Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 154


Oga Landlord Episode 154

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

They were ready to launch an attack on me when heavy smoke arose from the ground and everywhere became smoky, I couldn’t look at it and I closed my eyes only to open it to find myself in the compound I went earlier to meet the big man in the hut.
I paced to the hut before I could get in a big old lion emerged from the hut and roared very loud, I first adjust back.
Lion: welcome back from the journey, now follow me.
I followed him and he led me into a cave behind the hut, I looked at the walls of the cave and saw many memories imprinted on the walls like pictures.
Lion: the lions men cult began before the great war that took many lives in the country, it was a pact to unit the country and make it work but betrayers broke the war that endangered many lives.
As he led me through the cave I find myself turning into a lion as we moved towards the beaming white light coming from the end of the tunnel.
Lion: you are charge to keep the country as one or all powers will be taken from you, gooo!
I find myself roaring before I paced towards the light and appeared in the chambers of the brotherhood, when I stepped in as a lion the grand master echoed.
Master: metem! metem!!
Voices: metempsychosis!
Master: you are welcome, the path to greatness isn’t for the weak but for the strong and those who are ready to make sacrifices in life for their self.
I roared and then he lifted a staff towards me and I turned into a human being bent low with my palms and kneels on the floor.
The grand master dismissed all of us and we turned to lions and dispatched while Mr. Sam took me with him, I hardly remembered a lot of what happened that day, I find myself in a jet with bodyguards I couldn’t even recognize only to land in international airport of my state to be welcomed by lots of people with their different cultural out-fits drumming supports for me.
The following days different groups were drumming support for me to be the next governor
I bought the governorship ticket from the party secretariat and I was baffled how group of people present with the media to celebrate my decision, I was taken home by lots of security aides.
Ugochukwu came to visit me later.
Ugochukwu: you no try oh! you travel you no even bother to tell your best friend.
Me: *I was like oh!* no vex bro, na emergency shey you know say you be my main man.
Ugochukwu: guy I no understand oh, this one people dey support you left and right I no know say you don get supporters reach like this oohh!
Me: na God oh! well, so how things dey go around?
Ugochukwu: no tell me say you no know, Madam Stella don marry that useless senator and the man dey contest for governorship, while Aisha dey support that big headed senator. Those guys are against you.
Me: if na only these people I no get shakings.
Ugochukwu: hope your brain dey intact, those two people be heavy weights for politics.
Me: wetin I don do for my LGA go speak for me, I no need to lie to win the election but those two people no get anything to show for their twenty years involvement in politics, so no shakings.
We talked on different things and he told me his wife has given birth to twins, I congratulated him and we also went to his house together not without my security aides that I didn’t even know who is paying them.
I saw his wife and children then stayed around there till evening before I was called for a meeting with statesmen and party chairman.
We started making a plan to win over delegates to our cartel, I didn’t wait for them to swing into action I went about having meetings with delegates giving them lots of goodies and granting their scholarship, I also promised to continue doing it if they make me win the primary.
I was relaxing in my sitting-room one day when Madam Stella called me, I decided to pick her call anyways because am really coming for her immediately I become governor of the state.
Madam stella’s voice: you have taken the path of destruction, you think you are powerful to win the election against me what Aisha couldn’t achieve, I will show you who I am.
Me: madam be calming down, you too dey chest beat. No call my line again when your madness dey on high level call me when you are sane to talk, bye bye.
I ended the call and the next day the person responsible to sponsor my campaign rushed to were I am in my sitting-room sweating.
Me: oga, why you dey sweat like this?
Man: sir, look at this trending video.
I looked at the video and saw myself dancing naked and shaking my amu, I thank God my face wasn’t showed to the camera but the comments weren’t on the good side at all and the post was allegedly linked to me.
Me: oga, go and rest.
Man: sir?
Me: go and chill.
He left my phone rang and it was Madam Stella calling, I picked the call.
Madam Stella: that is just the starting, you better step down.
Me: old woman go and rub make up your ugliness don dey worry your brain.
I cut off the call and called Jack to start operation retire them from politics, I gave him the video of Madam Stella that I recorded and I asked him to use four persons chains to send to Aisha, so that they will not know where the trailer will be jamming them from.
Their two will be busy fighting each other while I gather supporters, make their two retire themselves.
I asked Jack to settle the first and second persons including the third to leave the country immediately before they will be traced.
I waited for days and eventually the video appeared online and Aisha took it to herself that she was the one that leaked the video maybe to revenge.
Their two just rubbish their public image ruining their candidates chance, senator Ben who got married to Madam Stella was at the receiving end when the party chairman was granted press to express himself about the video trending online.
Party chairman: our party isn’t going to give ticket to a man married to a po-rnstar.

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