Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 148


Oga Landlord Episode 148

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Madam Stella: she is my daughter! stay away from her.
Me: I have heard you.

I walked away because there is camera around that place, I drove home and met my little kid in the dinning table.
I checked the time is already ten pm wondering why her nanny didn’t put the kid to bed.
Baby: daddy!

I picked her up as she ran to me and gave her a smack kiss on her cheek.
Me: baby, why haven’t you sleep and where is your nanny?
Baby: I was waiting for you daddy, I missed you. Your food is in the dinning.
Me: you are such a sweet little girl.

I carried her over to the dinning and saw my food plates thoughtfully arranged on the dinning table, I ate while she insist on feeding me.
After I had dinner I put her to bed and went to sleep, the next morning the kid ran to my room doing jumpy jumpy on my bed.
Baby: daddy! wake up!! good morning.
Me: lemme sleep small, baby.
Baby: nooo! I am jumping, daddy come and bath me.

Her maid appeared in the room after knocking, I told her to take her but the kid refused to go. I decided to leave the room for her and her maid to help her bath.
I went to the sitting-room and lay on the couch then slept off.
I saw myself standing before Veronica crossing her hands around me and hugging me tightly, she kissed my cheek and used her hand to touch my lips.

I opened my eyes and saw two pairs of eyes looking deeply into my own, my brain came back to reality and I realized it was a cat sitting on me.
I quickly throw it away forcefully away from my body tumbled over the couch.
Me: holy ghost fire! I start praying fire fire! witch evil cat!!

The cat meowed and climbed the table looking at me, I was behind the chair thinking why I don’t have olive oil in my house to cast such a stubborn witch in form of cat.
When I was about turning into a radical christian with iron bar and speaking in tongues Sassy appeared looking at me with shock registered on her face.

Sassy: what the fu-ck? are you gonna hurt Momo?!
Me: can you stop fu-cking? that cat is a village witch who has came all the way from village.
Sassy: Momo! the cat run to her and she pick it up you must be fu-cking kidding me, Momo is my pet.
Me: pet kwa! na wa for you oohh! Tell he or her to stay away, biko.

I asked her who showed her my house because I haven’t taken Sassy to see my home, I knew my residence and that of her parents are quite close.
She told me that she missed me and came to visit me, I welcomed her in and Baby came out looking all smart and happy.
Baby: daddy, am done washing ready to go to school
Me: I carry her up you look cute honey, I kiss her forehead
Baby: thanks daddy, good morning aunty.
Sassy: morning, Baby. is he your daddy?
Oyigbo people and their straight forward questions she didn’t even find it awkward to ask such questions like that, she just gave it straight ahead without diplomatic approach.
Baby is a big mouthed kid who gave her everything in details including her superwoman mom who is busy flying and saving lives, Sassy understood that am just fooling the little kid.

After we had breakfast and the driver with her Nanny took Baby to school, I was alone with Sassy.
Sassy: what the fu-ck is that? why did you lie to the kid about her mother’s whereabout?
Me: she made the superwoman up herself, I can’t tell her mom is dead, she is too young to understand.
Sassy: I was told you ain’t married, how come about the sweet kid?
Me: there are other ways you know.
Sassy: what the fu-ck! naughty you.

I told Sassy that I will going to have a shower and then join her, I took my bath then dressed to start the rebuilding of the General Hospital that looked like abandoned British shrine in my L.G.A.

Sassy came along and we went ahead in planning about the new look of the hospital, I gave a contractor that is under the oath of behaviour.
Sassy is a very smart lady with her thought out speeches and the respect she command while making suggestions, I believe the project will be laudable.

She looked hurting when we returned from the inspection, she nearly stopped fu-cking when I told her that is the Government owned hospital that doesn’t render free services but in shambles.

Sassy was fond of Baby as they made a great bond, Baby stopped talking about her mother whenever I want to put her to bed.
I was in the site when I received a call that the Governor is terribly sick, I rushed down because he will be taken out of the country soon.
I met him in the private hospital were he is been prepared to be flee out of the country, I was invited in and others were asked to leave the room.
Me: father, nothing will happen to you.
Governor: son, promise me you will marry my daughter and become the Governor.
Me: I promise, father.

He gasped and his breathing became laboured, I had to call on the team of doctors that rushed in to handle the situation.
Madam Stella wasn’t showing much of feelings but Sassy was crying like a little baby, I had to take her home with me.
We were later called that the Governor gave up the ghost.



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