Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 155


Oga Landlord Episode 155

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I whistled and switched off my television and continued going about my campaign in a coded way with delegates, I was coming out of the government house when some team of pressmen met me and started bombing me with questions.
Press man: what do you say about what Senator Badmus said about you?
Me: what did he say?
Press man: that you have no political weight.
Me: what do you mean by political weight? is it being twenty years in government with nothing to show for it or to be at retiring age to contest for governorship election?
Press man: sir, do you have anything to say to Senator Badmus?
Me: I will start taking him serious if he eventually upload a selfie snapped on his village road.
I don talk my mind so I waka commot with security aides chasing me upadan, when I got home my media handler started telling me about Madam Stella reprisal against Aisha.
She had uploaded a video were Aisha is seen with hard drug and a gun, those two were at each other destroying themselves after I sent that video to Aisha and she fell for the bait.
After some days EFCC were doing initial gragra to arrest Aisha but everything went away after another news replaced it.
I was fortunate enough for Senator Ben to be disqualified entirely, he will surely back me up against Senator Badmus since I have ’cause bad blood betwixt them.
A day to the election I gathered all the delegates and entertained them and also made them twenty thousand naira richer before they left my house.
The new Governor and I drove to the stadium the next day for the primaries and I was fortunate to get the party ticket, I was given an old man to fly the party to victory, wetin be this?
Well I still managed to continue my good works around the state, constructing roads and fostering development through engaging serious youth with livestock farming, and majorly poultry, I too like chicken.
I was surprised when I received a call from Profit, I picked the call and waited for her to say something but when she eventually said nothing I had to speak.
Me: are you back? *two minutes later*
Profit’s voice: yes.
She ended the call and I eventually got the message she was passing that she wanted to see me, I prepared myself and went to visit her.
On getting there the gateman be wan ask yeye question na so my bodyguards jack am put one corner open the gate for me to breeze in.
When I came down from my car and saw her standing in the porch my breathe caught in my throat, she looked so amazing glittering under the light.
I walked over to her and became nervous the way she was looking at me.
Me: when did you return?
Profit: early enough to help you win the primary election.
My mouth opened slightly while I looked at her puzzled on what she was talking about.
Profit: have this?
I took an envelope she stretched to me and opened only to find out it has to do with medical report, my HIV status was the first paper I got my eyes on.
Profit: why do you even have to lie about your HIV status?
I didn’t even know where to start from or even end it, she will go gaga if I told her that I did it to marry Veronica and even if I lied to her about it why do I marry Veronica after she is gone, I no even get answer for her question.
Me: am sorry.
Profit: you are sorry? do you even care about my feelings and how I feel when I find out?
She just dey para anyhow and local man was confused because all I did was to watch as she keep lamenting about how frustrated she was with me.
Profit: Johannah is your daughter.
Me: what?!
Profit: you heard me.
I unfolded the second paper and read a shocking revelation from it.
Me: how is it possible?
She sat on a couch positioned close to a flower in her porch, I had to join her so that I can understand the magic I used in impregnating her without sleeping with her or is it another Aisha stunt?
Aisha: don’t you remember the night of your graduation club party?
I shook my head ’cause that day was obviously the first time I drank alcohol and gone off to Pluto the whole time of the party.
Me: I didn’t even know when I get home.
Profit: we had se-x that day and Johannah was the result.
Me: can I see her?
Profit: yes, she is sleeping in her room.
I stood up expecting her to follow but she didn’t even bother to move her heavy a-ss from the couch, I got inside Johannah’s room and saw her sleeping soundly.
Very cute and sensible baby she must be asleep due to tiredness, I got close and touch her cute face she mumbled something and moved her face.
I cut her hair and took it with me, I no trust these virginia people again what if is another display of mumu button from the group.
I went down and met Profit on her feet.
Me: am sorry about everything, I don’t even know where to start from.
She came close and leaned forward for a kiss, I captured her lips and chewed on those beautiful lips dragging her breathe away. We were both fast breathing when we end the kissing section.
Profit: I already did.
With that she went inside while I proceeded with the hair, now I know who cut off the Abuja delegates from coming to the primary because the big belle senator was banking heavily on them, now I know why her surname sound heavy anytime I see pronounce it.
After few days Aisha and Madam Stella have already roped themselves with law, EFCC don turn them to customers as their two mysteriously disappeared from the country and I wonder what kind of cruise the country system is catching with it citizens.
My doctor called me after I had sent Johannah’s hair to him to confirm her DNA, I drove to the hospital and met the doctor on seat.
Doctor: sir, there is no doubt she is your daughter.
Me: thank you.
I didn’t even know how to react because Profit may seem to be a good lady but I have offended her a lot to even demand for her love, including Johannah who wanted me to rescue her from returning to the State and I eventually did nothing.
I was still thinking about how my life is going when my phone rang, I looked at the screen and saw Sassy was unable to get any information from police concerning my daughter’s whereabout after the kidnap.
Me: Sassy, is that you?
Sassy’s voice: ofcourse, who do you fu-ck will be using my phone to call you?
Me: you haven’t stop fu-cking until this time, how do you know am alive when you left me in the hospital to die?
Sassy’s voice: I had to do that to save your daughter’s life.
Me: you mean Baby is alive?
Sassy’s voice: what the fu-ck was I saying?
Me: can you stop fu-cking? I hate jokes.
Sassy’s voice: I ain’t joking.
I jump like mad man shout if no be say my security aides dey reason small them for don ask me if I don mad or something.

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