damn! what the fu-ck is the Governor doing? with the human resources and mineral resources in our disposal we should be better than this.
Me: your dad is the governor.
Governor’s daughter: damn! look at that young girl hawking, what is up with these guys harassing somebody, is that police?
The girl was just complaining upadan like his father didn’t contribute in wrecking the State and Country as large, I could feel the pains that where she is coming from is a heaven compared to the hell she called home.
Those pot-bellied agbada politicians doesn’t care about the condition of the country, they are all cashing out in case Nigeria collapse any day they will be one million miles away from the wreckage.
I drove into the Governor’s residence and parked my car, the maids were all out to welcome their small madam. The governor and his wife were out waiting for us, she came out of the car and rushed to hug her dad.
It seem she loved her dad more than her mother, wetin concern me? I brought out her luggage and hand them over to the maids.
Governor: my beautiful Sassy, how was your trip down here?
Sassy: it is a fu-cking experience I can’t even get through it dad, mom. give me a kiss, missed you.
Madam Stella: *peck her* baby, you should know how to use your swear words, is getting out of hands.
I tire for your daughter too oh! just be fu-cking everything upadan, she went in with her daughter while her husband invited me over to his relaxation bar.
We both sat and he cleared his throat to speak.
Governor: how do you see my daughter? son.
Me: she is a nice sweet beautiful girl, father.
Governor: very good, how do you see her as your wife?
Me: I can only wish, father.
Governor: I want you to be my son in law, marry her. I believe you will be a better governor and change things in the state, my daughter has a great vision too. With her by your side I can be assured the state is in a good hands.
Me: I will think about it father, I have to leave.
He started coughing hysterically almost scaring me out of my wits, I had to offer him water immediately before he relieved and thanked me. I just noticed the man doesn’t look healthy to me nowadays, I drove to pick up my child in school.
She was all smiles telling me how she loved her new school, she is very sensible as a little kid and very smart also always asking when her super woman mother will return from saving lives.
I always take Baby everywhere I go on weekends and always took my time to read her bed time stories and also make her forget her mother, but the girl sabi ask big big question.
Baby: but dad, why did mommy choose being a super woman over me? *about to cry*
Me: daddy loves you very much, do you love daddy?
Baby: yes, I love daddy very much.
Me: then give daddy a kiss.
She quickly kissed me and I seized the opportunity to put her to sleep, I kept on getting messages from Madam Stella to stay away from her daughter, this woman don smoke again.
The Governor on his side asked me to take Sassy out for dinner and get to know each other, I came over and picked her up then took her to the beach with me.
We were walking along the river line when she started acting like a detective.
Sassy: you don’t like me very much.
Me: who told you that?
Sassy: my instincts, is so fu-cking cold out here *smiling*
Sassy: what kind of girls do you like? My dad said you are a bachelor.
Me: yes, I am. I love them Africa
Sassy: like I am not much of Africa, is that why you don’t fu-cking like me?
Me: otuocha! I like you.
Sassy: what the fu-ck is oto.. whatever that means.
Me: it means beautiful girl.
Sassy: alright, it sound nice tho.
Me: aturu! How about this?
Sassy: *she nudge me* what does that mean?
Me: a brilliant girl.
I started hearing music, I got up and asked her to follow me so that we can join those who were dancing.
We came around the beach party area and saw people dancing, babes and niggars rocking each other.
She started nodding like agama lizard moving sway to the beats, I asked her for dance and she accepted jumping like okoro, but her twerking mad sha.. as she rock on my prick it was just confirming the softness of her behind.
I had to cut the fun short because of my daughter, it feels good to be daddy sha.. You no go understand the feelings.
I drove her home and she made me promise to take her out more often, I took her inside and saw her parents in the sitting-room.
Her father was happy but Madam Stella was finding it funny at all.
Governor: how was your outing sweetheart?
Sassy: dad, I had mad fun. but dad with is ot..o.. I can’t seem to pronounce it.
Me: I will take my leave.
Naso I rush go outside but Madam Stella just appear outside calling me to stop.
Madam Stella: Vic, I don’t want you to have anything to do with Sassy, remember she is my only daughter.
Me: why?

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