Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 150


Oga Landlord Episode 150

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I saw myself walking on a wide road that has no sign of life, no trees and grasses but two big rocks both sides.
Everywhere wasn’t dark because I could see things myself but didn’t know what was giving the light.
I walk further on the long part, some distance away from me stood a tall dark figure with a long staff ahead.
Low voice: Victor!
A little voice called from behind like a whisper, I ignored it and walk faster down to the keeper.
I wasn’t far from the Keeper when the voice came again.
Loud voice: Victor nooo! turn back!!
I didn’t bother turning back I walk faster to the keeper, the calling for me to turn back became more than three voices and immediately I turned I was thrown into darkness.
I draw a very long breathe then tried to move my hands but it felt so heavy that I knew I didn’t move it, I opened my heavy eyelids slowly slowly shutting them again until I was able to open it.
Voice1: him don wake, mommy!
Voice2: go call the doctor, Harry-P
I drifted to sleep again, after some weeks I was detached from life support but was still giving loads of treatment and my family were there with me, I sat on my bed wondering why Sassy and my little girl didn’t show up over the week. Ugochukwu had visited with Shantel once or twice during the week when he heard that I escaped coma.
The door to my hospital bed was thrown up and Madam Stella appeared on the door with two securities, she asked them to stand down on the door while she came in
Madam Stella: thank God you are one of those fools with five life, they are very stupid but always find a way to stay alive.
Me: excuse me, sorry. Who you?
Madam Stella: shut up! you don’t have any amnesia, I am not even interested in killing you because I can’t risk my daughter’s life.
Me: what have you done to Sassy and my daughter, they haven’t visited me?
Madam Stella: *laughing* forget about you having a daughter, I will make sure you don’t win the governor race. You think you can bite the fingers that feed you? *laughing* remain alive and enjoy your sorrows.
She headed for the door laughing like a mad woman although she is mentally challenged but this one is on the scale of many are mad but few dey ball street without clothes, she left and Ugochukwu came in.
Ugochukwu: why you dey look me like that? somebody beat you?
Me: what of my daughter? Police don find her?
Ugochukwu: find her? nobody don see her after the kidnappers took her away till now.
Me: what of Sassy?
Ugochukwu: who be Sassy?
Me: Governor’s daughter.
Ugochukwu: you be biggest otondo! no wonder the gun enter you, must you enter every sweet in the middle? you no remember wetin the Baba tell you?
I remembered what the native doctor said but something isn’t right about everything, how can the o deshi be nullified by just sleeping with daughter of Governor and how come I was attacked when Madam Stella learnt about the romp betwixt I and Sassy, a piece is missing.
Me: who tell you about the strong Baba?
Ugochukwu: na Madam Stella na, she say my go cook you before them go kill you.
Me: why you no tell me?
Ugochukwu: she say make I no tell you because you no go gree do am.
Me: and you be my friend?
Ugochukwu: no vex bro, everything wey I do na for you.
Me: na the secrets the Seer see but you claim say no secret between our two, Madam Stella na the person wey wan kill me and my daughter dey suffer for somewhere.
I nearly wept when I remembered the time I spent with Baby, very sweet sensible kid.
After the gun injury around my chest were fully healed, I was discharged from the hospital.
Well wishes were in the hospital arena waiting for me with media team, they started hailing me Face of Assembly and all the names I gave to myself.
I smiled and enjoyed their sweet expression of love, I drove to my house and called Madam Stella she picked up.
Madam Stella’s voice: don’t ask me about your daughter, she is dead.
Me: why? what did she ever do to you?
She ended the call I tried calling her time without number but she didn’t pick up, the Governor visited and told me the need to act fast because the primary was around the corner.
I heard a news that Madam Stella got married to one of the Senators that contested with her husband and the other one had aligned with Aisha for the governorship ticket in NPP.
I wanted to make sure those four people are kicked out of the state but the only way to do that is when I become the governor, I picked up my car keys and drove to the governor’ house.
I find him and told him my plans of contesting for the primary, he sent away all his aides and we were both alone.
Mr. Sam the former deputy governor but now the new governor.
Mr. Sam: the road to power isn’t easy and not for people that doesn’t belong to the circle of power, are you ready to join the brotherhood?
Me: am ready if the brotherhood will make the governor.

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