Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 149


Oga Landlord Episode 149

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Sassy was crying like a little baby in my bedroom, I just had to pat and rock her so that she won’t cry louder because she looked funny while doing that. I was visibly pained by the news and also felt like crying but two people nofit cry the same time now, who go comfort who kwanu?
I raised her face up and looked deeply into my eyes, her face an inch from mine. She closed the gap and her lips touched mine, her tongue slid into my mouth ‘causing exciting sparks in my belly.
My hands moved to the back of her head as we kissed hungrily, she tugged at my t-shirt and I raised my hands up and she pulled it off from my body.
Her palm ran on the flesh of my chest and she resumed the kiss this time with precision on getting ourselves naked, we tugged and pulled at our out-fits till they all left our body.
She pushed me to the bed and I lay flat on the bed my hard di-ck standing ere-ct, she climbed the bed and suspended betwixt my legs and bent over facing my hard amu.
Sassy: nice co-ck *jer-king my di-ck*
Me: umhh..
She took me in inch by inch till she had me in her thr-oat, she pulled away and breathed then went again repeating same action.
She started su-cking me faster cupping my balls, tingling feelings was shooting all over my body as she gave me the best blo-wjob of my life.
Me: aahh! oohh! *I mo-an*
Sassy: umh.. umh..
She stopped su-cking me and winked at me, she climbed over and aligned my hard amu to her opening. She lowered herself and I was impaled in her we-t hole slowly slowly she took me rubbing her cli-t.
Sassy: aahh! oohh! fu-ck, you are so big.
Me: aahh!
I closed my eyes to understand where the sweet sensation was coming from, we had two rounds of se-x before we got exhausted and called it a quit.
Me: Sassy, we h…
Sassy: shhhh! I know, I like it. I wanna sleep, cuddle me.
I obeyed and cuddled her, she drifted to dreamland and I also joined her in sleeping.
I woke up only to see my daughter staring at both of us like alien, Sassy also woke up and saw Baby arms akimbo.
She stood before the bed studying both of us, the look on her face almost made me laugh.
Baby: what are you doing with my daddy?
Sassy looked helpless and I had to cut in before she gave her an answer, the girl pass where them dey mad finish oh!
Me: Baby, go and change uniform so that we all can have dinner.
Baby: yaaahh! I love you Daddy, am so famish.
She opened the door and left Sassy looked at me.
Sassy: that was close.
Her phone rang suddenly and she got down from the bed naked, I just dey admire her backside when she dey make call without listening to whatever she was discussing with the caller, that yansh sweet die when I knack am for doggystyle.
I was busy staring at her backside without knowing she ended the call already, she turned and I looked away immediately.
Sassy: you are looking at my a-ss?
Me: yeah, you have a nice a-ss.
She threw the pillow at me and we both laughed, she started dressing up quickly wondering where she is rushing to.
Me: where are you going?
Sassy: I just had a call from my mom, I am leaving.
Me: hold on, let me dress up so that I can walk you out.
Sassy: what is with you and walking out? am running late.
She kissed me and zoomed off immediately, I and Baby had dinner alone that day.
The following days I couldn’t get through to Sassy, she is always busy managing her dad numerous properties and managing the news of the death of the Governor.
I had to propose e-voting bill to the house without them knowing the agenda, a lot of them bought the idea without thinking twice hoping it will never be achieved only a paper charade.
It was pass into law before I was moved from the house as speaker to deputy governor while the deputy was made governor, nothing sweet pass the invincible position.
I was surprised when Sassy called me up a night like that, I was busy teaching Baby how to read fifteen and more letters words when she asked me to meet her up.
I had to hand Baby over and went to meet her, she was looking prettier that night with a gorgeous smile.
We sat in an expensive eatery to start our unexpected date on my part.
Me: you are glowing these days Sassy, what is the secret?
Sassy: what the fu-ck?! I always glow but thanks, hey! you don’t look bad.
Me: my dad and mom called me handsome not for nothing.
Sassy: *she smile* oh shut up! I wasn’t expecting you to self praise, hey how is your girl?
Me: she is good.
We started talking but she never brought up the reason why she called me out for a date, I was planning to say my mind when she spoke up.
Sassy: do you truly love me?
Me: *I no think walahi, maybe na the se-x* I do, will you marry me?
She accepted to marry me and we both fixed a date for our engagement after her father’s burial, the day we buried her father was like a ceremony because cars and what I saw no look like say na mourning ceremony be that.
After the burial we told Madam Stella about the proposed engagement ceremony she didn’t like it, she even called me out afraid to bare her heart to Sassy.
Madam Stella: you fool! how dare you try to marry my daughter?
Me: I promised the Governor and am keeping my promise, what is the problem?
Madam Stella: everything fool! I made you who you are today and I can still make you the Governor of the state, don’t marry my daughter please!
Me: why?
Madam Stella: because I love you and I want you to marry me.
I had to walk out on her because she is insane and having mental disorder, I was chilling out with Sassy because she loved engaging in sport on weekends when she isn’t in office. She be Madam C.E.O sha.. But I love her dedication to her father’ companies.
We were sitting on the pitch after she was through with her tennis training.
Sassy: I told my mom we had se-x and she was enraged, I think we should try it more often what do you think?
Me: is fine by me.
She leaned and our lips were locked together.
Baby: what are you doing with my daddy?
Sassy: am kissing you dad and he likes it *she nudge me*
Baby: don’t kiss my daddy, am the only one to kiss him or you will buy me an ice cream.
Sassy: I will buy you plenty of it.
Baby was happy and immediately we left the place Sassy kept her promise, I was only interested in developing my L.G.A and taking care of Baby that I forgot I had political ambition and enemies.
I was returning from my daughter school where I went to pick up Baby with my convoy of two cars, it was like a storm that rocked my ship.
Bullets rained on my car and escorts, I shield Baby with my body staying put in the car.
The gunshots took over an hour before my car door was opened and I was shot, I held on to Baby but I was knocked out by the gun men, I became weak and lost touch with reality.

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