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Oga Landlord Episode 156

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I could hear Sassy’s voice calling out my name from the phone speaker, I put the phone back to my ear.
Sassy’s voice: are you there?
Me: why not? where are you guys now.
Sassy’s voice: I have booked a flight to Nigeria, Baby wants to speak to you.
Emotions nearly choke me, I asked Sassy to hand over the phone to my beautiful daughter.
When I heard her tiny voice call “daddy” tears gathered in my eyes.
Me: my love…
Baby’s voice: daddy is it you, hope you ain’t with mommy in heaven. Daddy don’t talk to me in heaven, please daddy I have missed you.
Me: what do you mean by heaven?
Baby’s voice: aunt mom said you have gone to heaven, to join mommy to become a super human. I don’t want to be a superman, I want you to be my daddy.
Me: *I laugh, yeye pikin* I am not in heaven.
Baby’s voice: daddy you are laughing at me, tell me sorry daddy.
Me: sorry, Baby.
We talked some more before I ended the call and something crossed my mind, I stood akimbo and looked up to the sky and saw the sun sending a message about how gloomy the future will look like, the dance I wanted to dance disappeared from my mind sharp sharp.
I entered my car and drove directly to meet Profit, when I got there her security told me she is in the gym. I looked for her there and saw her exercising, her out-fit got me staring at that her a-ss.
She turned and saw then she smiled revealing her dimples, she picked up her towel and cleaned her sweaty face.
Me: good morning, CEO.
Profit: *she chuckle* good morning, your excellency. Do you want to see your daughter?
Me: I want to talk to you.
She gave me a surprise look before we went a bench in her big gym room and sat, I couldn’t stop staring at her cleavage.
Profit: hope you are not planning to rape me *smiling*
Me: you are not serious.
We both laughed and we were both quiet suddenly, I made up my mind.
Me: I wanted to tell you about something.
Profit: you told me that earlier, go on.
Me: I never knew Johannah was my daughter and I promised my girlfriend marriage, I couldn’t fail to do that even if I had feelings for you. Things went down south and she got killed everything changed, the governor’s daughter came into the picture.
Profit: you mean the late governor? *I nod*
Me: yes, he made me promise him to marry his daughter which was his last wish, I wanted to honour his last wish but couldn’t because I was in coma for Months.
Profit: do you want to marry Sassy?
I was surprised by her direct question wondering why she dey attack me like that.
Me: I want to marry who I love.
Profit: do you love me?
She looked deep in my eyes and I couldn’t answer that because I don’t know how Sassy will feel if I go behind her and make all these arrangements. She faced me and captured my lips allowing her tongue to slid inside my mouth, we kissed for some minutes before she broke the kiss.
Profit: you don’t have to answer me, your daughter is in the garden.
She got up and ready to walk away.
Me: am sorry
She looked back and smile then nodded, and walked away. I headed to the garden and saw Johannah reading her book, the garden is very neat and beautiful.
She looked up at me saying nothing, I had to sit with her and remained quiet waiting for her to speak up but she didn’t.
Me: Johannah sweetheart.
She didn’t say anything, I said a lot of things but she didn’t answer me. Profit came into the garden later looking breathe-taking, always stunning me with her beauty.
Me: why is she not saying anything to me?
Profit: she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, Johannah baby.
I felt my pocket and discovered that the DNA report is in my pocket, I brought out the envelope and gave it to her.
She took it and raised her eyebrows then removed the paper from the envelope, and glanced through it then her eyes bulged.
Johannah: are you my daddy?
Me: yes, you are my daughter baby, am sorry.
Johannah: you are my daddy *looking at her mom*
Her mom nodded and she hugged me immediately smiling, through out that day the little girl didn’t close her mouth always jumping on my body telling me to carry her, and she heavy die.
We had lunch together and she asked me to feed her, she told me a lot about their stay in America and asked me to follow her to America someday to visit her friends there so that she will show them her daddy.
Anything she requested I was on the yes side, she slept off on me while we were watching movie and my phone rang.
I pulled out my phone and saw the caller was Sassy, I looked at Profit her eyes were on me. I decided to answer the call.
Sassy’s voice: hello, where the fu-ck are you? am with your daughter in the airport.
Me: am on my way.
I ended the call and took Johannah to her room then came back to see Profit standing on her feet.
Me: I have to leave.
Profit: it is fine, let me walk you out.
She escorted me out of the house and we both stood in her porch, I turned and faced her because she doesn’t want to follow me to my car.
Her smile was portraying her as a bad girl, I crossed my hand around her waist and bent my head to capture her lips.
The kiss lasted for some minutes before I broke it, her lips taste good hope the other part go sweet too.
Me: I have to go.
Profit: bye.
Me: tell Johannah I will come back later.
She nodded and I drove away from her residence, I got to the airport and call Sassy.
Her phone was ringing but she didn’t pick, suddenly I heard someone screaming.
Voice: daddy…!!!
as we all protest for better Nigeria, lets not endanger our life.
we shouldn’t allow our children to face the monsters our fore-fathers created, lets make a new history so that history will remember us and be kind to us.

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